Maelys Cosmetics UK reviews with before and after photos

Maelys Cosmetics UK: Before and after photos reveal if the firming creams actually work

25th November 2023 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

Maelys Cosmetics UK promises to solve all your sagging skin woes with its range of firming creams. We’ve put these claims to the test in our Maelys Cosmetics reviews – complete with before and after photos

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Original Maelys reviews continue below

If you’re anything like us, you would have been served numerous adverts for Maelys Cosmetics in recent weeks or months.

The ads all show women applying various Maelys Cosmetics creams to their arms, inner thighs, and stomach, and claim they help firm and tighten the skin in these notorious problem areas.

In fact, Maelys calls itself the “body-shaping solution for real women.”

So like any good beauty journalist (read: absolute sucker!), we decided to get hold of as many Maelys products as we could to put them to the test.

We’ve been using these products for the past two weeks consistently, day and night.

We intend to carry on using the range for at least another four-six weeks to make sure our Maelys reviews are as informed as possible but on first impressions, we’re encouraged by the results we’re seeing.

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How does Maelys work?

B-Flat reviewmamabella | mamabella

All of Maelys Cosmetics UK products are said to be clinically proven to firm and tighten the skin. However, how they work depends on the ingredients in the individual products.

Key ingredients include:

  • Pink PepperSlim: A plant extract that has been shown to smooth the appearance of fatty skin
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Hydrates and plumps up the skin. It’s found naturally in the skin and is what helps it look youthful
  • Avocado Extract: Helps diminish the look of stretch marks.
  • Shea Butter: A plant lipid that nourishes and moisturises the skin
  • Glucose Complex: Helps reduce water loss to smooth and tighten the skin

There are details of other ingredients on the individual product pages but the one we want to highlight specifically is Pink PepperSlim.

Pink Pepperslim is an oil that comes from a tree whose berries are used for a spice known as pink pepper. In the same way that your skin can “burn” if you get chili oil on it, the peppery nature of this oil has a similar warming effect.

When used in a number of the Maelys Cosmetics UK creams, this oil makes your skin feel like it’s burning.

The creams that contain Pink PepperSlim are those described as lifting and firming the skin. As a result, these are the ones that heat up on the skin:

  • B-Flex
  • B-Flat
  • B-Tight

This sounds scary but in our experience, it’s actually quite a nice feeling and doesn’t feel uncomfortable, unless we accidentally got on parts of our skin that we didn’t mean to (more on that below). If you’ve ever used a lip-plumping serum, the sensation is very similar.

It’s also what gives these creams their lifting and firming power. Studies have shown that Pink Pepperslim “burns fat” by inhibiting how the body stores fat cells. That’s a very simplified description, but it gives you an idea of why it’s common in so-called “fat-burning” products.

Other studies debate its effectiveness and instead suggest it works because the heat increases blood circulation. This in turn helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to the affected area, which helps cell regrowth and cell regrowth helps generate more collagen and elastin.

Collagen and elastin are known as the building blocks of our skin and are what keep the skin firm, smooth and youthful looking. After the age of 25, our collagen levels start to decrease and it’s what causes sagging skin and wrinkles.

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Maelys Cosmetics Reviews

For our Maelys Cosmetics reviews, we’ve put five of the eight body creams to the test. These include:

  • B-Flex: This firming cream is designed to tighten your arms and help with bingo wings – buy here
  • B-Flat: The B-Flat cream is for your stomach – buy here
  • B-Foxy: A tightening and firming cream for your inner thigh – buy here
  • B-Perky: This cream promises to lift and tighten your breasts – buy here
  • B-Poised: A neck and chest cream that tightens skin and reduces lines – buy here

We haven’t yet tried the B-Thicc (a cream that makes your bum look plumper), B-Sleek (outer thigh cream), or B-Tight (a cream to help lift and firm your bum). There are also body serums but they’re more focused on brightening and smoothing the skin, rather than firming and tightening.

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As we’re in the process of testing all of these products, we’re starting with our B-Flex, and B-Poised Maelys reviews and will be adding to this page as more of the reviews are completed. 

Maelys B-Flex review

Maelys Cosmetics B-Flex reviews mamabella | mamabella

The Maelys B-Flex is a relatively thick cream and takes a bit of massaging into the skin. The positive thing about this is that it feels like we’re really working it into the wobbly bits

We have wobbly bits all over our body but it’s our arms, and particularly our bingo wings, that bother us the most because it stops us from being able to wear certain clothes. Especially in summer.

This is why the product we were most excited to try in the wider Maelys Cosmetic range was the Maelys B-Flex Lift and Firm Cream.

The first thing we noticed was the cream is bright purple. So much so, you need to make sure you wash your hands after use to avoid having a purple tint all day.

You only get a small amount of cream with a single pump – this is common across all of Maelys creams in fact – and it can take a bit of experimentation to know how much to use. We settled on three pumps.

It’s a relatively thick cream and takes a bit of massaging into the skin. The positive thing about this is that it feels like we’re really working it into the wobbly bits. The downside is that it’s easy to get it on your armpit which can cause problems.

This is because the B-Flex cream is one of a number of Maelys products that heats up the skin. Quite considerably, and noticeably.

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Maelys B-Flex Before and After

Maelys before and after arm lift b-flexmamabella | mamabella

When applied to the skin on our underarms, it feels hot but not uncomfortable. Sometimes the sensation is stronger than at other times and we haven’t yet figured out what makes it stronger, or weaker.

On the occasions when we’ve got it on our armpits, that was a little uncomfortable. It’s not unbearable – as some of Maelys Cosmetic reviews on the retailer’s site claim – but it made the skin feel itchy.

This has only happened twice throughout our two-week Maelys B-Flex review period and it doesn’t last longer than around an hour (plus it’s our fault!) but it’s worth bearing in mind.

In terms of results, we’ve already seen an improvement in the appearance of stretch marks and firmness on our underarms. Our skin is smoother, and our bingo wings are showing significant signs of being less wobbly. They don’t hang down anywhere near as much as they did – as you can see in our before and after photos.

Even when we’re moving our arms during everyday tasks, it feels like they’re not moving as much as they were before and this is after just two weeks. We’re excited to see how this continues.

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Maelys B-Poised review

Maelys Cosmetics B-Poised reviewsmamabella | mamabella

When it comes to the skin on our neck we have the worst of both worlds – we’re getting older, and so the skin on our neck and chest is starting to sag, and we’ve fluctuated in weight over the past few years so we have lines and creases that have come from us being bigger and now being smaller.

In particular, our neck has deep horizontal lines, our chin is starting to sag and resemble a “turkey neck” and the skin between our boobs and on our chest is starting to become crepey.

We’ve been firm believers in wearing SPF on our face and neck/chest every day since we were in our mid-20s (we’re now 38) so we’ve managed to stem the tide a little but the signs of ageing are still peeking through.

This is why the Maelys B-Poised neck and chest cream was the second review – behind our B-Flex review – that we wanted to prioritise. It’s not as popular a product as others in the Maelys range but in our view, it should have the same cult following.

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Maelys B-Poised Before and After

Maelys B-Poised neck cream before and after imagemamabella | mamabella

The top image shows what our neck and chest skin looked like at the start of our B-Poised review. The bottom image shows how our skin looked after two weeks

It’s a thick cream but absorbs surprisingly easily. As a result, a little goes a long way.

We massaged it into the skin, starting on our chest and swiping the cream upwards over our neck and under our chin. It has a tendency to feel a little sticky if you apply too much so we prefer to apply a smaller amount in the morning and lather it on the evening.

In two weeks, we’ve seen an improvement in our horizontal lines. Especially in the areas at the sides of our neck, where the lines weren’t quite so deep or ingrained. We even think that the deepest lines look better.

The skin on our chest has less texture and looks more smooth than it did before too. It’s certainly the best and fastest results we’ve used from using any other neck and chest cream to date. We imagine that the improvements will plateau given that (unless we have surgery), it’s unlikely the B-Poised cream will completely correct our skin.

However, if it improves it even a little bit – or even delays the onset of further sagging and lines – then we highly recommend it!

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