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Spotlight on Sundry Skincare: The skin-positive brand for sensitive skin, inspired by African ingredients

29th October 2021 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

One in five of us have a problem with our skin, whether that’s dryness, eczema, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, psoriasis, inflammation, or one of the many, many other conditions. Yet, despite how common such conditions are, products for sensitive skin are still largely seen as afterthoughts.

Or worse, the only effective options are cold, clinical, and pharmaceutical. As a result, the millions of us with anything but “normal” skin rarely get to experience the joy of premium and luxury skincare ranges.

This is where Sundry Skincare comes in!

London-based, female-owned, Sundry Skincare is a new beauty brand that specialises in what the firm calls “skin-positive skincare”. The owner’s family is from Ghana and the products each have deep roots in Africa; inspired by the continent’s ingredients, used in formulations that repair and nourish the skin.

Its approach to responsible, sustainable, and science-led formulations aligns with what we’re trying to champion at mamabella, and that’s why Sundry Skincare is our latest Brand Spotlight.

Since we launched, we’ve been shining a light on brands that offer great products without the BS; brands that champion inclusivity and diversity; clean, sustainable, and ethical beauty brands, and brands that are challenging the beauty industry hierarchy.

We’ve previously profiled The Ordinary, a fantastic brand doing amazing work in the science of skincare, as well as Tonik Skincare, Carbon Theory, and more and now it’s the turn of Sundry.

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Why we love Sundry Skincare

Sundry Skincaremamabella | mamabella

Sundry’s founder set up the company after contending with hyperpigmentation and eczema flair-ups from when she was a child. Later in life, due to both a growth spurt in her teenage years and after giving birth to two children, she was then also met with stretch marks.

Fuelled by her own needs, she wanted to create a more compelling and beautiful brand that veered away from the pharmaceutical, clinical products she had grown up using, whilst ensuring each of the products could alleviate and treat each condition. And importantly, not make the conditions worse.

Sundry wants everyone to embrace their skin and told mamabella: “We believe your current skin status shouldn’t define you or restrict you in your day-to-day life. We have taken the best, active ingredients, inspired by Africa to create a range of beautiful products that not only feel good on your skin but actually work too.” Ingredients such as Shea butter, cocoa butter, and safe essential oils.

What’s more, all Sundry Skincare products are cruelty-free, and 100% natural, organic and vegan. The company has a research and development team that makes sure every product is subject to challenge tests, nickel tests and dermatological testing. And all of the products are “designed to enhance natural beauty, no matter the age”, with Tonik describing it as pro-age, not anti-age.

What’s more, the brand is so sure of its products that it offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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The best Sundry Skincare products

Sundry Skincare sells a currently small, but select group of skincare heroes and tools formulated with ingredients inspired by Africa. The products are designed to be used with each other, which is why Sundry sells them in a bundle, or you can buy them individually.

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♥︎ Sundry Skincare Ice Globes

£33 | Buy now

Who’s it for? All skin types, including sensitive skin.

Why we love it: Harnessing the restorative powers of cryotherapy and science, these globes help tackle puffy, inflamed, or dull skin. In particular, the use of cold temperatures on the skin reduces blood flow and inflammation before eventually encouraging greater circulation, and thus, a radiant, flushed complexion. They not only massage the skin, but the ice-cold glass also helps calm redness and soothe acne breakouts, and tackle dark circles.

How to use it: Put glass globes in the freezer for 30 minutes and then roll them over the skin to reduce blood flow and increase circulation.

Buy now from Sundry Skincare

♥︎ Sundry Skincare Anti-Cacti Butter 

£25 | Buy now

Who’s it for? People with stretch marks, scars, dryness, and other skin conditions that require nourishment and repair.

Why we love it: Designed to keep the skin’s moisture intact, Sundry’s Anti-Cacti Butter helps soothe dry skin and extremely dry skin problems, such as eczema. It has a thick consistency but massages easily into the skin. Plus it’s non-comedogenic meaning it won’t clog your pores.

How to use it: After removing dead skin cells (Sundry recommends using its Caffeine Fix below to do this), lock in the moisture using the Anti-Cacti Butter. 

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Buy now from Sundry Skincare

♥︎ Sundry Skincare Caffeine Fix

£22 | Buy now

Who’s it for? All skin types, but especially people with cellulite, stretch marks, and pregnant women 

Why we love it: This scrub uses ground Arabica coffee beans, enriched with Vitamin E, Grapeseed Oil, and Coconut Oil, to gently exfoliate the skin and help maximise hydration. Coffee is additionally naturally loaded with antioxidants that can prevent premature ageing.

How to use it: Rub a generous amount in a circular motion into wet skin. Rinse and follow with the Anti-Cacti Butter (or other soothing moisturising cream).

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Buy now from Sundry Skincare

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