What is strawberry girl makeup? Find out how to achieve the Hailey Bieber makeup look

1st September 2023 | Author: Shyma Millman

The Strawberry Girl Makeup trend is the perfect pretty and easy makeup look for a wide range of skin tones and seasons

Over the past few months, the ‘strawberry girl makeup’ trend has been all over social media.

Inspired (as so many trends are) by Hailey Bieber’s latest makeup routine, the look is all about giving you flushed, sunkissed skin. Even when the weather is terrible.

It suits all skin tones and creates a minimal, yet impactful look so if you’re interested in embracing the strawberry girl trend, read on!

What is strawberry girl makeup?

The TikTok-trending ‘strawberry girl’ makeup is a freckled and blushed look.

It gives the effect of sunkissed, flushed skin without any UV damage and is epitomised by extreme blusher on the nose and cheeks as well as freckles.

Anything that makes your skin glow and your complexion look like you’ve just got back from a summer holiday.

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Where did the strawberry girl makeup trend come from?

@haileybieberEverday Strawberry Makeup 🍓💋♬ Echos in My Mind (Lofi) – Muspace Lofi

This strawberry girl trend was inspired by Hailey Bieber’s makeup look.

She showed her fans on social media a step-by-step routine on how to achieve the ‘flushed’ look.

As tends to happen with Hailey, this understated makeup look went viral inspiring others to recreate her look. It got the name ‘strawberry girl makeup’ due to the freckles and blushed rose cheeks resembling a strawberry.

How to do strawberry girl makeup

This minimal makeup look can be achieved with very few products. In her video (below), Hailey Bieber adds a small winger eyeliner but you can dial this look up or down to suit you.

  1. Skin prep: Use a primer and moisturiser to make sure your skin is hydrated before applying your makeup. Although we are creating a ‘sunkissed’ look, SPF is still vital. Apply your sunscreen alongside your moisturiser.
  2. Base: Apply a light coverage foundation/skin tint to the skin. Try to avoid covering up any natural freckles or beauty spots to ensure a natural base. Apply a concealer under the eyes, and to subtly cover any spots or blemishes if you need to.
  3. Brows: Brush up your brows and use a brow tint if you’re eyebrows are sparse. For the strawberry girl makeup look, brows are meant to look as natural as possible.
  4. Bronzer: You then lightly dust bronzer onto the nose, forehead, and cheekbones.
  5. Blush: Blusher is then applied to the cheeks and blended towards the cheekbones to create a lifted effect. Use more blusher than you think you need and blend it onto the nose, as if you’ve been lightly sunburned.
  6. Highlighter: Some people then add a highlighter to the cheekbones and nose tip.
  7. Freckles: To go the full hog on the strawberry girl makeup look, add faux freckles to the cheeks and nose to create the ‘sun kissed’ effect.
  8. Mascara: You can then add a clear/brown mascara to enhance your eyes maintaining a natural look.
  9. Lips: For your lips, use a shade similar to the blush on your cheeks to bring the look together.

Strawberry Girl Makeup tutorials

Hayley Buix

@hayleybuix Strawberry makeup 🍓 #makeuptutorial #strawberrymakeup #makeuptransformation ♬ AIME MOI – Speed Up – kobzx2z

Andrea Subotic

@andrea_subotic strawberry makeup tutorial 🍓 #strawberrymakeup ♬ vampire – Olivia Rodrigo

What products do you need for Strawberry Girl Makeup?

Here is a list of different products you could use to create this iconic sunkissed look:


Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless FilterCharlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter (£39): This lightweight product isn’t cakey on the skin and has the perfect amount of coverage. Read more in our best Charlotte Tilbury foundation guide.

L’Oreal C’est Magic CC Cream (£8.48): This cream is designed to enhance your natural skin tone and blends for perfect light coverage.

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define concealer (£4.99): You can also use a concealer under the eyes and in areas you may want to cover including blemishes and pimples.

You can add a small amount of face powder to set the makeup but avoid using too much in order to keep a dewy look.


Cheap Benefit Gimme Brow makeup from Florence by millsmamabella | mamabella

Benefit Gimme Brow (£20): Creates the perfect natural tinted bushy brow. You can also use the Florence by Mills Tint N’ Tame eyebrow tint.

Bronzer and blush

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush BronzerCharlotte Tilbury

Rimmel London Natural Bronzer (£5): Adds a bronzed glow enhancing the sunkissed effect with warm tones complementing each other.

Benefit Benetint Rose (£17.50): This rose tint is perfect as a blush as it stains the skin for several days – so don’t apply with your fingers unless, of course, you’re getting ready for Halloween!

Illamasqua Beyond Liquid Highlighter (£18): Using a small amount of this highlighter is perfect to highlight the cheekbones and nose tip for a summer glow.

Faux Freckles

Utan Pen where to buy UKUtan

Utan Pen (£18): This pen can be used as a lip liner and to create faux freckles.

It is also used by the original ‘strawberry girl’, Hailey Bieber! It develops like a tan over eight hours and can last for up to 48 hours.


Benefit They’re Real Tinted Lash Primer (£22.50): This lash primer works like a mascara with a brown tint to enhance your lashes, all while looking natural.

Collection Colour Lash Clear Mascara (£2.49): This clear mascara enhances your lashes without drawing attention to the eyes to keep the focus on the sunkissed glow.

You could also use this to brush your eyebrows into place.


The Body Shop SWIPE IT Balm, shade Strawberry (£8): Perfect for creating a red-flushed look, you can use this balm on your lips and your cheeks.

NYX Butter Gloss, shade Praline (£5.20): Matched with a darker lip liner this butter gloss complements the red blush and brings the strawberry makeup look together perfectly.

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