How to make your lips bigger naturally

How to make your lips bigger naturally and apply lipstick like a pro – no fillers required

20th April 2024 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

As we age, our lips are one of the many parts of our face that change shape – whether it’s the lines and wrinkles on the skin around them, or the fact they become less plump, thinner and paler.

You could resort to fillers, if you really want to turn back the clock, but there is simpler, more natural and less painful way. And it’s all down to how you apply your lipstick.

For the latest in our Ask the MUA series, our resident makeup artist Victoria Howe, owner and Chief Makeup Artist at Victoria Howe Make Up has explained how to get bigger lips through the use of clever lining and lipstick.

Victoria has previously revealed how to apply mascara like a pro, how to use concealer on mature skin, how to apply eyeshadow, how to get rid of dark circles and how to get flawless skin among her many other brilliant expert guides. You can see them all here.

How to apply lipstick like a pro

The key to getting bigger lips naturally all comes down to how you draw your lips with liner, and then how you apply lipstick.

This all starts with exfoliating and preparing your pout, in the same way as you’d prep your face before applying foundation.

Step 1

Use a good lip scrub to remove dead skin. We recommend the Barry M Watermelon scrub (£4.99) but if you don’t have one, either gently rubbing an old toothbrush dipped in olive oil, or making a scrub from sugar and olive oil will do the trick.

Step 2

Use an oil based lip balm with an SPF during the day. O’Keeffe’s Lip Repair and Protect (£4.50) is a good place to start. The sun can dry and burn the skin on our lips in the same way as the rest of our bodies, so protecting them is as important. You can read more in our guide to What is SPF?. If your pout is exceptionally dry, apply a lip cream at night – such as Burt’s Bees 100% Overnight Lip Mask (£6.99) – for an extra boost while you sleep.

Step 3

Start with lining the lips before applying lipstick – this will prevent lipstick from bleeding into the fine lines around your mouth and give your pout more definition.

Step 4

Use lip liner to fill in the entire lip area – this will give your lip colour better staying power.

Step 5

Start by applying lipstick to the centre area of the lips and then drag the colour outwards with a lip brush. This method lets you control colour application better and you don’t get a build up of lipstick in the corners of the mouth.

Step 6

Blot your mouth on a tissue. You can then repeat steps 1-6 to build colour without it transferring easily.

Step 7 (optional)

This is an optional step but you can set lipstick with a very light dusting of setting powder followed by setting spray. This works better with matte shades. We find that a slightly blunted pencil works best to get good application, but not too blunt otherwise the line will be too thick.

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How to make your lips bigger naturally using makeup

Once you’ve mastered the basics of applying liner and lipstick, you can fake your way to a fuller pout through the use of contouring.

Like when you contour your face, this method uses makeup to create the appearance of fuller lips.

  • Step 1: Start at the cupids bow and draw outwards towards the corners of the mouth along the top lip.
  • Step 2: Repeat along the lower lip, starting in the centre and working outwards.
  • Step 3: For a plumper effect line slightly outside the lip line, but just on the centre of the lips – not the outer corners…otherwise you risk looking like a clown!

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How to make your lips bigger naturally using technology

If you want something that will potentially last a little longer, we’ve been trialling the PMD Kiss for the past few weeks.

The PMD Kiss is a “smart anti-ageing lip plumping treatment”.

It uses so-called pulsating vacuum technology – which involves the machine gently sucking the skin on your mouth into what the company calls the “kissfoliator exfoliating tip.”

This tip is actually a small, attachment that removes dead skin and a soft silicone attachment that you place on your mouth. You place the specially formulated serum on your lips before slowly placing the PMD Kiss along your lip line to stimulate blood flow to the area.

This, alongside a tingling sensation created by the serum, helps plump up your lips and is also said to boost collagen production when used regularly, to create a fuller pout without the use of the serum or makeup. And without painful fillers.

It’s not cheap though, coming in at £139 for the PMD Kiss and a small tube of serum. The range was previously on sale via Lookfantastic and recently went on sale in Selfridges.

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