How to do eyebrows from how to shape to how to fill

How to do eyebrows: A quick, easy way to draw and fill in eyebrows like the pros

1st April 2020 | Author: Victoria Howe

Women, and men, of a certain age – basically anyone who grew up in the 1980s and 90s – will remember when the fashion for eyebrows was to pluck them within an inch of their life. Knowing how to do eyebrows was as simple as “shave them off, draw a single line” and the thinner, the better. 

Now the opposite is true. 2019 was the year thicker eyebrows went mainstream and 2020 is set to see this trend go a step further. Thick and natural is the way to go over the next 12 months. The problem with this is, if your natural brows are still stuck in the 1990s, you’ll have to fake it until you can make it.

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We recently explained how to get thicker eyebrows in a How-To guide, which references a number of products designed to help you get fuller eyebrows. But if you’re interested in how to do eyebrows more professionally, our resident makeup artist Victoria Howe has revealed her top tips in the latest in our Ask the MUA series below.

Victoria is owner and Chief Makeup Artist at Victoria Howe Make Up. You can also follow Victoria’s looks on her Instagram page, @victoria_howe_makeup.

How to do eyebrows

From sculpting to filling them in, below we explain the quick and easy way to draw eyebrows, even if you’re a beginner. 

How to shape eyebrows 

To map the start of your eyebrows, take an eyebrow pencil and line it up vertically with the middle of your nostril upward towards the brow. Put more simply, you can just lay it along the inside of your nose and the pencil should fall just outside of the inner corner of the eye; this is roughly the point where you want your eyebrows to begin. Mark this spot with the eyebrow pencil.

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To find where the eyebrow curve should be, pivot the pencil so it is angled from the tip of your nose diagonally going upwards towards the brow but crosses just outside the iris of your eye. You’ll need to stay looking forward in order to get the best position of your iris. Mark this spot with the eyebrow pencil. This is where the highest point of your arch should be. It typically lines up with where your browbone stands out the most. 

Now, to find the end of your eyebrow, move the pencil again, this time so that it falls diagonally from the outer part of the nose to the outer corner of your eye.  This is where you generally want your brow to end. Mark this spot with the pencil.

Stand back and you should be able to see where your brows should begin, arch and end and you can use this as a guide for grooming and filling in the brows.

How to tame your eyebrows

Before you fill in your eyebrows, you need to groom and tame them. Using a spoolie (you can read more about spoolies in our makeup brushes guide), brush your brow hairs upwards to see if any need trimming. While they’re brushed upwards, look to see where the hairs fall along the top brow line, if any seem to stick up significantly above the line, use small scissors to trim them. Be careful not to overdo the trimming – use a magnified mirror in a well-lit room. 

How to draw eyebrows

Next step is to draw an outline for your brows before tweezing any stray hairs, this will help you see which hairs need removing.

Use a nude or white coloured pencil to outline the outer shape of the brow. Draw in under and above the brow, this will give you an idea of how your brow shape and how your arch will look once you have tweezed.  Stand back from the mirror to get an overall perspective and if you are happy with how it looks, then begin to pluck the hairs that you covered with the white/nude pencil.


Start by filling in the middle section of your eyebrows first. 

Now move upwards and outward going in the direction of the tail. 

Once the tail is filled in, use any leftover product at the front section of the brow. In doing so, you avoid applying too much product to the front section.

This year’s trend is for more natural eyebrows so you can skip this step if you’re embracing this trend, but there can be a fine line between groomed natural brows and bushy, out-of-control ones so bear that in mind. 

How to fill eyebrows

Once your eyebrows are mapped and groomed, you’re ready to fill in your eyebrows.

Beginners should start with a brow pencil before moving to a pomade once they’re more confident. 

Brow product should be applied using short, fine hair-like strokes swept along the brow in the direction of your hair growth ending at the tail. Imagine you are drawing in each individual hair. This is the premise behind microblading, albeit more permanently.

Select an eyebrow colour that either matches or complements your own hair colour.   

Your brow from the middle to tail needs to be darker than the front to middle to guide a person’s sight across your eye and provide more shape and definition to your overall look. 

To keep your brows in place, set them after you have fully filled them in, using a good brow gel.  Apply the gel brushing upwards and outwards, following the natural direction of the hairs. We recommend Morphe’s translucent Brow Setting Gel

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