Is Stitch Fix worth it?

Is Stitch Fix UK worth it? Read our Stitch Fix review to find out what it’s like for a plus-size woman

19th August 2023 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

In our Stitch Fix UK review, we explain how Stitch Fix works, what its pros and cons are, and whether Stitch Fix UK is worth it after three years of using the styling service


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How does Stitch Fix work?

Which brands does Stitch Fix use?

Stitch Fix UK review

We’ve never been a fan of clothes shopping. Partly because we hate trying to battle against shops with wildly varying sizing (a big problem when shopping online) and we don’t actually truly know what suits us and what doesn’t.

Then during lockdown, we physically couldn’t go into stores.

Having toyed with the idea of signing up for a personal styling service for months beforehand we took the Covid pandemic as our opportunity to give it a go – and we haven’t looked back.

Three years later we can honestly say we know the Stitch Fix experience inside out.

We’ve had highs, and some lows, and having previously discussed these experiences in our Stitch Fix UK vs Lookiero guide, we felt it was time to write a full and in-depth Stitch Fix UK review; to explain if the service really is worth it.

Keep reading to find out more about how Stitch Fix works, which brands Stitch Fix uses, what quality the clothes are, and the experience of using the service as a plus-sized woman.

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Stitch Fix UK reviews

Is Stitch Fix worth it?Stitch Fix

Signing up for Stitch Fix UK can feel a little intimidating if (like me) you don’t have a strong steer on your own personal style, or fashion isn’t something you’re particularly interested in. Let us help demystify things for you!

How does Stitch Fix work? 

In summary, Stitch Fix works like this:

  1. You tell Stitch Fix your size and budget
  2. A stylist sends you five items of clothing based on these answers
  3. You’re charged a £10 styling fee
  4. You have a week to try the clothes on
  5. Once you’ve decided what you want to keep, and what you want to return, you “Checkout” on the Stitch Fix app or website
  6. If you buy anything, you get your £10 styling fee back
  7. If you buy everything, you get 25% off
  8. If you don’t buy anything, Stitch Fix keeps your styling fee
  9. You return the box, for free, via Royal Mail or courier

A more detailed explanation is as follows:

Style profile

When you first sign up for Stitch Fix you’ll be asked to fill in a style profile. This sounds intimidating but it’s a short quiz that asks:

  • What size clothes you typically wear: Even if you fluctuate in sizes in different stores, chances are you know roughly what size you are. You can also check your body measurements against a standardised size chart.
  • What kinds of clothes you like and importantly, any you don’t: For us, we love wearing dresses but never wear trousers.
  • Any areas of your body you’d rather show off or cover-up: We put in that we don’t like our arms being on show, and we prefer things to fit relatively loosely around our stomach and hip dips
  • Your budget: This is how much you’d typically spend on a single item of clothing, or what you think is a reasonable amount of money to spend. This will determine which Stitch Fix brands you’ll be sent.

You can additionally add where you buy most of your clothes, any “fit quirks” you think Stitch Fix should know – for instance, if you always like to cuff your jeans – any colour preferences, and if there’s anything you need. For example, if you’re going to a wedding, you can ask for wedding dresses, or if you’re short on work clothes you can request smart items.

How does Stitch Fix work?Stitch Fix

Once you’ve completed your Style Fix quiz, you’ll be assigned a personal stylist. You don’t know who this is but they’re usually assigned based on your answers. For instance, if someone is great at styling plus-sized people, or if they’re particularly great at styling casual over workwear, and so on.

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Stylist picks

This stylist will select 10 items based on your answers. You’re given the option to see this list of 10 and pick your favourite five, or to leave it to your stylist to pick. In this case, five random pieces are posted to you.

These five items are sent by Royal Mail, at which point you’re charged a £10 styling fee. This fee is refunded if you purchase any of the products in the box.

Once the box arrives, you have seven days to try the clothes on at your leisure. You can also ask for an extension on this 7-day period via the app or website. For example, if you’re on holiday for part of the seven-day period.


Once you’ve decided which items you want to keep, and which you want to return, you go to the online checkout. All of your clothes will be listed and you can choose to:

  • Exchange
  • Return
  • Keep

You’re also given the option to feedback to your stylist on whether you liked the style; whether it was too small, too big, or just right; the quality, cut, and value for money. These are optional and can help make future Fixes even more personalised, but you don’t have to fill in these details.

Equally, the general feedback questions at the end of the checkout process are optional, too. These ask how satisfied you were with the Fix, how personalised it felt, and if you’d like to keep the same stylist.


Whatever clothing items you choose to keep, you pay for. If you buy anything at all, you’ll then get your £10 styling fee back. This means Stitch Fix will take £10 off the price of your clothes.

If you buy everything, you get 25% off the total.

If you don’t buy anything, Stitch Fix keeps your styling fee but you don’t pay anything more.


Stitch Fix products ship in a cardboard box with paper packaging.

Inside each Stitch Fix box is a Royal Mail Free Return label. You stick this label over the current label on the top of the box, seal it up and take it to your local Post Office.

You can also choose to get it collected by a courier if you can’t get to the Post Office.

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Which brands does Stitch Fix use?

Stitch Fix brandsStitch Fix

Stitch Fix works with 1,000+ brands including global names such as Kate Spade, Toms, Joie, and Barbour, as well as a mix of high-end and high-street fashion labels and brands such as Sundry, Dolan, Original Penguin, Helmut Lang, Alternative Apparel and Scotch & Soda.

Stitch Fix also has a number of its own brands, these include:

  • 41 Hawthorn
  • Pixley
  • Market & Spruce
  • Brixon Ivy
  • Truly Poppy
  • Fairlane
  • Mauvette
  • Mix by 41 Hawthorn

Note: We love Mauvette and every dress we’ve been sent from this brand, we’ve kept! 

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What size range does Stitch Fix offer?

Stitch Fix clothes are available in sizes 6-18 for women.

Stitch Fix UK review

Stitch Fix UK reviewsmamabella

We’ve been Stitch Fix UK customers for over three years now and have been (almost) consistently impressed with the service.

When we first started using Stitch Fix, our stylist captured our style straight off the bat. We kept three of the first five items that we received and would always end up buying at least one item in every box we received over the following months.

We love that we’ve bought items we would never have chosen ourselves. We have wide hips and tend to opt for loose-fitting tea dresses when shopping for ourselves. Through Stitch Fix, we’ve bought fitted skirts, long T-shirt dresses, and more. And we wear them regularly. Another huge plus point is just how many of the products from Stitch Fix also have pockets. A small but very important point.

Stitch Fix also sells bags and shoes. In our most recent box, we received a pair of Toms wedges. Elsewhere, we got sent a cute T-bar necklace in one box, and a pair of Only trainers in another.

After putting on weight during lockdown, we had a couple of boxes where items didn’t fit as well and this was because we hadn’t updated our size profile. Stitch Fix recommends checking your style profile every two to three boxes (or ideally before every box) but this can be a bit much.

Stitch Fix imageStitch Fix

We recommend changing this profile as the seasons change, and if your weight does change.

After sending notes to our stylist, we had a much better experience and until very recently, the majority of boxes were full of items we loved.

At the start of the year we got a series of boxes in which either nothing fit, or we hated everything. One box contained jeans even though we’ve been very clear we don’t wear jeans or trousers. So much so, we checked our profile to see if it hadn’t been reset.

During one checkout, we gave feedback that we were unsatisfied and weren’t looking forward to another box. Less than six hours later, Stitch Fix customer service emailed to a) ask if there was more detailed feedback and b) that they would send us a new box and waive the styling fee.

Since this interaction, we’ve gone back to getting boxes we love to the point where in August 2023, we bought every single item in the box. The first time this has happened in the three years of using Stitch Fix.

Most items from across the Stitch Fix UK brands are true to size. If the label says it’s a 16, it fits like we’d imagine a 16 to fit. This hasn’t always been the case but is in the large majority.

We set our budget at £30-£40 per item, and the quality of the products we’ve received matches this. We’d even pay more for the items than what Stitch Fix charges. Just don’t tell Stitch Fix that!

Returns are then super easy. Seal the box, stick the prepaid label on the top, and take it to whichever postal service best suits you. Most months we send the box back via the post office counter in our local shop. We have also used the Hermes option without any issues.

Our only complaint – other than the blip in boxes at the start of this year – is that the Exchange option during Checkout rarely works. We love that Stitch Fix offers the chance to swap outfits for different sizes, and they range from 6-18, but in our experience, we’ve only been able to exchange one item, once.

This is because our body sits at the top end of the Stitch Fix size range. We usually wear a 16 but when we’ve needed to swap to an 18, the larger size is almost always out of stock.

Overall, we highly recommend Stitch Fix UK to anyone looking for a personal styling service that gets it right. The service is affordable, the clothes are high-quality, and the returns process is easy. We’ve been very happy with our experience with Stitch Fix and would definitely recommend it to others.

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