Messy-chic hairstyles

Messy-chic hairstyles: Get maximum hair impact with minimum time and effort

17th March 2023 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

Messy-chic hairstyles are perfect if you’re short on time or want to make an effort but give off a casual vibe

Whether you’re a busy Mum, short on time, terrible at doing hair, or just want a style that’s easy to do and manage, look no further than messy-chic hairstyles.

Think beachy waves, punk bobs, and textured layers: all easy to achieve without hours spent in front of the mirror.

To help you adopt a messy-chic life, we’ve got some top tips from products to accessories and more.

Messy-chic hairstyles

Here’s how to get started with a messy-chic hairstyle.

Start with a good cut

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A good cut is essential for the perfect messy-chic hairstyle. You want layers that add bounce, texture, and life to your look without changing it too much. Consult your stylist for advice on what works for you. Every head of hair is unique, so what works for one person may not necessarily be best for you. But, when done right, a great cut can make all the difference.

Don’t Be Afraid of Heat Styling

Whether you are trying to create volume at the crown of your head or give those ringlets a little extra oomph, reach for your ghd hair tools. Wrapping your hair up and just curling strands around the front, or creating a sleek bob with straighteners, heat styling is your best friend for doing looks in a hurry.

Just make sure you use a heat protectant first, and a leave-in conditioner is a good investment too.

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Use the Right Products

function of beauty reviews customised shampoo and conditionerFunction of Beauty

Achieving a messy-chic look can be tricky if you don’t use the right styling products. To give your hair some life, texturising sprays and mousses are your best friend. Not only will they add volume, but they’ll give the illusion of an effortless mess that’s intentional.

On the other hand, while heavy gels and pomades may seem up to the task, but they can leave your hair looking oily and lank. Nobody wants that. So when you’re going for a cozy and carefree hairstyle, remember to reach for the lightweight ranges.

If you’re not sure of your hair type, or hair porosity, we recommend taking the Function of Beauty quiz. The brand creates personalised formulas for different hair types and this can be a good place to start.

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Embrace Your Natural Texture

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If you want to give the mess-chic look a whirl, celebrate and focus on your natural hair texture. Whether it’s wavy, curly, or straight. If you embrace it instead of fighting against it, you’ll end up with a carefree style that looks effortless but still put together.

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Be Playful With Accessories

Dress up your messy-chic look with some fun accessories. Add a bandana, a statement hair clip, or a headband, and you’ll have an extra edge of style that makes it look even more effortless.

Accessories are a great way to make your outfit stand out with minimal effort and they can mask greasy, day-two hair.

Have Fun With It

Messy chic hair is about making a statement and not taking yourself too seriously. So when mastering the effortless look, just forget about perfection.

Instead, have fun playing around with different styles until you figure out what fits you best, and don’t be afraid to express yourself. Experimenting with your hair can be an exciting way to show your individuality. Plus, who said looking good has to be difficult? So embrace being messy-chic and enjoy.


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