Maybelline Beauty app in Teams

You can now virtually apply Maybelline makeup during a Microsoft Teams call

21st July 2023 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

The new Maybelline Beauty App tool for Teams uses AI to create a “virtual map” of a person’s face and allows them to virtually apply various makeup, from lipstick to foundation

It’s the collaboration no one saw coming, but Maybelline has partnered with Microsoft to launch an AR makeup tool for use during Teams calls.

Called the Maybelline Beauty App, it’s powered by Modiface, an augmented reality tool owned by Maybelline’s parent company, L’Oreal.

This tool uses AI to create a “virtual map” of a person’s face and allows them to virtually apply various makeup, from lipstick to foundation, eyeshadow and mascara.

Until now, such tools have been largely used to help people find a foundation match, or see what a particular hair colour or shade of lipstick looks like on their skin tone. It’s a technology that’s common in apps such as FaceApp and FaceTune, and is popular on social media.

Yet this is the first time it’s being used in a business setting, in this way.

With the app enabled, anyone on a Teams call can select from one of 12 effects to virtually apply different makeup looks before, or during their call.

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Maybelline virtual try on Microsoft Teamsmamabella

“Maybelline has always championed democratising makeup through a combination of our geographical footprint, accessible price point, and inclusive, easy-to-use products suitable for all skill levels,” said Trisha Ayyagari, Brand President of Maybelline New York.

“Now, we want to expand our accessibility further by entering the virtual world at scale. Our collaboration with Microsoft Teams will reach millions of people at work, where it’s that much more important to feel confident and to express yourself.”

Microsoft explains the effects have been developed in collaboration with the Geena Davis Institute “with the goal of representing a broad and diverse population” but not everyone is convinced.

Comments on the Microsoft blog post criticise the launch, with one saying: “As if the world doesn’t have enough issues with body image and personal appearance, the mere existence of this app seems to tell the individual, ‘you are not good enough as you are. Your appearance needs digital enhancement.’ This is heartbreaking, but it’s not surprising.”

Elsewhere online, it’s been met with more positivity with many saying it will save them time having to apply their makeup in the morning, and that it will give them more confidence on calls. Some also point out, to those complaining, that it’s an optional extra and a personal choice.

The feature is being rolled out over the coming weeks and months.

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L’Oreal’s tech initiatives

HAPTA lipstick applicator for limited mobilityL'Oreal USA

L’Oreal’s partnership with Microsoft, via its Maybelline brand, is the latest in a line of tech-powered innovations to come out of the French beauty giant.

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, it unveiled a device called HAPTA, which is described as a “handheld, ultra-precise smart makeup applicator for users with limited hand and arm mobility.”

It promises to make it quicker and easier to steadily apply lipstick thanks to built-in motion controls and magnetic attachments.

It also announced its Brow Magic product that promises “precise, natural microblading at home.” The handheld device uses Modiface to map your face and eyebrow shape before 2,400 tiny nozzles “print” your eyebrows in place.

How to use the Maybelline Beauty App on Microsoft Teams

When the feature arrives, you can access the 12 effects by doing the following:

  • Step 1: Launch Microsoft Teams
  • Step 2: Go to Video Effects
  • Step 3: Click the Maybelline tab
  • Step 4: Select one of the 12 makeup looks. A preview of your face will appear.
  • Step 5: Once you’ve chosen an effect, join the meeting

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