Nimya UK skincare and makeup from NikkieTutorials

Spotlight on Nimya UK: Where to buy the skincare and makeup line from NikkieTutorials in the UK

20th July 2023 | Author: Katherine O'Shea

Nimya is the beauty line from one of the original makeup influencers, NikkieTutorials. Here’s how to buy her Nimya range in the UK

UPDATE: Nimya UK is now available at Beauty Bay.

Having originally only been available at SpaceNK, the makeup and skincare line from NikkieTutorials is now on sale alongside Beauty Bay’s own makeup range, as well as a number of other US-based cult brands, including Bubble.

This includes a number of exclusive bundles. We immediately bought the Ace Your Base Bundle which includes

Where It All Starts Cream: A moisturiser, primer and gentle exfoliator in one, with glycerin, honey and lactic acid.
Brrr Brrr Cooling Eye Stick: A depuffing eye stick that contains caffeine, green tea extract, xylitol and olive squalane to get rid of puffiness, redness and pigmentation.
Blow Before You Go Fan: A handheld fan that dries layers of makeup and skincare quickly.

This bundle costs £57, but you can also buy the individual products on their own.

Explore the rest of the Nimya UK range at Beauty Bay here, or by clicking the links below.

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If you’re a beauty junkie, you’ll know all about NikkieTutorials, aka Nikkie de Jager.

She’s an OG of the makeup tutorial world and has made up the likes of Drew Barrymore and Lady Gaga on her YouTube channel. After making her name using cosmetics from established brands, Nikkie recently launched a brand of her own – a cosmetic and skincare range called Nimya.

You won’t find lipstick, contouring powder, or even foundation in Nikkie’s makeup range. The influencer said at the launch of Nimya that her “biggest insecurity is predictability” which meant starting with the standard makeup products would be, in her own words, “would have been boring.”

Nikkie’s products are directly influenced by her tutorials. She’s known for her iconic one-liners like, ‘blow before you go’ and, ‘set it and forget it,’ which are now the namesakes of two of her products.

In a nod to her fans, who she affectionately calls, ‘her glow babies’ there’s also the product title, Licence to Glow Serum.

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Nimya UK: A brief history

It took Nikkie years to get comfortable with producing her own cosmetics brand, mainly because she didn’t trust a big investor getting involved. She set out to make a “boundary-breaking” cosmetic range that was true to Nikkie’s style and personality, and not affected by outside sources.

Nikkie started by listing the products she felt were missing from her own beauty routine. As well as filling the gaps in the market. She effectively wanted to improve on what existing brands and products were already doing.

There is one product that didn’t meet the launch deadline and Nikkie has said that this proves she’ll only release a product when it’s truly ready and perfect. She also said (tongue in cheek in reference to her own recent coming out of being transgender), “we don’t force anyone to come out. They come out when they’re ready.”

We’ll update this page when that product is finally launched.

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♥︎ Why we love Nimya UK

The best thing about the Nimya range is that the products are so true to Nikkie’s own personality, beauty style and makeup tutorials, for which she’s famous. There’s no denying that every product in the range has been designed with thought and love.

The brand is loud and bolshy, sexy and confident, full of creativity and the cosmetics really work. Nikkie says they enable you to, “express, identify and act as your true self. We live in a world full of labels, but with Nimya you get to create your own.”

We absolutely love the strong orange and blue colour she’s picked for the brand (which you might have seen sneaky previews of in earlier tutorials). We think it reflects Nikkie’s bold and fun style to a tee.

It really feels that she has made Nimya especially for us. Nikkie said, “I want you to feel how we feel. Share love, compassion, confidence, sexiness. We just want you to feel your best you.”

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Best Nimya UK products


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♥︎ Nimya Brr Brr Cooling Eye Stick

£19 | Buy now

Nimya UK Cooling Eye SerumNimya by NikkieTutorials

This is a great beauty product for both men and women. If you have skin that’s dry and flaky under your eyes, or you just need a refreshing feeling for your skin, this cooling stick is for you. Nikkie says it, “gives a cooling sensation that wakes you up.”

It’s also great under-eye primer for your makeup. If you watch Nikkie de Jager’s tutorials, you’ll know that priming is of the utmost importance to her!

If you really want to maximise the results of this cooling stick, pop it in the fridge and it’ll feel even more refreshing on your skin. It can also be good if you suffer from hayfever.

To use the cooling stick, twist the tube and a clear gel comes to the top. You then sweep from the outer to inner corners of your eyes on both upper and lower lids.

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Buy now from SpaceNK

♥︎ Nimya Where it All Starts Cream 

£26 | Buy now

Nimya where it all starts creamNimya by NikkieTutorials

One of Nikkie’s most iconic lines is, ‘not to prime is a crime,’ so of course, a primer had to be part of Nikkie’s Nimya UK range.

This is a moisturiser and primer hybrid and one that Nikkie is hugely proud of. In her online tutorials, Nikkie typically combines up to four primers to achieve the base she wants for her makeup. To solve that problem she created a cream that does it all.

The Where It All Starts Cream moisturises your skin, gets rid of dry patches and provides you with the grip you need for your makeup to stay put all day. When you’re going to put all that effort into getting your makeup right, you don’t want it to go droopy as the day goes on.

Nikkie said this cream is, “like a magnet. It sticks together and doesn’t let go until you decide to take it off.”

The Nimya cream has a marshmallow-type texture, making it very airy and soft. It comes in a big jar, so you get a lot of product for your money, plus you don’t need to apply much each time, so it should last even longer.

The cream is only lightly fragranced (so as not to irritate your skin) with Nikkie’s own design of fragrance. She describes it as a “sweet mix of mysterious and sexy.”

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Buy now from SpaceNK

♥︎ Nimya Licence to Glow Serum

£32 | Buy now

Licence to Glow SerumNimya by NikkieTutorials

The next, ‘little love baby’ in the Nimya UK range is the Licence To Glow Serum. It not only makes your skin glow but it’s really good for it too. That’s partly down to the ingredient Marula Oil which hydrates and reduces redness – an issue Nikkie herself says is the bane of her life.

Apply this serum to your face before you put anything else on, including your moisturiser. It can also be used as a glowy primer to go on before you apply your makeup. A top tip from Nikkie is to add a couple of drops of the Licence To Glow Serum to your matte foundation to give you a glowy look.

It’s slightly more expensive than other serums on the market, but that’s down to it using better ingredients and the fact it contains less alcohol.

What we love and find really captivating is its striking blue colour, which really goes well with the brand’s image. You also get this little window down the whole side of the bottle, so you can easily see how much you have left.

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Buy now from SpaceNK

♥︎ Nimya Set and Forget It Setting Spray 

£22 | Buy now

Set it and Forget it Setting SprayNimya by NikkieTutorials

There are a *lot* of setting sprays on the market, but the Nimya Set It and Forget It Spray is loaded with even more PVP – the ingredient that makes makeup last and stay in one place. It essentially creates a layer over your makeup to keep it looking fresh.

You can mix this setting spray with your foundation, or add it to your brush or makeup sponge to help improve the durability of your powder products.

Like with the Where It All Starts Cream, this Nimya setting spray has Nikkie’s signature scent added to it and it smells gorgeous!

The spray bottle is of course in Nikkie’s blue and orange vibrant brand colours and her tip is to push the spray trigger all the way down in slow pumps each time. That way you get the right coverage over your makeup. “This is your perfect soul mate when it comes to keeping your makeup on,” she adds.

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Buy now from SpaceNK

♥︎ Blow Before You Go Portable Fan

£13 | Buy now

Blow Before you Go fan Nimya by NikkieTutorials

This is a small but powerful fan that is your “perfect companion in life,” says Nikkie. Of course, even the cable is orange to match the gorgeous, punchy Nimya brand colours.

This fan is perfect for setting your makeup and helping to freeze it in place. It’s best used along with the Set It and Forget It Spray because they work towards the same goal.

It has three different speeds, a little stand so that it can easily be placed anywhere (whether that be your makeup table, desk or bathroom shelf) and it’s really easy to use by just pressing the button on the front to change the setting.

This cooling fan may have been designed to help set your makeup, but it’s a really handy little device to use throughout the day and is portable because it’s battery operated.

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