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Huda Beauty UK: Where to buy Huda Beauty makeup online and in stores in the UK

14th March 2024 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

The Huda Beauty UK range has grown in recent months. Here is where to buy Huda Beauty in the UK as well as its latest launches

Huda Beauty – the premium cosmetics brand owned by makeup mogul Huda Kattan – is a hugely popular brand loved by celebrities and beauty influencers.

Huda’s New Nude eyeshadow palette is the best eyeshadow palette we’ve ever used and she consistently releases products that amaze us. This includes her fantastic #FauxFilter foundation.

Below we’ve explained more about the brand and show you where to buy the Huda Beauty UK range of makeup.

Huda Beauty UK: Where to buy

Huda Beauty – the premium cosmetics brand owned by makeup mogul Huda Kattan – is a hugely popular brand loved by celebrities and beauty influencers. Huda’s New Nude eyeshadow palette is the best eyeshadow palette we’ve ever used and she consistently releases products that amaze us.

Makeup artist Huda began as a blogger and YouTuber in 2010 before launching her self-titled cosmetic line in 2013. The line began with a collection of false eyelashes released through Sephora and has since gone on to become one of the world’s fastest-growing beauty brands.


After bringing Fenty Beauty and Too Faced to the UK high-street, Huda Beauty was a recent addition to the roster at high-street retailer Boots.

The full collection went online, at, in January 2021, having been available from Cult Beauty and Sephora UK.

You can also buy it directly from the Huda Beauty UK version of the US website, although you will need to pay a custom cost to have it shipped from the US.

This includes the Wishful Skin range of products, which include the Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub, the Thirst Trap Cocoon Mask, and the Wishful Skin Chin Lift. Read more about these products in our Where to buy Wishful Skin guide, and our Wishful Skin Chin Lift review.

Latest Huda Beauty UK releases

The brand is quite prolific with new launches across the original Huda Beauty, GloWish and Wishful Skin ranges and we’ll be detailing the latest launches as they happen, below.

Huda Beauty Faux Filler Lip Gloss

Huda Beauty Faux Filler lip glossHuda Beauty

There were rumours of Huda Beauty launching a new lip gloss after the photos of her with super glossy lips appeared alongside the launch of the Creamy Obsessions palettes.

Now we know the rumours are true.

The brand has launched a new range of glosses called Faux Filler Lip Gloss.

Each gloss is non-stick and hydrating and has been formulated to protect the lips with Vitamin E and vegan collagen.

It then uses plant waxes to create a formula that gives the a cushion-like texture.

The gloss is available in the following shades:

  • Glassy
  • Bombshell
  • Foxy
  • Coco
  • Honey
  • Posh
  • Sugar baby

Each one is sheer and you can see the shades in the swatches picture to the left.


Huda Beauty Creamy Obsessions palettes

Huda beauty Creamy ObsessionsHuda beauty

Following on from the launch of the Matte Obsessions palette range, Huda Beauty has launched two Creamy Obsessions – one in the shade range Neutral Brown, and the other in Greige.

Neutral Brown, as you’d expect, contains a range of nudes and brown shades. Greige contains a mix of grey and beige.

The pans either have a cream-to-matte finish or what Huda Beauty calls a cream-to-marble finish and there are also glitter toppers, as well as translucent shades to finish the look.

The setting pan has the word Set written in the powder, while the creamy shades have the word Creamy.

Each palette costs $32 when bought directly from Huda Beauty and we’ll update this page once they go on sale more widely.


Huda Beauty Matte Obsessions palettes

Huda Beauty new Matte Obsessions paletteHuda Beauty

Huda Beauty recently launched its first matte-only eyeshadow palettes within its wider nine-pan Obsessions range.

There are two new eyeshadow palettes available – Warm Obsessions and Cool Obsessions. Both contain seven powder mattes and two cream-to-powder mattes with “intense pigment and minimal fallout.”

Warm Obsessions contains warm-toned colours which Huda Beauty UK describes as “toasty terracottas, rusty oranges, pretty peaches and rich browns.”

Meanwhile, Cool Obsessions contains cool-toned colours described as “icy mauves, dreamy pinks, pastel purples and frosty browns.”

They both give very 90s supermodel glam vibes and we imagine that they’ll also lend themselves well to contouring too. We’ll get hold of these palettes and see if they’re a good entry for multitasking makeup guide.

Buy from Cult Beauty

Huda Beauty Rose Quartz Collection

If you were to combine the light shades in Huda Beauty’s New Nude palette with the darker hues of the Naughty Palette you’d have the brand’s latest launch – the Rose Quartz palette.

Inspired by Huda’s favourite crystal, rose quartz, this palette features 18 “rosy and earthy shades” in a mix of shimmers, mattes and pearlescent formulas. The brand has already released lip kits and makeup brush sets to go alongside this palette, as well as the Huda Beauty Rose Quartz Face Gloss Highlighting Dew.

Prices start at £18 for the lip gloss and up to £58 for the palette. Alternatively, you can buy a bundle, which includes the eyeshadow, lip kit and brushes in a Rose Quartz bag for £108.

Buy from Cult Beauty

New Wild Obsessions palettes

The name of the Obsessions palette range is apt because we can’t get enough of them and now there are even more to add to our collection!

There are four limited-edition, universal mini eyeshadow palettes, each featuring colour combinations designed to take you from day to night or to be highly versatile. There are also four different textures in each palette including soft mattes, complementary metallics (sparkly and foiled), plus what the brand calls a “multi-reflective, 3D embossed python print.”

The new palettes can be used for all eye colours but each one will suit an individual eye colour in particular. You can read more about this in our What eyeshadow goes with your eye colour? guide. 

Jaguar: “Your new go-to smokey eye shades with monochromatic purples, a sparkly grey, a speckled bronze & a holy grail black”
Python: “Totally transformative gold and green duo-chrome shades with complementing earthy tones, finished with a striking blue & powerful green”
Chameleon: “A colour-pop of vibrant yet wearable shades. Expect deep purples, pinks and sunset oranges”
Tiger: “A bougie champagne gold palette with taupe neutrals and a sexy slice of terracotta pink!”

Go to Huda Beauty

Empowered makeup collection

Huda Beauty new Empowered makeup collectionHuda Beauty

Huda Beauty recently launched a new collection called Empowered. In fact, it’s the largest makeup and skincare collection from the brand to be released in some time.

As Huda herself described in a blog post announcing the launch, “Empowerment is about accepting who you are, your limitless potential, and knowing that you’re capable of anything” and the collection is designed to help people unlock this potential.

Alongside a new 18-shade EM(POWER)ED palette, each one inspired by the “colour of power, gold”, the collection features:

  • Legit Lashes Double-Ended Mascara in limited edition gold packaging
  • NEW Face Gloss with gold shimmers
  • WISHFUL Eye Lift & Contour masks with a “bold gold empowered statement” and
  • Lip Kit with gold details

Within the new Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette are two gel eyeliner shadows, two creamy metallics, a “crushed flake metallic”, two high-shine wet metallics, two powder metallics and nine mattes.

The collection launched at Boots on 3 October in the UK. This not only means you can avoid the customs charges that come from shipping directly from Huda Beauty, but you’ll get Advantage Card points too! You can also buy the collection at Cult Beauty and Sephora UK.

Huda Beauty Topcoat

Huda Beauty Waterproof mascara topcoatHuda Beauty

Further to its Legit Lashes mascara launch last year – you can read our Legit Lashes review here – Huda Beauty recently launched the Legit Lashes topcoat that can be applied to any mascara and promises to make it smudge and waterproof.

It costs £16, which is a little on the pricey side but feels cheap compared to Huda Beauty’s other lines. However, if it means you don’t have to buy a waterproof version of your favourite mascaras, then this will likely save you money in the long run.

LEGIT LASHES Waterproof Mascara Topcoat is a clear gel layer that makes your fave mascara water-, sweat-, and smudge-proof!,” explains the brand. “One swipe of this topcoat with its precision brush will lock mascara into place, protecting them from tears, fears, downpours, late-night dancing & so much more!

Buy from Cult Beauty


Jumping on the brow bandwagon, Huda Beauty recently released the #BOMBBROWS Microshade Brow Pencil. It has an ultra-fine 0.9mm tip that promises to define, shape and fill your brows using tiny hair-like strokes.

The pencil gets its name from the fact the design of the tip gives a micro blading effect.

It’s available in eight shades, is pigmented, and infused with a blend of Vitamin E, castor oil, and coconut oil to create soft, hair-like strokes. There is also a spoolie at one end to help you brush your brows before use and to distribute the product.

The #BOMBBROWS Microshade Brow Pencil is vegan, waterproof, transfer-proof and is said to last 24 hours. For the price of £15.

Buy now from Boots

Huda Beauty Legit Lashes mascara

More recently, Huda Beauty took its first foray into mascara with Legit Lashes; a double-ended mascara designed to create curl and length on one end, and volume on the other.

It’s not cheap – coming in at £24 in the UK, or $31 plus shipping tax from the US – but considering it actually does the job of two separate mascaras, we’re willing to take that hit. As you’re effectively saving money compared to buying two.

You can read more in our Huda Beauty mascara review

Buy now from Boots

Huda Beauty Foundation Sticks


We’re big fans of Huda Beauty’s regular Faux Filter foundation – not only does it give great coverage without feeling heavy, it also smells amazing. Available in very similar shades to the traditional range, the creamy foundation sticks offer natural, buildable coverage that is waterproof and said to last 10 hours.

Their formula has been designed to blur pores and even skin tone. As the brand explains: “The luxuriously creamy stick formula melts into the skin for a natural filtered finish.

At the time of writing, the sticks are available via Boots, Cult Beauty, as well as Huda Beauty’s US site – although the latter means you’ll also need to pay a customs charge to get it shipped over.

You can read our full Huda Beauty foundation review here

FURTHER READING: How to find your perfect foundation match online and in-store

Buy now from Boots

Huda Beauty eyeshadow palettes

Then came Huda Kattan’s Naughty Nude eyeshadow palette launch.

Effectively a 2020 reinvention of our fave, the New Nude Palette, the Naughty version has 18 shades with a mixture of mattes, high-shine metallics, marble cream shimmers, one matte marble cream and one gloss hybrid, with bronze and berry pearls inside. The latter is a little odd but the pigment is great.

We’re big fans of Huda Beauty eyeshadow palettes. They’re far from cheap but they very often will suit multiple eye colours and skin tones and have enough shades to help you create a multitude of versatile looks.

That said, brands like Revolution Beauty often create fantastic alternatives for Huda Beauty palettes. For instance, the Rose Gold Palette (£56) from Huda Beauty is a classic; it contains 18 shades in a mix of mattes and shimmers. However the Revolution Pro Regeneration Palette Revelation (£8.99) comes remarkably close to matching the range of shades found on the original, and the types of eyeshadows.

You can read more on our makeup alternatives page.

Buy now from Cult Beauty


GloWishmamabella | mamabella

Since stepping down as CEO of Huda Beauty, you’d think Huda Kattan would be taking it easy but instead, she’s out here launching new brands and making investments in others, as part of her HB Investments arm.

The latest brand from the billionaire beauty mogul is called GloWish. Its products combine natural coverage (inspired by Huda Beauty’s #FauxFilter foundation line) with skincare benefits, borrowed from the brand’s Wishful Skin range.

The entire range is vegan, is sold in sustainable, 100% recyclable packaging and is available via the Huda Beauty website as well as on Cult Beauty.

Shop the GloWish range

Glowish MultiDew Skin Tint

Huda GloWish skin tint review formula and thicknessmamabella/Jenny Tai

The MultiDew Skin Tint comes in 13 shades and is waterproof and transfer-proof. It’s made from 92.6% naturally derived ingredients, including Ugly Red Pepper extract, Damascus Rose Oil and Squalane; it doesn’t contain any fragrances and is non-comedogenic.

You can read more in our Huda Glowish skin tint review.

Soft Radiance Bronzing Powder

The Soft Radiance Bronzing Powder has a creamy texture. It comes in five shades, lasts for up to 12 hours and also contains skin-loving ingredients including Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Squalene, Ugly Red Bell Pepper extract and Damascus Rose Oil.

There is also a GloWish Airbrush Finish Complexion Brush (£32) to help you apply both products.

Glowish Micro Mini Natural Eyeshadow Palette

These mini eyeshadow palettes from GloWish are each “naturally derived” and come in three colours, each one aimed at enhancing your natural eye colour. The palettes cost £18 each and are available from Huda Beauty, Selfridges, and ASOS.

There are four cream eyeshadows in each palette and the colours are as follows:

  • Clay: This mini palette is full of golden, orange and peachy shades making it ideal for enhancing blue and grey eyes
  • Moss: The Moss palette flatters brown and black eyes because it contains greens and browns
  • Amethyst: This palette is perfect for green and hazel eyes because it’s full of purples and pinks

The key to enhancing your natural eye colour is to find tones that sit on the opposite side of the colour wheel. For example, purple is opposite green on the colour wheel so the contrast with the purple and pink eyeshadows make green and hazel eyes look larger and brighter.

That said, makeup has no rules so if you prefer a different colour then you choose whichever palette you want!

You can read more in our What eyeshadow goes with your eye colour? guide, or get deeper into colour theory in our: Discover which colours suit your skin, eyes and hair with our guide to colour theory and makeup article.

Buy from Selfridges

GloWish Super Jelly Lip Balm

These lip balms are each full of superfood extracts including Blueberry, Goji Berry, Matcha Tea and Coconut to help soften, smooth and nourish the lips, and create a “juicy glow.”

According to the brand, the formula or each balm features so-called “pH bloom technology” designed to adapt each shade to suit your lip and skin tone. They then promise to hydrate for 12 hours.

The shades are as follows:

  • Blueberry: Cool purple
  • Goji Berry: Warm red-orange
  • Matcha: Subtle pink
  • Coconut: Clear

The lip balms cost £18 each and are available from Huda Beauty and Selfridges.

Buy from Selfridges

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