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The mission behind mamabella

Mamabella is a health and beauty website aimed at everyday people – those of us with dark circles, fine lines, blemishes, oily skin, thinning hair, bingo wings, wobbly bits and more.

Feeling beautiful should be a human right yet whether it’s 20-something YouTubers or models advertising makeup, Photoshopped magazine covers or social media, we are bombarded with images that make us feel inadequate. Makeup should empower people, not intimidate. Taking care of yourself is not about ego, it’s about confidence.

When our founder and Editor-in-Chief Victoria struggled to find a sense of identity after experiencing postnatal depression, she realised she wasn’t alone. Many friends, colleagues, fellow Mums, and family members felt at a loss. They lacked confidence when it came to makeup, felt intimidated by beauty counters, and even felt like they were failing at being women. Determined to empower herself, and others, Victoria wanted to help anyone who was feeling this way, and mamabella was born.

As a result, our ethos is to create an approachable, friendly and accessible beauty site aimed at anyone who is short on time, short on money and who doesn’t feel like the beauty industry “sees them”.  We want to demystify beauty trends, provide real-world reviews, cut through the marketing BS with a focus on the science of what you’re putting on and into your body, and help you feel beautiful whatever your budget.

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