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The best gender-neutral beauty brands designed to suit everyone

10th June 2022 | Author: Amira Arasteh

Gender-neutral skincare and makeup may have been a long time coming, but the industry has most definitely reached a turning point in 2022.

Instead of differentiating products based on binary gender, new brands are cropping up offering products based on what they do and how they work. Regardless of who is using them. There are also established brands looking to make their marketing and packaging more neutral.

This is largely because most products will work the same on all skin, so it seems unnecessary to design separate packaging and market to one particular group when you don’t need to. From a consumer point of view, it’s also likely to make choosing skincare and makeup less overwhelming, not to mention the fact that we’ll all pay the same price whether we’re male, female, or anywhere in between.

If you’re looking to shop more neutrally, we’ve picked our favourite genderless beauty brands below.

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Gender-neutral beauty brands 

These aren’t the only gender-neutral brands in this space, so if you have any that you particularly recommend then please let us know. We’ve also previously picked the best sustainable beauty brands, and which brands are championing inclusivity across the board.

♥︎ Fenty Skin

A pioneering moment in the gender-neutral beauty space happened last year when Rihanna’s Fenty Skin released a video featuring Rihanna, fellow female celebs, singers, and models, as well as male rappers including A$AP Rocky and Lil Nas X.

Men and women. In the same skincare campaign. While this shouldn’t be so pioneering, it’s rarely seen and according to Rihanna, this was because: “Fenty Skin was designed for everyone – all skin tones, skin types, genders. I really wanted to make skincare that was approachable and uncomplicated, but also fun and sexy and uplifting.”

The brand has been leading the gender-neutral beauty game for years and in addition to more neutral packaging, its social channels regularly interact with, and promote, male customers using its products, across its Fenty Beauty makeup collection, as well as the Fenty Skin range. The brand is keen to demonstrate inclusion and equality, with its mission statement being “Beauty For All”.

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Shop Fenty Beauty

♥︎ SamFarmer Skincare

SAMFARMER-Skincare-Travel-Set-e1617998728794Sam Farmer

SamFarmer Skincare is a product range developed primarily with teenagers in mind, developed by a Dad called Sam Farmer who wanted to create products for every young person’s skin. Regardless of their gender.

Each product in the SamFarmer collection has been designed in gender-neutral colours and is labelled with just the letter of the product. The shampoo is emblazoned with a large S, for instance, while the conditioner is branded with a large C and so on.

Sam Farmer underwent training to make sure that his formulations would suit his children’s skin, and he’s created a range that’s affordable, accessible, and fun. You can read more about the individual SamFarmer Skincare UK products here.

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♥︎ Fluide


Our new favourite vegan, cruelty-free and gender-neutral brand on the block, Fluide, is also on an inclusive mission.

Aimed at all gender expressions, identities and skin tones, the brand’s focus is that no-one should be left out of expressing themselves and having fun with makeup.

Fluide offers a platform to showcase queer beauty and aims to inspire others to create their own identities, as well as broaden mindsets related to self-expression.

The brand champions bright glosses, crayons, lipsticks, and nail polishes, staying true to its concept of making makeup fun. It also donates 5% of sales to LGBTQ health and advocacy organisations.

Sadly, for those of us in the UK, Fluide only currently ships to the US and Canada but as soon as it’s available to buy over here, we’ll let you know.

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Shop Fluide (US only)

♥︎ Illamasqua

Illamasqua may not be seen in the same way as the likes of Fenty Beauty when it comes to championing inclusivity but that’s purely because it just doesn’t shout about it. It just gets on with it by making sure it’s ingrained in its whole brand ethos.

As a result, Illamasqua has long been a pioneer of the inclusive movement within the beauty industry, having always wanted people to express their individuality with their products and feel empowered from it.

When Munroe Bergdorf was dropped by L’Oréal, Illamasqua was waiting in the wings to snap up the transgender model for its campaigns. Prior to lockdown, Illasmasqua stores and counters offered tutorials on how to apply makeup as a transitioning customer, as well as promoting gender inclusivity across its social media among many other initiatives.

We’re big fans of the brand’s Director of Artistry, Pablo Rodriguez on Instagram, he’s a superb makeup artist but also champions the use of gender-neutral makeup and beauty.

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Shop Fluide (US only)


Even Korean beauty is supporting the genderless movement: BE PLAIN is a new brand on the market with an eco-friendly agenda.

Showcasing simple skincare, products from this brand neither cost the Earth nor do they damage it.

Available to shop on Stylevana and Skin Library, popular products include the Cicaful Ampoule (serum) and the Chamomile pH Balanced Lotion. The packaging of the brand is minimalistic and gender-neutral, linking back to the brand’s focus on simplicity within skincare, sustainability and gender-neutral beauty.

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♥︎ Humanrace

Another celebrity skincare line, Humanrace is the brainchild of Pharrell Williams, with assistance from Dr. Elena Jones, the dermatologist behind Pharrell’s youthful-looking skin. The brand expresses a dedication to wellbeing, believing that every individual – regardless of gender, or anything else – has the right and ability to wake up feeling positive and empowered.

The collection includes a three-step routine, including a rice powder cleanser, natural exfoliator, and nourishing moisturiser. After all, who doesn’t want skin like Pharrell’s?

Shying away from any colour that could potentially speak to a particular gender more, the packaging is a bold green, which also represents the sustainable ethos that’s at the heart of Humanrace. As the name suggests, Pharrell has said that the brand is inclusive of all human beings – regardless of race or gender.

You can read more about Humanrace on our sister site, MBman. 

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