How does waterproof mascara actually work – and is it good for your lashes?

19th May 2021 | Author: Jenny Tai

It has been estimated that the mascara market globally is on track to be worth $10,306 billion, with waterproof mascara growing at a rate of 6.82% a year.

With many beauty influences on Tik Tok and Instagram showcasing multiple mascaras, there is no wonder the industry is on the rise and if buyers aren’t looking for curl and volume, they’re looking for mascaras that don’t smudge, flake or budge.

Which is where waterproof mascaras come in. Not only do they promise to stay put all day, no matter the weather or situation, they can help to hold your curled lashes in place due to the way they dry.

But how do they actually work and they good for you? Let us explain.

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How does waterproof mascara work? 

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Waterproof mascara contains waxes and a chemical called dimethicone copolyol.

This is a type of silicone and silicone alongside wax is a great combination because they both repel sweat and water.

With these ingredients inside mascara, they build a barrier around the lashes and protects them from moisture.

By comparison, non-waterproof mascara can be wetter in terms of texture but waterproof mascara sets fast due to the ingredients of wax and silicone. You will also notice that using waterproof mascara you will need to work fast, but it also means it’s great at holding that curl, too. Once it’s set, it’s set.

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Is waterproof mascara good for you?

Using waterproof mascara once in a while won’t do your lashes any harm. Using it for special occasions like weddings, going to the beach or at the poolside is fine.

However, wearing waterproof mascara like regular mascara in some cases can weaken your lashes because ingredients inside waterproof mascara dry them out and prevent any goodness getting in. This can lead to brittle lashes and having more fall out than usual.

Another reason why it’s best to use waterproof mascara occasionally is that removing it can be a little tricky.

Waterproof mascara is made to last so removing takes a little more time. It requires a little more rubbing, for example, which can easily cause fall out. We highly recommend using an oil-based eye makeup remover, pop it on a cotton pad and gently put it on closed eyes – give it at least 15 seconds for the oil to break down the waterproof mascara and wipe away gently.

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