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Spotlight on PSA Skincare UK: The ingredient-led, sister brand of premium skincare giant Allies of Skin

1st April 2021 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

Ingredient-led skincare brands have become increasingly popular, think The Ordinary, and The Inkey List, and the latest to come to the UK is PSA – often referred to as PSA Skin or PSA Skincare UK.

PSA stands for Purposeful Skincare by Allies and is an ‘affordable’ skincare line from the makers of Allies of Skin (hence the name).

Below we explain more about why skincare experts and customers alike are buzzing about PSA Skincare and where you can buy it in the UK.

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PSA Skincare UK: A Brief History

Allies of Skin’s products are “designed with a busy lifestyle in mind” while only using “effective, clinically-proven actives into biocompatible formulas.” PSA Skincare UK takes a very similar approach.

Founder, Nicolas Travis suffered from severe acne as a teenager and wanted to create skincare lines that were smart, innovative, and made with high-tech, active ingredients that actually work.

He studied Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Science for his undergraduate degree and used this to help him me understand the science behind skincare and how the skin works physiologically.

If you’ve not heard of Allies of Skin, it’s an almost cult brand among celebrities. And with this cult status comes a high price tag. Allies of Skin’s hyaluronic serum, for example, comes in at £72! In order to bring the same level of detail and high-quality skincare ingredients to a wider audience, the brand recently launched PSA.

It promises “results-driven, skin-positive products powered by biocompatible, efficacious formulas.” All at a more affordable price. Now, we use the term affordable loosely because firstly, that’s a relative term, and secondly, each product costs around the £30 mark.


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Why we love PSA Skincare

From its packaging to its formulas and its ethos, PSA Skin does everything we want a skincare brand to do.

It’s committed to ethical products, and almost every item is vegan, cruelty-free, and made from biodegradable packaging. The brand explains, clearly, how often you should be using the products and in which order, with these details printed on the front of the packaging. Not hidden away.

All of the PSA Skincare UK products are also free from:

  • Silicone
  • Sulfates
  • Drying alcohol
  • Synthetic dyes
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Essential oils

This isn’t a list of nasties you should avoid, per se. Instead, it’s a list of ingredients that can cause sensitivities. Hence the inclusion of essential oils. This means PSA Skincare is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.

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The best PSA Skincare products

  1. PSA SKIN Reset: Acai and Manuka Honey nourishing cleanser £28
  2. PSA SKIN Heroine Mandelic and Licorice Superfood Glow Toner – £28
  3. PSA SKIN Light Up Vitamin C and E Flash Brightening Mask £31
  4. PSA SKIN Midnight Courage Rosehip and Bakuchiol Retinol Night Oil£37

1. Reset: Acai and Manuka Honey nourishing cleanser

£28 | Buy now from Beauty Bay

This cleanser isn’t vegan, but it is sulfate-free and effectively, yet gently, removes grime and makeup without ever stripping the skin of its natural oils. It contains nutrients that help moisturise and nourish your face, leaving you with a natural and clear glow.

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2. Heroine Mandelic and Licorice Superfood Glow Toner – £28

£28 | Buy now from Beauty Bay

PSA Skin Heroine Mandelic and Licorice Superfood Glow Toner has been designed to exfoliate your skin – through the use of AHAs mandelic, and lactic acid. These get rid of dead skin cells, without being harsh, because the toner also contains niacinamide. This acts as an anti-inflammatory to reduce redness and cool any irritation.

These ingredients also help shrink and minimise the appearance of pores. While a blend of licorice root, pomegranate extract and Centella Asiatica protects against pollution and blue light. Finally, kombucha helps to rebuild and reinforce the skin’s natural barriers.

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3. Light Up Vitamin C and E Flash Brightening Mask

£31 | Buy now from Lookfantastic

This mask uses hyaluronic acid, 2% Vitamin E and 11% Vitamin C to leave the skin looking plumper and brighter. In particular, Vitamin E helps boost collagen levels, alongside grapeseed oil, which provides antimicrobial benefits.

Elsewhere,  the 11% antioxidant L-Ascorbic Acid (another name for Vitamin C) helps to even the skin tone, reduce pigmentation and get rid of blemish mark.

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4. PSA SKIN Midnight Courage Rosehip and Bakuchiol Retinol Night Oil 

£37 | Buy now from Lookfantastic

The use of 2% retinol in this night oil helps reduce the signs of ageing, including fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots to help support a youthful-looking complexion.

It also includes bakuchiol, to plump and firm the skin and also refine the appearance of pores for a brighter, smoother canvas. While CoEnzymeQ10 alleviates, replenish, and energise the skin.

Rosehip Oil then releases hydration to thirsty skin.

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