How to get thicker eyebrows and grow eyebrows fast

How to get thicker eyebrows: 5 tips on how to grow eyebrows fast (or at least fake it until you make it)

20th February 2020 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

With this year’s trend favouring fluffier, bushier, more natural eyebrows, it has suddenly become more important to know how to grow eyebrows, or at least how to get thicker eyebrows fast. 

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Alternatively, if you don’t care about trends, you may still be keen to know how to make eyebrows grow because thinning eyebrows can age you prematurely. There could be a number of causes from ageing to diet (read our explainer for more details) but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it. 

Below we’ve detailed five tips on how to get thicker eyebrows – either naturally or by faking it until you make it.

How to get thicker eyebrows

Step away from the tweezers

If you’ve got thinning eyebrows, or are worried about them thinning in the future, stop plucking and throw those tweezers away (or at least hide them). Stop waxing and threading too. Let your eyebrows breathe. It may be that you don’t know how much they can grow because you haven’t allowed them to reach their full potential.

Our hairs are all somewhat connected and by getting rid of some you believe may be ruining the shape of your brows, you could actually be stopping the hairs around them from growing, accidentally changing their whole natural shape.

Fake it until you make it

Maybelline eyebrow tintMaybelline

Given the recent trends for big, youthful eyebrows there are myriad eyebrow products on the market and many cost just a few quid. We’re big fans of the Winky Lux Unibrow pencil because its colour is universal enough to suit many hair colours, its angled applicator and soft formula are ideal for making subtle changes, and it has a spoolie brush on the other end helping you tame any unruly hairs.

Brow powders are another way of filling gaps in thinning eyebrows. This technique gives a softer, less long-lasting look but is quicker to do and requires little to no time, commitment or, importantly, skill. Benefit is a market leader for affordable eyebrow products (it’s actually one of our favourite cheap makeup brands) and while its Benefit’s Fool Proof Eyebrow Powder may be at the upper end of what we’d consider to be “budget”, the little kit includes everything you’d need for fuller eyebrows. It also lasts for up to 12 hours.

How to grow eyebrows using growth serums

There is a little debate over hair growth serums with some experts bemoaning the price companies charge for them compared to the impact they actually have. However, other experts swear by them so we’ll leave you to make up your own mind. If you do want to give an eyebrow growth serum a go, even to rule it out, we recommend the Hi-Brow Growth and Conditioning Serum contains caffeine, known to be good for hair growth, keratin which helps to strengthen the new follicles, and panthenol which acts as a hydrating tool. Given the criticism laid out to manufacturers, it’s worth noting that the majority of these serums are far from cheap.

How to get thicker eyebrows fast

Obviously, if you’re letting the hair follicles and skin around your eyes breathe then adding chemicals, or sitting through microblading may be contradictory. This option is more for people who want to know how to get thicker eyebrows, or at least enhance what they’ve got. It’s also for those of us who want a more instant, semi-permanent result for a special occasion, for instance.

Eyebrow tinting

Tinting your eyebrows, which is effectively like dying your hair, can help them to look a little fuller, whether you’ve got dark or light colouring, and this effect will give a subtle lift and fill to your brows. We recommend going to a professional for the first tint (or even the first couple) just to be safe and to ensure you feel confident with how they’re looking and what you’re doing. But once you feel more comfortable, there are high-street and online eyebrow products that go someway to achieving the same results.

Eyelure is more commonly known for eyelashes but is an equally reliable brand when it comes to eyebrows. Its Pro Brow Dye Kit comes in two shades; dark brown or black, but these colours can be adjusted depending on how long the product is left on for. It simply requires brushing the provided spoolie through the brows, leaving the product on for 20 minutes and then wiping away leaving you with fuller, darker brows for up to four weeks.

Eylure Pro eyebrow kitEylure

Maybelline also offers an easy-apply, peel away tint which lasts less time if you’re worried about the commitment of a semi-permanent one.


If none of these suggestions take your fancy, and you’re after a more permanent solution that will require less product and ultimately less time, you could consider microblading. This is essentially a non-permanent (but can last as long as 18 months) way of having the eyebrow thickness and shape of your dreams, but potentially at the expense of some pain.

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It requires a very thin sterile blade drawing new hairs onto the brow area to give a natural and full look, almost like a semi-permanent tattoo. You can read more about the procedure in our What is microblading explainer.

Eyebrows can be sisters, cousins, step-brothers or not even something you consider as being worth thinking about. Whether you’ve had traumatic tweezing experiences and ended up with tiny sticks above your eyes or if you’ve never touched them, we hope this guide will help you see the potential of a happier pair of brows, and more importantly, a more confident you.

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