How to clean beauty blenders

How to clean beauty blenders

9th February 2020 | Author: Libby Mewes

Knowing how to clean beauty blenders with these simple tips will not only save you time, it could save you money.

Dirty sponges don’t last as long as clean blenders, plus they’re a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt meaning all that money you’re spending on cleansers, spot creams and exfoliators is being wasted if you’re not keeping your tools clean.

Below we’ve outlined three methods, depending on how much time you have when you come to clean your beauty blenders, alongside our pick of the best cleansers and soaps based on our real-world tests. Alternatively, read how to clean makeup brushes.

How to clean beauty blenders

Soap method

Cost: Around £5/$5 for the soap/cleanser | Time: 10-15 minutes

The first way to clean beauty blenders is called the soap method. The best kinds of soaps to use are relatively low-strength ones, using powerful soap is more likely to dry out the sponge or break down the material entirely (products like Irish Spring Deodorant Soap, Johnson’s Baby Shampoo or any of the beautyblender beautycleanser range are ideal).

How to clean beauty blenders with soap

This method shows how to clean beauty blenders if you’ve got time to do a proper job and a fair amount of energy.

  1. Get the blender wet, not soaking, with warm water
  2. Apply the soap or cleanser of your choosing straight onto the blender
  3. Massage and rub it in until you see lots of soapy suds forming
  4. Once the suds discolour and look as though they’re full of make-up, rinse the blender with cold water
  5. Continue to repeat these steps until the water runs clear when the sponge is squeezed

Soaking method

Cost: Around £5/$5 for the soap/cleanser | Time: 1 hour+

The soaking method shows how to clean beauty blenders with minimal effort, but is the longest method of the lot.

How to clean beauty blenders using the soaking method

  1. Pour liquid cleanser or any liquid soap into a bowl with warm water
  2. Placing the dirty beauty blender into the water making sure it’s fully submerged
  3. Soak for at least an hour
  4. Work the sponge into the soapy water and, once lathered, in water use your fingers to massage it
  5. Once the bowl of soapy water turns brown, pour the water away and rinse off the sponge, squeezing until the water runs clear

Microwave method

Cost: Around £5/$5 for the soap/cleanser | Time: 1 minute

This is certainly not a manufacturer-approved lesson in how to clean beauty blenders but it’s a popular, incredibly fast choice that proves popular online. The reason it’s not advisable is that the heat can damage the beauty blender and, if used too often, could see it start to flake or disintegrate. Not to mention the fact it’s dangerous.

How to clean beauty blenders using a microwave 

We don’t recommend doing it this way, but if you’re going to do it, then at least do it safely following these steps:

  1. Pour warm water with soap/liquid cleanser into a microwave-safe bowl or cup
  2. Make sure there’s enough soapy water for the whole blender to be fully submerged
  3. Dunk the sponge a couple of times in the water before leaving it to settle
  4. Microwave the bowl/cup (with the sponge inside the water) for up to one minute
  5. Wait at least a minute before even attempting to remove the beauty blender and safely pour the hot water away so as not to burn yourself

And if your beauty blender just can’t be saved,  here are our top three alternative blenders: Beautyblender Electric Violet Sponge (£17), Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (£5.99), My Kit Co My Flawless Blender Edge (£7).

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