P.Louise advent calendar 2023

P.Louise advent calendar 2023: Pre-order the main and mini 2023 P.Louise makeup calendars

18th November 2023 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

Last year’s P.Louise advent calendar proved hugely popular. Here’s what we’re expecting for the 2023 P.Louise beauty calendars and how to pre-order


The P.Louise Advent Calendar 2023 summary is as follows:

  • Price: £210
  • Value: £500

P.Louise Mini Advent Calendar 2023

  • Price: £65
  • Value: £170

UPDATE:  The P.Louise Advent Calendar has now sold out. We’re not sure if/when it will come back into stock but we’ll update this page if it does AND if you want to see what’s inside, watch our unboxing video on TikTok here.

In the meantime, a number of other beauty and makeup advent calendars are currently on sale or back in stock after selling out.

The Bobbi Brown calendar is now £156, down from £195.

The Latest In Beauty x Sunday Times calendar is £125, down from £175.

Clarins’ 12-day advent calendar is £55.25, down from £65.

The Lovehoney Rose adult advent calendar is now £90, down from £117.99.

And at the cheaper end of the scale, the Revolution Makeup calendar is now just £34, down from £48.

We’ve put all of these discounts on our spreadsheet below, or you can check our best advent calendar guide. Alternatively, keep scrolling to read our P.Louise advent calendar 2023 ultimate guide.


Original P.Louise Advent Calendar 2023 guide continues below

@victoria_woolly_web P.Louise got a lot of shade when it announced that the P.Louise Advent Calendar 2023 would cost £210 and I was nervous to buy this BUT the attention to detail and the sheer effort that’s gone into it. Not to mention how high quality and full-size the contents are, and that they’re unreleased products and exclusive to the calendar, and they’re worth £500 I’m 10000% convinced that it’s worth the money. I know it’s out of reach of a lot of people (which is why Paige released the mini P.Louise calendar) but honestly if you can afford it, you won’t be disappointed. Not an ad, nor was it gifted. I’ve been buying them to try to find the best beauty advent calendar of the year and this is up there with the best, if not the best 👌 #advent #adventcalendars #makeupadvent #adventcalendars2023 #adventunboxing #sephoraadvent #plouiseadventcalendar2023 #plouiseadvent #premiumadvent #luxuryadvent #adventcalendarreviews #adventreviews #bestadventcalendar2023 #advent2023 #christmascalendar #christmas #countdowntochristmas ♬ Lazy Sunday – Official Sound Studio

P.Louise has made a name for itself as an almost iconic makeup brand, beloved by artists for its elaborate eyeshadow looks, brushes, and palettes (among other products!)

The collection sits in the mid-range, price-wise, although you can often get bargains on the TikTok shop, or via P.Louise’s Budget Boxes.

This is because the brand owner – Paige Louise – is keen to make sure everyone can enjoy her products.

Last year, she released not one but two P.Louise advent calendars – a full, size Magic in the Memories calendar (complete with fairy lights…), and a cheaper, budget version.

This year she had originally planned to launch just one calendar, called the Wonderful World of P. Louise Advent Calendar 2023, but she’s since announced a mini, budget calendar.

Pre-orders for both are now open!

Keep reading to find out what we know, what we’re waiting to find out, and what we’re expecting from the 2023 P.Louise Advent Calendars’ cost, contents, release date, and more.

Pre-order from P.Louise

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P.Louise Advent Calendar 2023

Plouise budget advent calendar 2022P.Louise

Last year, the P.Louise advent calendars were only available via the official P.Louise app. You couldn’t get them online. The smaller of the two sold out almost immediately, while the larger one was on sale for a couple of weeks before running out.

  • P.Louise Advent Calendar 2023 price: The Wonderful World of P.Louise Advent Calendar 2023 costs £210 but you can also pre-order it on a payment plan and pay three installments of £70 each.
  • P.Louise Calendar Value: The 2023 P.Louise advent calendar is worth £500 this year and all of the contents are unreleased products.
  • P.Louise Advent Calendar 2023 release date: Last year, the calendars were announced on 18 September but didn’t ship until November and, based on the pre-order page, it looks like November will be when the 2023 calendars will begin shipping.

Side note: The calendar looks absolutely huge and P. Louise’s boss Paige has confirmed that it weighs 10kg!

What’s inside the P.Louise Advent Calendar 2023?

Below is the full list of what’s in the P.Louise Advent Calendar 2023.

  • Dream Droplets Liquid Highlighter
  • All You Need Is A Sprinkle of Wishes four-pan eyeshadow palette
  • A Serving of Magical Memories four-pan eyeshadow palette
  • It’s the Icing On The Top eight-pan eyeshadow palette
  • Take the Whisk eight-pan eyeshadow palette
  • Just Roll With It eight-pan eyeshadow palette
  • Watch Me Whip eye cream
  • I Still Believe body mist
  • Bad Bitch Energy lip duo – shade Winter Spice
  • Juicy Drip lip kit – Sprinkle of Spice
  • Don’t Scroll, Roll facial cleanser
  • The Perfect Blend makeup brush set
  • A Moment on the Lips lipstick palette
  • The Wispy Workshop false eyelashes
  • The Cheek of It Liquid Blush – shade Baked Biscuit
  • Where the Magic Happens lip liners
  • Clay Dough clay mask
  • Skincare brush
  • Bath caviar
  • Spooning Leads to Frosting Lip Gloss Du0
  • All Over Body Glow – shade Oh Honey
  • The Thicker the Filler rich cream
  • Bake Your Move powder highlighter palette
  • Glossy and Glazed body glow
  • Seeing Double blush duo – Nice and Iced
  • Can I Have A Taste 50-pan eyeshadow palette

Everything inside the calendar is brand new. All of the contents are unreleased and currently exclusive to the calendars.

Will there be a Budget P. Louise Advent Calendar in 2023?


P.Louise originally only had plans for the main 2023 P.Louise Advent Calendar but the brand faced a backlash online for making it so expensive. This led to many people calling for a cheaper, budget P.Louise calendar instead.

The CEO, Paige Louise, posted a video in response to these comments saying she’s “working on it” and is hoping to pull together a cheaper, 10-day advent calendar in time for the festive season.

She did stress in the video that she can’t promise anything yet because advent calendars take a lot of pre-planning and logistical challenges but said she’s going to try her best to make sure everyone gets a bit of P.Louise this year.

In the TikTok, she says: “I know the price point of the calendar isn’t cheap but it’s simply due to the volume of full-sized products you’re getting in it. I don’t hold back on packaging…so it does cost to have lights. It’s not been done cheap because I want to make you guys feel luxury.

“However, it is only right for me to take on board what you guys say because you are my people. Without you, I’d be a dream still. So right now, internally, me and my team are working on creating a more affordable advent calendar. 10 days of products and it will be smaller.”

She ends the post by saying that she can’t promise anything – advent calendars are ordered almost a year ahead of time – but she said she’ll keep everyone updated.

You can watch Paige’s video below or keep scrolling to pre-order the main P.Louise Advent Calendar 2023. There’s even a payment plan to help you cover the cost.

@p.louiseceoLets talk …♬ original sound – Paige Louise

As a side note, the main calendar is available on a 3-part payment plan – £70 a month for three months – if that makes it easier to get hold of the main calendar.

Mini P.Louise Advent Calendar 2023

P.Louise Budget Mini Advent Calendar 2023P.Louise
  • Price: £65
  • Value: £170
  • Size: 10 days, 10 products
  • Where to buy: Pre-order now

What’s inside the Mini P.Louise Advent Calendar 2023?

Like with the main P.Louise Advent Calendar, we don’t know the exact details of what’s inside the Mini P.Louise calendar but we do know that it contains 10 products, and all of these 10 products are exclusive to the advent calendar.

It should be noted that these 10 products are also found in the larger calendar so if you can afford the main P.Louise calendar, you’ll get more value. If you can’t, this cheaper one sounds like a very worthwhile substitute.

Pre-order now

Is the P.Louise Advent Calendar 2023 worth it?

As you can see in our TikTok above, the P.Louise Advent Calendar 2023 has not scrimped on attention to detail in both the calendar itself and the contents.

It’s full of products that we can’t wait to start using and everything is so beautiful and well-packaged.

Yes, £200+ plus is a lot to spend on anything, let alone a beauty advent calendar but if you’re into makeup and have tried P Louise products in the past, we feel the calendar is worth the investment.

You’re not only getting £500 worth of some of the best makeup on the market (you only have to look at just how many influencers love this brand), but you’ll be getting pieces that are unlikely to be available anywhere else, or ever again.

What’s more, P Louise has introduced a payment plan allowing you to buy the P Louise Advent Calendar 2023 in installments, £70 each time. This is still expensive but it ties in with Paige Louise’s mission to make sure no one misses out and that her makeup remains accessible.

If you really can’t afford the main calendar, Paige Louise, the CEO of P.Louise recently came under some criticism for originally failing to offer a cheaper, smaller version of the 2023 PLouise Advent Calendar with TikTok and Instagram followers saying she’s not being inclusive and the calendar is priced too high.

So the brand is also selling the Mini P.Louise Advent Calendar 2023.

We bought last year’s budget version and were a little disappointed. It contained a lot of skincare and not much makeup; certainly not anything that stood out to us. It felt like it was an excuse to get rid of end-of-line products, or products that weren’t selling very well.

The large version, however, was fantastic. It was full of exclusive items, almost all of which were full-sized and which weren’t available in Mystery Box bundles or similar. This made it a unique purchase.

It appears that the budget P.Louise calendar this year contains 10 of the same products as in the main one, so we’d expect it to be much better than last year.

Pre-order from P.Louise

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