Alicia Keys Soulcare UK skincare range where to buy

Keys Soulcare UK: Alicia Key’s skincare range is finally on sale in the UK, here’s everything you need to know

29th January 2021 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

Multiple Grammy-award winning singer Alicia Keys recently teamed up with e.l.f Cosmetics to launch a new vegan, cruelty-free beauty line dubbed Keys Soulcare – and it’s finally on sale in the UK.

Keys Soulcare is branded around Keys’ philosophy of beauty, “encompassing harmony between mind, body, spirit, and connection.”

The collection includes:

All of the products in the Keys Soulcare range have been developed by dermatologists and are clean, and cruelty-free. Alicia Keys has also made sure none of them contain more than 1,680 substances restricted by the FDA and European Union Cosmetics Regulation Guidelines.

These offerings are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, formaldehyde, among many other ingredients. You can read more in our guide to clean beauty.

Until now, the range has only been available in the US but we’ve now had the nod that you can buy it exclusively from Cult Beauty in the UK. Here is everything you need to know about the different products in the Keys Soulcare UK range.

Alicia Keys isn’t the only singer to get in on the skincare craze. Rihanna famously has her Fenty Skin range, while Jennifer Lopez recently launched her JLO Beauty collection.

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♥︎ Keys Soulcare UK Golden Cleanser

£20 | Buy now Cult Beauty

The Golden Cleanser from Keys Soulcare has been formulated to purify your skin, and clear impurities, dirt, and makeup from within your pores, to leave your skin looking clear.

It contains Manuka honey from New Zealand, charcoal to draw out impurities, turmeric to soothe the skin, and calming chamomile.

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♥︎ Be Luminous Exfoliator

£22 | Buy now Cult Beauty

This Be Luminous Exfoliator from Keys Soulcare is a powder that turns into a creamy foam when it gets wet. It uses micro granules to buff away dullness, and it also contains antioxidant-rich green tea, exfoliating Hojicha powder, and lactic acid, as well as mung beans and oats to soften and smooth the skin.

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♥︎ Harmony Mask

£28 | Buy now Cult Beauty

This face mask uses Manuka honey to soften and hydrate the skin while activated charcoal draws out dirt and impurities, leaving your skin clearer. It’s also laced with gold foil to leave your skin looking radiant.

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♥︎ Reviving Aura Mist

£22 | Buy now Cult Beauty

This Keys Soulcare UK mist uses extracts of Rose of Jericho – often known as the ‘resurrection plant’ – to lock moisture into your skin. It also contains witch hazel, which is great for blemishes and will to tone and refresh the skin. You can use this as a standalone toner or to refresh your face throughout the day.

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♥︎ Comforting Balm

£10 | Buy now Cult Beauty

Keys Soulcare describes this product as “lightweight yet deeply hydrating.” It’s been formulated to relieve dry skin anywhere on your body – face, elbows, knees, chapped lips, brows, nails, and more – but it can also be used as a highlighter.

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♥︎ Skin Transformation Cream 

£30 | Buy now Cult Beauty

The Skin Transformation Cream is available in both a fragranced, and fragrance-free formula for sensitive skin.

It contains bakuchiol – a plant-based alternative to retinol – ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and malachite which helps to purify your skin.

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