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Stitch Fix UK vs Lookiero: Which personal styling service is worth trying, and which should be avoided?

21st March 2023 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

In our Stitch Fix UK vs Lookiero reviews, we pit both personal styling services against each to discover which is best – and how to use each 

We hate clothes shopping. Scouring through rails for the correct size is a minefield when you’re plus-sized like us. Not to mention having to hang items over your arm, and use sweaty changing rooms.

So when we heard about Stitch Fix and Lookiero, it felt like it was the answer to our prayers.

Stitch Fix and Lookiero are very similar online personal styling services.

Not only are you sent a selection of clothes each month, but a personal stylist picks out your items. These are based on your size, your preferences, your budget, and if you have any events coming up.

We recently put these services to the test and had very different experiences. One, we’d recommend in a heartbeat. The other we wouldn’t touch again.

Read on to find out more.

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Stitch Fix UK vs Lookiero reviews

As Stitch Fix and Lookiero are very similar, we’ve listed their similarities as well as their notable differences.

Stitch Fix vs Lookiero: Similarities

Stitch Fix reviews worth itStitch Fix

Both Stitch Fix and Lookiero ask you to fill in a style profile. This includes:

  • What size you usually wear
  • What kinds of clothes you like (and which you don’t)
  • Any areas of your body you’d rather show off or cover-up
  • Your budget

From here, Stitch Fix and Lookiero assign you a personal stylist to pick out your first five items. You’re then sent these five items via Royal Mail, and both sites charge a £10 styling fee.

If you choose to keep any of the products in the box, the sites take this £10 styling charge off the final price.

Both services have apps, as well as websites, and both let you give your stylist feedback. Or you can ask for a new stylist for your next box.

Delivery and returns are free on Stitch Fix and Lookiero, but they offer different experiences. More on that below.

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Stitch Fix vs Lookiero: Differences

In terms of styling, Stitch Fix offers styling for men and women in the UK. They also offer kid’s styling in the US. Lookiero is only currently available for women.

Stitch Fix vs Lookiero reviewsmamabella | mamabella

Preview: Stitch Fix lets you preview your upcoming box. Although you don’t have to complete this preview. Lookiero doesn’t offer a preview.

Review period: Stitch Fix gives you seven days to make your clothing choices. Lookiero gives you five.

Extensions: With Stitch Fix, you can ask to extend the decision date via the app or the website. Lookiero extensions are managed by emailing customer service.

Packaging: Stitch Fix products ship in a cardboard box with paper packaging. It also ships with a Royal Mail return label.  Lookiero sends its products in paper packaging in a cardboard box. Although you have to send clothes back in a plastic bag.

Sizes: Stitch Fix clothes are available in sizes 6-18 for women. Lookiero offers sizes 6-20.

Brands: Stitch Fix works with 1,000+ brands including Kate Spade, Toms, Joie, and Barbour. Lookiero works with 150+ brands including Moss, Dr Denim, Vila and Tiffosi.

Purchase discounts: If you choose to keep all five items from Stitch Fix, you get a 20% discount. If you choose to keep all five items from Lookiero, you get a 25% discount.

Exchanges: Both sites allow you to swap products in your box for the same item in a different size. In our experience, products at the top and bottom of the size range are usually out of stock. However, if you’re looking for something in the middle, you’re unlikely to have a problem.

Returns: Stitch Fix returns are made using a prepaid label at your local Hermes Parcel Shop, CollectPlus store, DPD Pickup Shop, or Post Office. Lookiero only accepts DPD drop-off returns. If you don’t live near a DPD drop-off location, Lookiero won’t give you an alternative. In this case, you’ll have to pay for the return yourself and are liable if the products get lost.

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Stitch Fix UK vs Lookiero reviews: Which one is best?

In our Lookiero and Stitch Fix UK reviews below, we detail our personal experiences to help you choose which service to try.

Stitch Fix reviews

Stitch Fix UK reviewsmamabella

When friends have asked us which is the best online personal styling service, we’ve said Stitch Fix. Without hesitation.

Style match and choice

We had a positive experience with Stitch Fix UK from the first box. Our stylist captured our style straight off the bat and we kept three of the first five items. Subsequent boxes were hit and miss because we hadn’t updated our size profile after putting on weight during lockdown. Yet it’s rare for us not to buy at least one item from a box each month.

Stitch Fix imageStitch Fix

Most items are true to size, as in if it says it’s a 16, it fits like we’d imagine a 16 to fit.

We went through a period where the boxes didn’t feel that tailored to us. After sending notes to our stylist, though, the majority of boxes we’ve had since have been full of items we love. In our most recent box, we’d have bought the lot but one of the items was too small. And there wasn’t an exchange available.

We also love that we’ve bought items we would never have chosen ourselves. We have wide hips and tend to opt for loose-fitting tea dresses when shopping for ourselves. Through Stitch Fix, we’ve bought fitted skirts, long T-shirt dresses, and more. And we wear them regularly. Another huge plus point is just how many of the products from Stitch Fix also have pockets. A small but very important point!

Stitch Fix also sells bags and shoes and one of our most recent boxes included a pair of Toms wedges. Elsewhere, we got sent a cute T-bar necklace in one box, and a pair of Only trainers in another.

We set our budget at £30-£40 per item, and the quality of the products we’ve received match this. We’d even pay more for the items than what Stitch Fix charges. Just don’t tell Stitch Fix that!

StitchFix preview

Stitch Fix offers an optional Preview for each box. If you prefer a surprise, you don’t have to use this Preview. If you do choose to use it, you get a link to your personalised Preview 72 hours before your box ships.

From this Preview, you can choose up to five out of 10 items – but you don’t have to choose all five. You can also tell your stylist if there’s anything you don’t like, as well as why you don’t like them i.e you don’t like the style, you already have enough skirts, it’s the wrong colour, and so on. This will help your stylist make better choices in the future.


Returns are easy. Seal the box, stick the prepaid label on and take it to whichever postal service best suits you. Most months we send the box back via the post office counter in our local shop. We have also used the Hermes option without any issues. As a result, we’ve been a Stitch Fix customer for more than two years.


The only issue we’ve had with StitchFix is when exchanging clothes. We love that the brand offers the chance to swap outfits for different sizes. The exchanges can also be made directly from the checkout page.

Yet, in our experience, we’ve only been able to exchange one item, once. This is because our body sits at the top end of the Stitch Fix size range. We usually wear a 16 but when we’ve needed to swap to an 18, the larger size is almost always out of stock.

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Lookiero review

Lookiero bad reviews ugly clothes poor customer serviceLookiero

Lookiero is a different story. We only tried two boxes because the whole process was tedious and the clothes felt old and dated.

Style match

Firstly, not a single item fit. Despite us using the same size profile on Lookiero as on Stitch Fix. Not only did they not fit, size-wise, but the overall fit of each item was poor. We got a family member to try the clothes on too, but every item made them look frumpy and old. All were lacking  style and the materials weren’t anywhere near the quality as with Stitch Fix. Despite the prices being similar.

Lookiero reviewsLookiero


Painful returns

Lookiero only accepts returns via DPD Drop-Off. We live in a major town (Aylesbury) the nearest DPD local drop-off point is 7.25 miles away in Princes Risborough. Door-to-door, it would take us 52 minutes to do the round-trip in the car. Or more than two and a half hours on public transport.

When we told Lookiero it’s not feasible to make such a journey, they said there weren’t any other options.

The only option for us to return the package was to cover the cost of return postage ourselves. We explained this to Lookiero and paid £5.10 to make sure we could track the parcel.

Two weeks later, despite the parcel showing as signed for, Lookiero said they’d charge us for not returning the items. They also said that because we hadn’t used DPD, we’d be liable. This left a bitter taste in the mouth.

We’re not huge fans of the plastic returns bag either. From an environmental point of view and because we’re responsible for recycling the box. Neither are huge inconveniences, but alongside the other pain points, they add up.

Lookiero may suit you if you’re an older customer looking for basic staples, or live in London or cities with many DPD Drop-Off sites. But if you want style and substance, opt for Stitch Fix.

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