Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow App

Anastasia Beverly Hills launches Brow App to help you learn how to draw eyebrows

30th July 2021 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

With the brand’s salons closed, but with demand and searches for “how to do eyebrows” at an all-time high because of lockdown, Anastasia Beverly Hills has launched a brow app designed to make the whole process effortless.

Called the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow App, it analyses your face shape, dimensions, and the location of your features to determine which eyebrow shape best suits you. It then takes you through a step-by-step guide on how to draw eyebrows in that style.

In particular, it means you can access ABH’s patented Golden Ratio Shaping Method – a method that was previously only available during one-to-one appointments – from your phone.

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How to draw eyebrows using the Golden Ratio 

For centuries, artists, photographers, sculptors, and architects have used what’s known as the Golden Ratio to create works that are balanced and in proportion.

The Golden Ratio, also referred to in photography as the ‘rule of thirds’, is the idea that if you were to break an image down into three rows of three squares – nine in total – and place objects of interest along the lines, it will make your image more balanced and in proportion.

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This stems from the mathematical principle which finds that The Golden Ratio found and studied by geometrists, concerning symmetry and balance, is also found throughout nature. Our brains and visual systems, therefore, seek out symmetry and balance and find it pleasant to look at. People with symmetrical faces, for instance, are said to be more beautiful than those without.

With this in mind, Anastasia Beverly Hills – set up by Anastasia Soare in 1997 – applied the principle to eyebrow shaping.

She believed we should draw eyebrows based on our bone structure, and Anastasia developed a formula for the Golden Ratio’s application. She later applied for a patent for her Golden Ratio Contouring Method. It is the former that’s available for free, for the first time, on The Brow App.

For many in the UK, our first interaction with the brand was via Ru Paul’s Drag Race. The winner of each series in the US gets a year’s supply of ABH makeup.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow App

How to draw eyebrows on appmamabella

The Brow App uses your phone’s camera to analyse your face shape and bone structure and determine your Golden Ratio. You can then experiment, virtually, with various eyebrow shapes, colours and lengths via the app before getting advice on how to draw eyebrows, which products to buy, and more.

The latter is now even easier after ABH launched in Boots stores in the UK. From 1st April you can buy the brand’s cult brow products in-store, or order online at at collect from your store the next day.

Some products that we’ve used, and love, include the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #20, which is a  dual-ended flat brush. This is fantastic for creating a winged eyeliner. We’re also big fans of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. You can read more in our best brow pomade list.

You can also book an appointment at an Anastasia Beverly Hills salon, when they eventually reopen, through The Brow App.

“In a time when trying products from the comfort of our own homes couldn’t be more in demand, ABH is bringing their renowned brow service and patented Golden Ratio Shaping Method straight from your mobile phone,” the company told mamabella. “The app will allow you to have all the magic of an ABH salon or store visit right at your fingertips.”

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