Kylie Minogue skincare secrets

Kylie Minogue’s Three Golden Rules for Great Skin

1st July 2021 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

If you hear the name ‘Kylie’ nowadays, particularly in the realm of health and beauty, you’re more likely think of ‘Kylie Jenner’ rather than Australian icon ‘Kylie Minogue’.

She became the pin-up girl for a generation and even today, aged 52, the so-called pop princess looks as youthful, vibrant and beautiful as ever.

Having achieved fame off the back of her role in TV show Neighbours, she achieved worldwide fame as a 19-year-old with the classic pop track ‘I Should Be So Lucky’. That track, which hit number one in the UK, Germany, Australia and Finland amongst others, was written in just 40 minutes, according to Planet Rock.

She quickly moved into films, starring in the coming-of-age drama The Delinquents before a blockbuster role alongside Jean Claude Van Damme in Street Fighter II. Despite the fact Street Fighter II was a hugely popular video game as explained by Foxy Games, with a massive cultural reach, it didn’t quite launch Kylie’s career on the big screen and she has since concentrated on music, having released more than 70 singles and 15 albums.

Yet with such an intense work schedule and lengthy career, the Melbourne-born entertainer still looks amazing. So what’s her secret? Here are Kylie’s ‘golden skincare rules’, which help keep her fresh and looking tremendous.

Wear sunblock

Appearing on ITV’s Lorraine, Kylie revealed that she has three fail-safe tips for her age-defying appearance. The first is always wear SPF, or as she described it in the interview, sunblock. 

“This is going to sound like a boring infomercial…tips would be sunblock.” 

She added that sunblock is a powerful weapon in her skincare routine, aside from helping to prevent skin cancer and sunburn, it also helps in the fight against skin ageing.

Cleanse, always

Have you ever been too tired from a night out to take off your makeup? If so, you are committing a major skincare faux-pas according to Kylie. “Cleanse with a cloth, like a muslin (cloth),” she explained. “I always take my makeup off; I’ve been wearing makeup for work for a long, long time.” 

And if taking off your makeup is important, so too is changing your makeup routine depending on the age of your skin. If you fail to remove makeup, it can trap dirt against your skin, which in turn causes environmentally induced oxidative damage, and leads to a breakdown of the skin barrier and premature ageing.

Find a dermatologist

For many, a good dermatologist might not be practical in terms of cost and time, but Kylie admits that if it is within your means, you should prioritise seeing one. 

As Kylie said, her third tip is find “a good dermatologist, if you’ve got time to go, and have some treatments.” A dermatologist can help in many ways, especially if you suffer eczema or are worried about skin cancer. They can also help recommend lifestyle changes that may prevent the ageing of your skin.

One important thing to remember is to always embrace who you are, and that is something Kylie also stressed. Talking about her 2018 album ‘Golden’, she said she found it important to include a line about embracing who you are, at any age.

“’We’re not young, we’re not old, we’re golden’ – it was the only line I wanted to put somewhere in a song on the album, meaning you can’t make yourself younger, you can’t make yourself older, you are only you, who you are in that moment,” she said, which is a great piece of advice for anyone reading her skincare tips. 

Be the best version of yourself that you wish to be, but make sure you are a version of yourself, not somebody else.

Featured image credit: Renan Katayama/Flickr used under Creative Commons licence. The image has been modified to add the credit 

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