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UK beauty brand Faace is donating period products to HeyGirls with sales of its face masks

5th May 2020 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

There’s a rising number of brands who are cutting out the marketing BS and selling products on their ingredients, or what they do. Boots recently launched its own Ingredients range earlier this year, while Inkey List and The Ordinary are pioneers in this game. 

A new brand called Faace, launched by full-time working Mum Jasmine Wicks-Stephens, takes a slightly different approach but one which is based on the same no-BS mentality. Instead of marketing its range of face masks based purely on ingredients, it promotes the collection based on when, or for what reason, you’ll use them. Its tagline is “For skincare disrupted by life.”

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For instance, the:

  • Tired Faace mask makes your skin feel more awake and refreshed. It hydrates, adds glow and radiance
  • Sweaty Faace mask cools and calms the skin, giving it a detox 
  • Period Faace mask is for when your hormones throw your skin’s balance out of whack, causing it to be shiny, oily and prone to blemishes

This is enough marketing for you to know which mask you’ll need to use, but if you do want to know more about the ingredients in each, Faace’s website explains each one in real-world terms and benefits. 

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For example, the Tired Faace mask contains caffeine “to perk you up and soothe any inflammation”, Aloe vera to speed up healing, Vegetable glycerin that draws water from the air, and pomegranate and rosehip that combine to give a boost of natural vitamin A (retinol), plus others.

The Sweaty Faace mask instead combines Argan oil, vitamin E compounds, grapefruit to revitalise and load the skin with vitamin C and antioxidants to null inflammation. Bergamot helps with spots and galbanum helps tone and rejuvenate skin.

The Period Faace mask uses hyaluronic acid to moisturise the skin, green tea to soothe inflammation and improve the appearance of sun damage and age spots, lavender and clary sage for their antiseptic properties and to help balance hormones and zinc to normalise sebum production and prevent spots from popping up. 

All the ingredients in these masks are ethically sourced, vegan and cruelty-free and organic. A 200ml tube of Faace mask costs £22.50 – so isn’t cheap – but if you buy all three, you get a £10 discount. 

What’s more, a pack of period products are donated to the HeyGirls with every mask purchased.

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