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The Ordinary launches free online skincare consultations during lockdown

28th April 2020 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

With many beauty brands having to temporarily shut up shop for the foreseeable future, the more innovative among them are launching various online services to help their customers.

In addition to the various virtual try-on sites, from the likes of MAC, Bobbi Brown, Maybelline, Sephora, and more, skincare brands are switching to digital consultations and the latest to launch an online-only service is mamabella favourite, The Ordinary.

Technically it’s not The Ordinary brand itself running the program but its parent company, DECIEM. The Canadian firm that also boasts NIOD, Hylamide and The Chemistry Brand.

DECIEM at Home

Called DECIEM at Home, the service connects you via live chat with a DECIEM ambassador who can answer any skincare questions you may have. You can choose to do this over the phone, over video call or just by text and the service is completely free.

The chat also includes a picture and video sharing option, to allow to share images if you don’t want to do a video call,  and you’ll be given the chance to schedule a follow-up chat three weeks later to discuss if the changes made to your skincare routine are working.

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There’s no pressure to buy any products that the consultant might recommend.

The service is live between 8am and 8pm via the DECIEM at Home website. When the chat lines are particularly busy, the pop-up chat box may not appear and the service uses the HERO widget so you’ll need to enable cookies for this widget to appear.

“Skincare is deeply personal, and our audience deserves to receive dedicated advice before considering what may work for their specific needs,” DECIEM co-founder Nicola Kilner said at launch.

Chat with a DECIEM expert

DECIEM at Home joins an increasing number of online skincare and makeup consultations.


The Inkey List, one of The Ordinary’s biggest rivals in the affordable and effective skincare market, has offered its #AskInkey service for some time in which you could ask questions about skincare and ingredients using the hashtag on Instagram.

In the wake of the coronavirus lockdown, the company has expanded this service via a live chat platform on its website, as well as over email, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram and over the phone.

This service is available all day everyday and is also free.

Chat with an Inkey expert

 Bobbi Brown

Makeup brand Bobbi Brown is always ahead of the curve when it comes to things like this and the brand has been offering online chats with makeup artists via its website for a while.

You have two main options when using this service – a text-based live chat, or a photo-based live chat. With the former, you can simply type your questions to an artist and get an instant reply. With the latter, you can post a photo of yourself and get personalised recommendations from a trained MUA.

There is also the option to email a Bobbi Brown makeup artist – if you don’t have time to chat – and get a reply (usually) within 24 hours.

If you’re looking for expert advice generally, take a look at our Ask The Experts page where you’ll find tips and tricks from makeup, skincare and hair professionals.

Chat with an MUA

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