Friends x revolution eyeshadow palette names

Friends x Revolution: Revolution has launched a makeup inspired by TV show Friends and we want it ALL

16th September 2020 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

We rarely get excited about makeup collaborations – the last one that piqued our interest was the Coca-Cola collection with Morphe because it was such a wildcard – and this has just been surpassed by the latest range from Revolution, produced in collaboration with Friends.

Yes, you read that right. Revolution Beauty – one of our all-time best cheap makeup brands – has released an entire makeup range inspired by the iconic 90s TV show.

The Friends x Revolution collection officially went on sale in the UK on Wednesday 16 September and each item is a celebration of the Friends’ characters.

From lipsticks and smaller palettes that each have been inspired by the colourings and stylings of Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and Monica (Courtney Cox), to a larger palette in which all the shades are named after Friends characters, the full range stays true to the show.

Phoebe’s palette is full of pastel shades and contains colours labelled Smelly Cat, Science and Lobster, for example.

Monica’s palette celebrates her cleanliness, her frizzy hair and the Geller Cup.

Meanwhile, Rachel’s palette of nine colours are called names such as Tag, Barneys and one labelled “On a Break”.

The larger palette has been designed to look like a clapperboard on the outside and contains 24 shades named after Ugly Naked Guy, Fun Bobbie, Emily, Ursula and more and will suit many skin tones and eye colours. There is additionally three highlighter pans in this £20 palette.

Elsewhere, the collection includes a series of lip glosses named after each of the characters, as well as a mirror shaped like the frame on Monica’s peep hole, and makeup bags with lobsters on, or in patent black.

Despite the collection only launching on Wednesday – at the time of writing, many items have already sold out. Revolution assures us that it’s getting more stock in soon, so if you missed out this time, you’ll hopefully get another chance!

“We looked at each character in detail – what they wear, their mannerisms, the makeup they use, the personalities — and started to build from there,” said Revolution Beauty founder Adam Minto. “The products take on the life of each character in a really immersive way.”

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