What eye shape do I have? Different eye shapes explained

What eye shape do I have? How to determine different eye shapes from almond to round

12th December 2022 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

Your eye shape can determine how you wear eyeliner, what eyeshadow looks work, and which false eyelashes suit you best. Discover yours in our “what eye shape do I have?” guide 

If you’ve ever watched makeup artists on YouTube tutorials or IGTV and wondered why you just can’t nail the various different eyeshadow looks, it may not be your technique that’s the problem. It could be your eye shape.

Not that your eye shape is a problem, but if it’s not the same shape as the person modelling the makeup, you’ll never get the same effect and look.

Our resident makeup artist, Victoria Howe, recently revealed how to apply eyeshadow based on what eye shape you have but this is only useful if you already know what your shape is.

To help you find out, we’ve listed the different eye shapes below.

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Eye shapes

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There are six different eye shapes that the majority of people have. Of course, there will be variations on this but these can be used as a guide.

Even if your shape doesn’t fall exactly into one of these, it may have elements of one or two.

These shapes include:

  • monolids
  • round eyes
  • almond eyes
  • downturned eyes
  • upturned eyes
  • hooded eyes

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What eye shape do I have?

To determine your eye shape, first check to see if you have a crease and if you can see it.

If the answer is no, you have monolids. Monolids are common – although not exclusive – to Asian men and women and they’re the most distinctive, instantly recognisable shape.

If you do have a visible crease, there are other things to look out for when determining your shape.

  • Can you see the whole of your iris, or is it surrounded by a small amount of white? Your eye shape is round
  • Are parts of your iris cut off by your top and bottom eyelid? Your eye shape is almond. Bear in mind you can have full almonds or thin almond eyes.
  • Do the outer corners of your eyes turn downwards? If you’re unsure, imagine drawing a straight line across your eye. If your outer corners turn down beneath the line, your eye shape is downturned
  • Do the outer corners of your eyes turn upwards? Repeat the straight line experiment and if the corners sit above this line, then your eye shape is upturned 
  • Is the crease of eye obscured by a flap of skin? Your eye shape is hooded. Eyes have a tendency to become more hooded as we get older and the skin around our eyes lose their elasticity

Slightly changing your eyeshadow technique, or how you apply your eyeliner can make a big difference to the overall look.

You can read more in our how to apply eyeshadow guide, and then find the best eyeshadow palettes for your eye colour in our colour theory article.

How to do the TikTok Eye Shape Challenge

If you really can’t tell from the various tips above, there’s a challenge trending on TikTok which helps you determine your eye shape. It’s not tricky, but it is fiddly and it involves using the Green Screen filter to superimpose your eyes over an eye shape chart until you find the closest match.

  1. Firstly, search Google for an “eye shape chart” and save it to your phone.
  2. Open TikTok and hit the ‘+’ button in the centre of the menu at the bottom of the screen
  3. Click Effects and scroll across to the Green Screen menu
  4. Select the Effect about six rows down that has a pair of eyes on top of a square with an arrow.
  5. Add the saved eye shape chart photo into the background
  6. Pinch or pull the image of your eyes to zoom in or out in order to match the size of the eyes on the chart
  7. Move your eyes with your fingers around the screen, putting them on top of each eye shape until you find the one that fits best.

Here is our editor Vicky’s attempt below.


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