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Spotlight on Balance Me: The honest, natural skincare brand

20th October 2020 | Author: Phee Waterfield

For some of us, our skincare routine is a necessity we dedicate five minutes to each day and think nothing more about it. For others, their skincare routine is like meditation — quality time to focus on self-care. And the latter is the idea behind the natural skincare brand, Balance Me. 

In previous articles, we’ve looked at science-led skincare brands such as The Ordinary and Carbon Theory, which both have affordable, good quality products. So what makes Balance Me different, as well as worthy to feature in our Brand Spotlight series? 

The company believes skincare can have a dramatic effect not only on the skin but also your daily wellbeing. The self-described champions of balance take this philosophy into account when selecting ingredients for its products, making sure fragrances are 100% natural and have mood-enhancing benefits. 

A Brief History of Balance Me

Balance Me is relatively new compared to other skincare brands, but its disruptive mission distracts from this. Founded in 2005, sisters Rebecca and Clare found that long-term stresses and their fast-paced living had taken its toll on their health and skin. This realisation became the birth of Balance Me. 

Dealing with their own skin reactions from sensitive skin, to hormonal breakouts, they turned to natural skincare, which they say wasn’t highly regarded by consumers or the beauty industry at the time. The sisters retrained in reflexology and aromatherapy, working with essential oils, and created an ethos to give people back the balance they needed. 

Today, the brand focuses on providing their customers with clean formulas for every life stage and age — from the first signs of ageing, through early motherhood, teenage years, hormonal changes and more. 

Why we love Balance Me

When we think about some of the biggest skincare brands on the market, natural ingredients are not the first thing that springs to mind. This is where Balance Me disrupts the industry and captures our hearts (and our pores). 

To bring balance back to its customers, the company focus on three areas: 

  • Sourcing the right ingredients to solve skin concerns
  • Blending the right fragrance from essential oils to uplift and relax
  • Creating textures and consistencies that bring joy on application

And boy, the company delivers. The products feel luxurious — all you need is a pea-sized amount on your finger so they last longer. They smell heavenly and address skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, redness, dryness and more. If you also have skin issues such as eczema and pigmentation, the brand has dedicated products for those very specific concerns. 

All Balance Me products are 100% cruelty free, and the company is 100% open about the ingredients and formulations — so there are no nasty surprises. The brand itself is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, making its packaging recyclable. It’s also a British company that manufacturers within the UK. 

The best Balance Me products

  1. For glowing skin: Vitamin C Repair Serum£32
  2. For plump, smooth skin: Collagen Boost Moisturiser £26
  3. Reduce blemishes and shine: PHA Clarifying Mist £18
  4. Deep cleansing: Pure Skin Face Wash £16
  5. For fine lines and wrinkles: Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum £32

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1. Vitamin C Repair Serum

£32 | Buy now from Balance Me

Who’s it for? Anyone who has dehydrated and dull skin. 

Why we love it: One pump of this smoothing serum brightens the skin. If you also have uneven skin tone and pigmentation, this serum is for you. 

It contains hyaluronic acid, which instantly hydrates, Olive Squalane to boost cell regeneration, Boerhavia Diffusa to even out skin tone and reduce dark spots, and Vitamin C to help with anti-ageing and plump up the skin.  

How to use it: Smooth one pump of serum onto a cleansed face, neck and decolletage, using gentle, upward strokes. Balance Me recommends using an SPF in the morning after use, though we also suggest using a moisturiser as part of a multiple-layer skin routine. 

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Buy now from Balance Me

2. Collagen Boost Moisturiser 

£26 | Buy now from Balance Me

Who’s it for? Those with skin that is showing visible signs of ageing or anyone who needs to boost collagen production. 

Why we love it: Some moisturisers feel like a face mask when you apply them to the skin, leaving a sticky sheen.

However, this product delivers smooth skin without overwhelming the skin. You only need one pump,  so it lasts for a while. It also smells amazing!

We’ve paired this with the Vitamin C Repair Serum and they work well together — not surprising as they both contain hyaluronic acid. 

It also includes Tri-Peptide, which tricks the body into producing more collagen; Blackberry Leaf, an antioxidant rich extract that boosts elastin in your skin; and Pea Peptide, which is described as a world first to restore skin cell strength. Two of those count as some of your five a day, right?

How to use it: Smooth an even layer of cream over a cleansed face, neck and décolletage, using gentle upward strokes.

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Buy now from Balance Me

3. PHA Clarifying Mist 

£18 | Buy now from Balance Me

Who’s it for? Anyone who needs a gentle solution for blemishes. 

Why we love it:  This mist is one solution for multiple problems. A couple of sprays leaves your skin feeling clean and less congested, while reducing future breakouts.

The product contains Zinc, which addresses shine making this mist perfect for oily skin, Allantoin, known for reducing redness and inflammation, and Witch Hazel, which tightens the skin and also works to reduce redness.

It’s suitable for most skin types including teenage skin, sensitive skin, oily and combination skin and others.

How to use it: Spray onto cleansed skin and pat in until it’s fully absorbed. You can use it in the morning or at night as well as throughout the day as needed. Can be used on any area of breakouts including the face, shoulders and back.

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Buy now from Balance Me

4. Pure Skin Face Wash 

£16 | Buy now from Balance Me

Who’s it for? Those who like a gentle skin awakening in the morning and don’t like cleansing milks or balms

Why we love it: Firstly, it smells out of this world — you can thank the Moringa and Frankincense oils for that. 

The cleanser is gel-based, which means people who dislike using balms or milks can really do a deep cleanse in the morning.

It includes Rice Bran Oil, which has high levels of Vitamin E, Vitamin B as well as Omega-9 to boost hydration, reduce pigmentation and even out skin tone.

It also includes Frankincense, which helps protect skin cells and the appearance of large pores, acne and blemishes. Moringa oil is full of Omega-9 fatty acids that have antimicrobial properties. 

How to use it: Gently massage all over a damp face to remove all makeup, keeping your eyes closed. Rinse with warm water, or use a damp cloth. If you prefer to use this in the evening, use a cleansing balm beforehand for a double cleanse.

Buy now from Balance Me

5. Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum 

£32 | Buy now from Balance Me

Who’s it for? Anyone worried about their makeup getting ruined.

Why we love it: This product is a 100% natural plant-based retinol alternative, which makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin and are prone to redness. It also makes it safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

It includes ingredients such as Bakuchiol, an alternative to Vitamin A, which stimulates the production of collagen and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and Terminalia Cherbula, which is a Ayurvedic antioxidant that maintains hydration and controls inflammation. It also has Cacay Oil, which comes from the Amazonian Cacy tree. This helps with smoothing, radiance and hydration. 

How to use it: Smooth one pump of serum onto a cleansed face, neck and chest day or night. Follow with an SPF if you use it in the morning.

Buy now from Balance Me

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