K18 Damage Shield range

K18 launches Damage Shield conditioner that “protects hair for up to three days”

10th February 2024 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

The Damage Shield Conditioner uses peptides, ceramides and is pH-optimised to protect the hair from daily styling, UV and pollution damage

K18 has expanded its haircare lineup with the launch of the Damage Shield protective conditioner, the brand’s first conditioner designed to protect hair from the kinds of daily damage that comes from styling, UV radiation, and environmental stressors, like pollution.

The launch comes after K18 was acquired by Unilever and is the first new product since K18 introduced its hair oil in April 2023. The release of the Damage Shield conditioner is part of K18’s ongoing strategy to bring biotechnological research to haircare.

As part of the K18 conditioner launch, K18 has also rebranded its pH maintenance shampoo as the Damage Shield shampoo.

Keep reading to learn more about the Damage Shield conditioner, including its cost, where to buy it, and how it works. You can also read more about the K18 mask in our K18 hair treatment review, or see how it compares to Olaplex No.3 in our K18 vs Olaplex guide.

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K18 Damage Shield Conditioner

K18 Damage Shield conditionerK18

The Damage Shield Conditioner uses K18’s patented peptide technology, which is at the core of the brand’s approach to hair repair.

This technology has been engineered to repair the hair at a molecular level by restoring and rebuilding the hair’s disulfide bonds. These bonds give hair its structural integrity and are what give healthy hair strength, elasticity, and bounce.

The science behind K18’s peptide technology is rooted in biomimetics, which means the formula mimics the natural structure and “ingredients” of hair.

The K18 peptide has been synthesised to replicate the natural properties of keratin peptides found in undamaged hair. This means that the peptides penetrate and integrate with the hair’s keratin chains, helping to repair damage and boost the hair’s natural protective mechanisms.

Elsewhere, K18’s rinse-out conditioner is “pH-optimised” to reduce how much the cuticle in the hair swells during washing. This helps to keep hair smooth and boost shine, without using silicones or waxes that can form a film over the hair.

K18 conditionerK18

Its biotech formula is then inspired by microorganisms found naturally in French Polynesia, which have been shown to create a natural shield to protect their bodies from their environment.

K18 does a similar job, using polysaccharide to protect hair against UV rays, mechanical styling, and “environmental aggressors” for up to three days. Or at least until it’s washed again.

Other ingredients include a ceramide blend designed to strengthen the hair’s lipid barriers. This helps make hair more resilient and resistant to damage.

The new Damage Shield shampoo helps to maximise this impact, according to the brand. Its colour-safe, and pH-optimised. This further helps reduce excess swelling of the hair cuticle during washing to help prevent frizz, preserve colour, and enhance shine.

It’s also scalp microbiome-friendly and gentle enough to use daily.

K18 hair products

The full range of consumer K18 hair products is as follows:

K18 hair treatment review UKK18

In addition to the K18 leave-in mask, you can also buy two variations of the K18 shampoo, the K18 hair oil and the Damage Shield conditioner

  • K18 Leave-in Molecular Repair Hair Mask (from £30): The original peptide-based K18 hair treatment designed to help reverse hair damage.
  • K18 Peptide Prep Detox Shampoo (£39)
  • K18 Damage Shield Shampoo (£39)
  • K18 Damage Shield Protective Conditioner (£39)
  • K18 Hair Oil (£65)

Where to buy K18 conditioner in UK?

In the UK, K18 is sold at:

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