GHD Chronos vs Platinum Plus which is best and worth the money

GHD Platinum Plus vs GHD Chronos: Which flagship straightener is worth your money?

3rd April 2024 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

In our GHD Platinum Plus vs Chronos head-to-head, we compare the two stylers in terms of price, design, features and performance to see which is worth your money


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GHD Platinum Plus vs Chronos: Colours

Design and Features



Verdict: Which styler is best?

It’s been six years since GHD released a wired pair of straighteners, in the form of the GHD Platinum Plus.

There have been new innovations since – namely the cordless GHD Unplugged, GHD Helios and the wet-to-dry styler, GHD Duet Style – but for a brand that is best known for its flat-iron stylers, this has felt like a long break.

Then in January, GHD launched the GHD Chronos – a redesigned, re-engineered version of the Platinum Plus that promises to be faster, easier to use and leave your hair looking shiny for hours.

It’s more expensive than the Platinum Plus, as you’d imagine, but does that really mean it’s worth the extra cash? Or is this now the best time to buy the (now cheaper) Platinum Plus?

Read what we think of both stylers in our full GHD Chronos review, and GHD Platinum Plus review

GHD Platinum Plus vs Chronos

The GHD Chronos is available in:

The GHD Platinum Plus is available in:

GHD Platinum Plus vs Chronos: Design and Features

GHD Platinum Plus vs GHD ChronosGHD/mamabella

The biggest upgrade on the Chronos, compared to the Platinum Plus, is the in-built sensor technology.

Older models of GHD straighteners had single-, or dual-zone technologies. This meant that sensors were used to create either one large “zone” or two smaller zones within which the temperatures of the plates would be continuously monitored and adjusted to make sure the heat was evenly distributed.

When the Platinum Plus launched, it used an upgraded version of this tech called ultra-zone technology. These sensors monitor the heat distribution across the entire plate 250 times a second to make sure there aren’t any cold or hot spots during use, and that the heat is evenly spread to make styling quicker and more efficient.

With the GHD Chronos, this technology has been upgraded again to what the brand calls HD motion-responsive technology.

It works in a similar way to the Platinum Plus’ ultra-zone technology yet it now contains sensors that recognise how the Chronos is being used. This includes the angle the Chronos styler is being held at, the speed of the strokes and even what kind of looks you’re creating – curls, waves or straight styles.

From here, the Chronos distributes heat to where it’s needed and makes sure this heat remains consistent and even to make styling even quicker.

GHD claims this tech “responds to your styling motion with 2x more responsiveness and intelligence” to make straightening your “three times faster.”

In reality, it’s difficult to quantify what difference this upgrade actually makes. The Chronos was faster than the Platinum Plus but only just.

Elsewhere, the Chronos features the latest generation version of the GHD ceramic heater, and it automatically turns off after 10 minutes. The Platinum Plus doesn’t automatically turn off until after 30 minutes of inactivity.

GHD Platinum Plus vs Chronos: Performance

GHD Chronos worth it?GHD

GHD makes some bold claims when it comes to the advanced performance of the Chronos.

It promises to:

  • Style hair three times faster.
  • Boost shine by 85%.
  • Reduce frizz by half.
  • Creates styles that last 24 hours.
  • Offer 3x breakage protection.

However, these comparisons need to be taken with a pinch of salt. They’re not, as you may assume, in comparison to the Platinum Plus.


  • The faster styling times are in comparison to the GHD Original – the cheapest, entry-level GHD model running decade-old tech.
  • The shine and frizz comparisons are based on naturally dried hair – we’d hope any straightener could add more shine and reduce frizz than using no styler at all.
  • The 24-hour claims come from a trial on a relatively small number of 142 consumers. Of this group, 86% said their style lasted 24 hours.
  • And finally, the 3x breakage protection stat is compared to using a rival styler at a much hotter, 235°C temperature. We’d expect that the hotter the temperature, the greater the chance of damage and breakage so this isn’t a like-for-like comparison.

This is not to completely take away from the innovations that have been added to the GHD Chronos, because when you actually use the styler there are notable improvements, but it’s worth flagging.

When straightening our hair, the Chronos took an average of 3 minutes and 15 seconds to complete the style, while the Platinum Plus took 3 minutes and 25 seconds. This is a speed increase of just 5%.

Curling our hair took longer. The Chronos took 9 minutes 45 seconds on average, while the Platinum Plus took 10 minutes. This is a 2.5% speed increase.

GHD Platinum Plus vs Chronos After imagesmamabella | mamabella

The image on the left shows the finish and style using the Platinum Plus. The image on the right shows the same style on the Chronos

Frizz was significantly reduced when using both stylers, compared to when we let our hair dry naturally. It’s hard to quantify the exact differences but the Chronos reduced frizz slightly more than the Platinum Plus, based on sight and touch.

Both stylers also added shine but it was much more noticeable after using the Chronos versus the Platinum Plus. To the point where multiple people commented on how healthy and glossy our hair looked after using the new GHD styler.

The Chronos style then held for four to five hours, while the Platinum Plus style dropped after around three. Neither style survived being outside though and the shine dropped and frizz returned almost as soon as we left our house.

All this said, the Chronos is much more enjoyable to use. The plates glide over the hair unlike any straightener we’ve ever used. We hadn’t realised just how much the Platinum Plus pulled our hair until we used the super-smooth and sleep Chronos.

When this is coupled with the Chronos’ more compact design and curved barrel, it makes creating curls and waves easy, quick and highly enjoyable. This is the only area where the Chronos really pulls ahead of the Platinum Plus.

GHD Platinum Plus vs Chronos: Specs

Chronos Power Buttonmamabella | mamabella

Platinum Plus

  • Suitable for: All hair types
  • Technology: Ultra-zone technology
  • Plate Width: 26.8mm
  • Styling Temperature: 185℃
  • Heat-Up Time: 20 seconds
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • RRP: £239

GHD Chronos

  • Suitable for: All hair types
  • Technology: HD motion-responsive technology
  • Plate Width: 26.8mm
  • Styling Temperature: 185℃
  • Heat-Up Time: 20 seconds
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • RRP: £289

The wider GHD range

Click the image below to see how the new GHD Chronos and Platinum Plus compare to all the other GHD hair straighteners in the range, at a glance. We go into more details about the range and which GHD straighteners best suit your hair type and budget here.

Best GHD straightener comparison chart mamabella | mamabella

GHD Platinum Plus vs Chronos: Which is best?

It’s hardly surprising that the Chronos, with all of its tweaks, innovations and upgrades, would look, feel and perform better than the six-year-old Platinum Plus.

It’s a highly enjoyable styler to use, thanks to its smaller, curved design. This makes it particularly great for creating curls and the plates glide over the hair better than any other straightener we’ve used.

It’s also faster than the Platinum Plus, adds more shine and the styles last longer, albeit marginally so.

Yet in many ways the Platinum Plus and Chronos are almost the same styler. The Platinum Plus still holds its own even against more expensive, more advance models and is still a fantastic straightener.

With the Platinum Plus now being the cheaper of the two options, and with a number of retailers having dropped its price even more since the launch of the Chronos, it represents the best value for money.

With all this considered, we feel most comfortable recommending the Platinum Plus as the better GHD straightener. However, if you can afford to pay a bit more, you at least know you’re getting the best of GHD’s best innovations with the Chronos.

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