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Here are the most Googled DIY beauty treatments during lockdown

12th May 2020 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

With salons set to remain closed until July, Google searches for DIY beauty treatments continue to soar. Compared to this time last year, people searching for “how to cut your own hair“, and “how to do eyebrows” are among the queries that have quadrupled, exceeding more than a million.

That’s according to data collated via Google Trends by Cult Beauty. 

Among the other DIY beauty treatments that hundreds of thousands of us are seemingly attempting during self-isolation, are “how to dye your hair at home”, “how to make your own hair masks” – and face masks for that matter – and how to make bath bombs. A slight outlier and not one we had considered!

DIY beauty treatments Google searchesCult Beauty

What’s more, searches between March and April this year, as opposed to year-on-year trends – show similar spikes, with searches for hair-related topics more than doubling.

This data builds on previous search data from RedBrain that looked at the most in-demand beauty products during lockdown. That particular list found that hair scissors, manicure glue and hair curlers topped the charts, which goes hand-in-hand with the numbers seen in Cult Beauty’s research.

Haircuts: How to cut your own hair

Data from various sources have shown that the key beauty treatment that people are looking for the most help with is haircuts. Searches for terms such as “how to cut your own hair” have risen by 1,379% compared to last year and almost half a million of those queries have taken place in the past two months. 

Men’s haircuts accounted for 70,070 of the searches while 60,430 searches focused on beard grooming. Meanwhile, women are carefully trimming grown-out fringes or experimenting with cutting in layers.

If you’re looking for advice, stylists Lee Stafford and Paul Windle recently gave us a tutorial on how to cut hair at home, including how to add layers, in our haircut guide. 

We also spoke to hairdresser Sam Tully, who advised us on what to look for when buying the best hair scissors. 

Hair dye: How to dye hair at home

While we’re not brave enough to cut our own hair – yet – we have been researching how to dye our hair at home. We recently revealed what we consider to be the best hair dye kits, including the best products for covering up those pesky roots.

With this in mind, Hollywood stylist Paul Edmonds explained how to determine what colours to choose in our What hair colour suits me? guide. 

It appears we’re not alone and more than 179,490 searches have been made around this topic since self-isolation began – making it one of the most popular beauty queries.

Eyebrows: How to do eyebrows

From one hair concern to another, Cult Beauty’s data shows that terms around how to do eyebrows have similarly soared in popularity. In particular,  searches for “How to thread your own eyebrows” have increased by 1,115%

Whilst DIY eyebrow threading has seen the highest increase, the search term “How to wax your own eyebrows” is also proving popular with a 619% increase.

Our resident makeup artist recently took us through a step-by-step guide on how to do eyebrows and we spoke to experts about what causes thinning eyebrows and how to get thicker eyebrows

Hair masks and face masks

Hair masks, and face masks, aren’t necessarily products that people are struggling to get hold of but that hasn’t stopped people searching for DIY versions. General searches have risen by 333% for hair masks, which has seen an associated peak in searches for coconut oil – one of the most popular DIY hair ingredients. 

Similarly, searches for DIY face masks have increased by 233%, while the specific “how to make an oatmeal face mask”  has seen a rise of 22%. Popular ingredients searched for alongside these terms include aloe vera, charcoal, and honey. You can read more about these ingredients, among others in our guide to the best face mask 2020, and our The truth about the acids in your skincare guide. 

We’ve also highlighted the best hair masks, best overnight hair masks, best overnight face masks and best sheet masks

At-home facials

In addition to thousands of us turning to face masks to help with the lockdown breakout – this is a thing and you can read more in our Why is my skin breaking out? guide – the data shows that the search term “facial at home” is up by 115%, whilst more invasive treatments which require professional equipment, including hydrafacials, have seen an increase of 136%.

We recently explained how to make your own cleanser, and how to make your own toner in our DIY beauty guides. 

FURTHER READING: How we test skincare to see if it lives up to the claims

Eyelashes: How to remove eyelash extensions

At the start of lockdown, a number of our readers were asking about how to remove eyelash extensions at home and this goes hand-in-hand with increases for “how to remove lash extensions with coconut oil”and “how to remove lashes with baby oil.”.

Alongside these searches, people have also switched to queries on DIY lash lifts. In fact, they’re at an all-time high, with more 20,030 searches being made during self-isolation alone.

We do not advise you attempt such treatments at home, but you can read more about lash treatments in our eyelash extensions guide, or discover the best mascara and best false eyelashes, to plug the gap. 

Nails: How to remove acrylics and gels

Before lockdown began, we spoke to a skin specialist who revealed what causes brittle nails and how to strengthen them.  Since lockdown kicked in, we’ve seen an increase in people reading this guide – likely because they’ve attempted to remove their false nails at home and wreaked havoc on their hands!

What’s more, over 137,440 people have searched for “how to remove acrylic nails at home” – an increase of 129% on what is an already popular term. As we saw in the RedBrain data, in which there had been a surge in searches for manicure glue, Cult Beauty’s data shows that “How to do gel nails at home” has risen by 170% receiving 33,940 unique Google searches.

Bath bombs

How to make bath bombsStockSnap from Pixabay

And finally, with some people having more time to de-stress and relax – not something we can say is in abundance in our home with two kids – searches for DIY bath bombs hit 62,960 searches, a year-on-year increase of 128%. Among the top associated Google search results, moisturising rose petal is a popular ingredient, as are calming lavender and chamomile.

Top Google searches March–April 2020

Beauty Treatment March April Overall
Haircut 127,480 291,580 419,060
Hair Dye 60,840 118,650 179,490
Acrylic Nail Removal 65,160 72,280 137,440
Bath Bomb 25,090 37,870 62,960
Beard Grooming 16,160 44,270 60,430
Eyelash Extension 22,880 22,880 45,760
Home Facial 12,960 22,320 35,280
Gel Nails 18,280 15,660 33,940
Lash Lift 6,840 13,190 20,030
Eyebrow Waxing 2,180 6,760 8,940
Facemask 3,120 2,380 5,500
Hair Extension Removal 1,170 1,710 2,880
Eyebrow Threading 740 1,580 2,320
Hair Mask 200 390 590

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