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How to get flawless skin and makeup like Cardi B

25th November 2021 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

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There is no shortage of tips and tricks for great makeup routines. Some people get taught by family or friends, while others turn to celebrities and influencers. And an A-lister who always looks flawless is Cardi B.

The rapper started out building her following on Vine and Instagram, but her 2018 debut album, Invasion of Privacy, quickly went straight to number one. She has since set the world on fire thanks to duets with Maroon 5 on Girls Like You and the iconic – if somewhat controversial – WAP, putting her signature fun and tongue-in-cheek humour on full display.

In research conducted by Gala Bingo, Cardi B’s music was found to be motivational and appeared on the most energising playlists, which also makes it the perfect soundtrack to accompany your daily makeup routine.

If you’re looking to replicate the looks of Cardi B, we’ve got some of her reported skincare tips. We’ve even put together our list of cheap makeup brands and cheap skincare alternatives to get Cardi B’s flawless look on a budget.

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From cleansing to dermaplaning, here is how celebrities like Cardi B get their signature flawless skin. 

Step 1: Cleanse

Cardi B always starts her routine with a good cleanse using a gentle cleanser. You can read more about our recommendations for the best cleanser for different skin types here, but as a rule, you should avoid using anything harsh before applying makeup or you risk drying out the skin and causing irritation. With a pre-makeup cleanser, you’re looking for hydration and softness.

Step 2: Dermaplane

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After cleansing, dry your skin completely and dermaplane. If you’re not familiar with dermaplaning, it’s a simple process that gets rid of the peach fuzz that shows up on skin – the soft hairs on your cheeks and around your jaw in particular. It also helps remove any dead or dry skin that we all accumulate on our faces.

There are plenty of benefits of dermaplaning and it is absolutely something that needs to find its way into your makeup routine sooner rather than later if it’s not already.

We swear by the Veet Sensitive Precision Dermaplaning Face Kit. It’s a little pricier (£21) than buying individual dermaplane blades but it’s worth it for avoiding irritation and knowing you’re going to get the best results. 

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Step 3: Hydrate

Hyaluronic acid what is it and what does it doGetty Images/iStockphoto

Now that the skin is nice and smooth, moisturise it to look in the hydration. Cardi B reportedly uses a moisturiser that contains hyaluronic acid, but just be sure to find one that doesn’t clog your pores. You can read more about this in our guide: What does non-comedogenic mean when it comes to makeup and skincare?

Step 4: Apply Your Makeup

Find your perfect foundation match with this foundation shade finderiStock

With your prep done, you can finally get to the task of applying your makeup. To continue the hard work you’ve already put in, make sure you’re using your perfect foundation match, and that your foundation suits your skin. You can read more in our guides: What’s really in your foundation? The chemicals you need to look out for and Best foundation makeup from Phoera, NARS, Fenty, L’Oreal and more.

Remember that Cardi B has a team of makeup artists with her when she hits the red carpet, ready to touch up her look at the drop of a hat. While we might not all have the same VIP treatment, we can make sure we pack the essentials in our bag just in case we need to add a bit to our look when we’re out and about.

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