Wylde Moon skincare and makeup products used by Holly Willoughby

Wylde Moon: Everything we know about Holly Willoughby’s new beauty and healing website

20th September 2021 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

Holly Willoughby is a style icon – whether it’s her effortless S-bend waves, her stunning Dancing on Ice ensembles, her This Morning clothes, or her flawless makeup. Now the 40-year-old presenter is bringing her eye for style and trends to a new project called Wylde Moon.

Wylde Moon

After being teased over the weekend, the Wylde Moon website is now live and Holly unveiled the project with a touching Instagram video.

In it, she described Wylde Moon as a “very personal project” and said it will be a “space full of things that I love and people that inspire me… from beauty and fashion, to energy and healing.”

Adding further to this, the website explains: “In creating Wylde Moon for you, I’ve filled a need in me. I’d lost a part of who I was and that rediscovery has led me here, to a whole new place of beauty and power.

“So I invite you to come on in and join the journey. Let’s discover together, learn together, laugh together. Let’s celebrate and empower those around us. Let’s find out what we love.”

What is Wylde Moon? 


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As part of the project, each month on the full moon, a new “edition” will be uploaded which will effectively be an online magazine featuring interviews with Holly, features, and product recommendations.

There is also a tab for the Wylde Moon Boutique – said to be “launching soon” – where we imagine Holly will sell various items that she has used and loves. Alternatively, she may well be branching into her own range of Wylde Moon skincare or beauty projects, although this is just a rumour at this point.

Based on the September Edition of Wylde Moon, the monthly online magazine contains the following sections.

Wylde Beauty

This section is being written by Wylde Beauty columnist, Ateh Jewel – an award-winning journalist, broadcaster and diversity advocate.

In the September edition, she talks about the ideal morning and evening routines, skincare and all – all while recommending her favourite products.

Wylde Style

Wylde Moon skincare and makeup products used by Holly WilloughbyWylde Moon

This section will be co-authored by Holly’s team of style experts – makeup artist Patsy O’Neill, hairstylist Ciler Peksah, and stylist Danielle Whiteman.

For September, each one talks about the products and style secrets you don’t always see, while revealing more about the products that leave Holly looking flawless.

Wylde Women

Each month, this section will “shine a light on women doing inspirational work in their field.” The September Edition features an interview with Holly herself, talking about why she set up Wylde Moon.

“To me, the ultimate WYLDE Woman is somebody who looks in the mirror and knows that they are enough and truly believes it,” she explains. “And I’m not sitting here saying that I’m that WYLDE Woman, because I’m not. Would I love to be? Of course! That’s my goal, because there’s such freedom in it.

“I think we can all have a really good time getting there and no, you won’t get there by coming to the website for five minutes but we can definitely be a part of that process.”

Wylde Energy

Wylde Moon Energy healing and crystalsGetty Images/iStockphoto

This section of the monthly edition is going to be written by columnist, Emma Lucy Knowles who is an author, as well as a hands-on healer, a crystal reader, and a meditation teacher.

For September, Emma Lucy talks about the crystal supply chain and what to look for when buying crystals. She also picks a crystal of the month, which for September is Amazonite. As Emma Lucy explains: “September’s vibe…is all about getting ready for what the rest of the year is going to bring. Change is in the air and Amazonite is the crystal you need to welcome in childlike love and play.

“Amazonite promotes a sense of the world being our playground, reminding us what it feels to be whole and connected to more than just ourselves and our mental attachments. It helps us shed the old while dancing into the new.”

Wylde Moonboard

Think of this as Holly’s own Pinterest board of things that have inspired her or that she’s enjoyed in the month in which the edition is released. Described by Holly as: “The WYLDE Moonboard is simply a place for reflection; a board filled with inspiration that will evolve every month, just like we all do.”

This month’s Moonboard is called “Postcards from the Summer.”

Wylde Podcast

As part of the project, Holly is launching a podcast called By The Light of the Moon. Each month, Holly said she will be “using the unique energy of each of the eight moon phases” to walk through the lives of her guests.

Her first guest is actress Lena Denham and they talk about Lena’s childhood, the women who have influenced her, setting boundaries and how to overcome hurdles.

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