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GHD has permanently raised the price of its straighteners and hairdryers by as much as 15%

3rd March 2022 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

As if GHD products weren’t already expensive enough, the company recently raised prices across the board.

Going against the grain of reducing prices over time, as products get older, a selection of GHD straighteners, hot brushes, and hairdryers are up to 15% more expensive. This is despite the fact only one of them has been updated with new features and technology.

It’s important to note these increases because, firstly, it makes some of the current ‘discounts’ look less impressive. And secondly, it could mean you get better value for money with other brands including Cloud Nine and Remington.

We’re not entirely sure when these price rises occurred and GHD hasn’t responded to our request for more details. It is interesting that on the Compare GHD Hair Straighteners page on the official GHD site, the original, cheaper prices are still shown.

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GHD price rise

Below we’ve listed the GHD products that have increased in price. We’ve also listed the stylers that have remained the same price.

GHD Platinum Plus: £219 (was £189)

Price increase: 15%

GHD Platinum Plus styler reviewmamabella

The GHD Platinum Plus styler was already the most expensive pair of straighteners in the traditional GHD collection – the GHD Unplugged is more expensive, but it’s cordless – but now it’s had the largest price increase of the lot.

It has risen 15% from £189 to £219.

This price rise applies to all colourways that are on sale, which at the time of writing includes just black and white. We’d imagine that as limited-edition models are released over the coming months and years, they’ll be sold at the higher price. Or even higher…

Amazon is currently selling the GHD Platinum Plus in both black and white for the original price of £189.

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GHD Gold Styler: £169 (was £149)

Price increase: 13%

GHD Gold straighteners stylerGHD

The GHD Gold is the mid-range model in the GHD collection. It’s more expensive, and more advanced than the GHD Original but it doesn’t quite have the flagship technology found on the Platinum Plus.

This means it has 1-inch plates with dual-zone technology.

This means it has two new-generation sensors (one on each plate).

It used to cost £149 but has been increased to £169.

GHD Original: £119 (Was £109)

Price increase: 9%

GHD Original GHD

The GHD Original is the only pair of GHD straighteners that warrant a price increase because they were recently redesigned and revamped.

Ironically, they’re the ones with the lowest price increase of the lot at 9%.

The new GHD Original now features single-zone ceramic technology, designed to maintain the optimum styling temperature of 185°C across both styling plates. This sensor was missing from the previous model.

Elsewhere it comes with a 30-second heat-up time and will switch off after 30 minutes without use – features that are all available on other newer models.

GHD Max Styler: £199 (was £179) 

Price increase: 11%


The GHD Max has the largest plates of the entire GHD collection and this makes it best suited to people with longer, thicker hair.

It has the same dual-zone technology and two new-generation sensors as seen on the GHD Gold but instead of 1-inch plates, the GHD Max has two, 1.5-inch plates.

This styler was originally available for £179 but is now being sold for £199.

Also, don’t be fooled into thinking the GHD Max has had recent upgrades like the GHD Original. The reference to the ‘new’ GHD Max on the official GHD site as well as Amazon refers to when the most recent version was launched, back in June 2020.

GHD Mini Styler: £139 (was £119) 

Price increase: 14%

GHD Mini stylerGHD

Whereas the GHD Max has larger plates for longer, thicker and curlier hair, the GHD Mini is the opposite.

Its plates measure half an inch thick and are best suited for shorter hair types, fringes, and for creating more precise styles.

The smaller plates also mean that they have basic sensor technology.

Following the recent GHD price rise, the GHD Mini is now £20, or 14% more expensive.

GHD Helios hairdryer: £179 (was £159)

Price increase: 11%

GHD Helios limited edition anniversary chrome hair dryer reviewGHD

The GHD Helios is the latest hairdryer to join the GHD lineup – even though it’s now two years old.

We’re very big fans (you can read why in our GHD Helios review), yet one of our biggest concerns was its price.

At £159 it was already an expensive piece of kit but following the latest price rise, it’s now even dearer at £179.

Amazon is currently selling the Helios from as low as £128 for the pewter version, £139 for the navy blue version, £149 for the black model, £158 for the limited-edition pink model, and £179 for the plum, and white models.

GHD Air: £119 (Was £109)

Price increase: 9%

GHD Air hair dryerGHD

The original version of GHD’s professional hairdryer range was the GHD Air and it’s been on sale for a decade.

For the cheaper price, in comparison to the GHD Helios, you only get one colour option (black) and you don’t get the redesigned airflow features that increase the Helios’ precision. The GHD Air also has a shorter cord and is heavier.

That said, it’s still a great hairdryer and it features in our best hairdryer list.

Ahead of its price increase, it would often go on sale for £99 but is now showing ‘on sale’ at its original price of £109, rather than its new RRP of £119.

GHD Flight Travel: £65 (was £59)

Price increase: 10%

GHD Flight Travel hairdryerGHD

The travel-friendly version of the GHD hairdryer – called GHD Flight – is the most compact and cheapest of the hairdryer range.

It folds in half, to make it easier to pack, yet it still comes with 70% of the power of the GHD Air. According to GHD.

Other features include the GHD hair safeguard technology that switches the hairdryer off if it’s held too close to the hair.

This is to prevent overheating. It also has dual voltage.

GHD Glide: £159 (Was £139)

Price increase: 12.5%

GHD Hot Glide brushGHD

One of two hot brushes sold by GHD, the GHD Glide is geared towards creating straight styles without a straightener.

It’s a paddle brush with a mixture of longer and shorter plastic bristles that run through the hair to smooth the cuticle.

The Glide is particularly good for smoothing over second-day hair if you can’t be bothered – or you don’t have the time – to wash your hair. Meanwhile, the GHD Rise is more suited to creating curls and volume.

Other GHD Glide features include ceramic technology and ioniser, to reduce frizz.

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Below are the stylers that have remained the same price. We don’t know if/when they will see similar increases so if you’ve had your eye on any of them for a while, it might be worth buying them now. Just in case!

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