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Faace skincare UK: Everything you need to know about the Dragon’s Den skincare range

20th February 2024 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

Following its appearance on Dragon’s Den, here’s everything you need to know about Faace skincare

There’s a rising number of brands who are cutting out the marketing BS and selling products on their ingredients, or what they do. Boots recently launched its own Ingredients range, while The Inkey List and The Ordinary are pioneers in this game.

One of our favourite UK brands in this space is called Faace, founded by Jasmine Wicks-Stephens.

Instead of marketing its range of face masks based on ingredients – which can sometimes require the need for a skincare ingredient checker! –  it promotes the collection based on when, or for what reason, you’ll use them. Its tagline is “For skincare disrupted by life.”

Until recently, the brand almost exclusively sold face masks but with the launch of its Filthy Faace soap, it recently branched into body care as well as offering its first solid, low-packaging product.

What’s more, Jasmine made a debut appearance on Dragon’s Den in February and raised £60,000 from three of the Dragons, Steven Bartlett, Touker Suleyman, and Peter Jones.

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Filthy Faace

Faace Filthy Faace soapFaace

The brand describes Filthy Faace as “a soap, but not as you know it.”

It’s the first solid bar to be released by the brand and contains a host of active ingredients that you’d find in a liquid cleanser. Plus, you can easily use it all over your body, too.

The soap is made using a mixture of oils, including sweet orange, coconut, and olive oil, as well as glycerine and shea butter to clean the skin without drying it out.

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Faace Masks


The range includes:

  • Stress Faace mask is designed to make the skin brighter, balanced, and more hydrated 
  • Tired Faace mask makes your skin feel more awake and refreshed. It hydrates, adds glow and radiance
  • Sweaty Faace mask cools and calms the skin, giving it a detox
  • Period Faace mask is for when your hormones throw your skin’s balance out of whack, causing it to be shiny, oily, and prone to blemishes
  • Menopause Faace treatment mask works to repair some of the damage caused by menopause including thinner, weaker, skin that’s more vulnerable and dull

The names alone should be enough to help you know which mask you’ll need to use, but if you do want to know more about the ingredients in each, Faace’s website explains each one in real-world terms and benefits.

All the ingredients in these masks are ethically sourced, vegan and cruelty-free, and organic. A 200ml tube of Faace mask costs £24 – so isn’t cheap – but thanks to a partnership with HeyGirls, Faace donates a pack of period products to girls in need.

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♥︎ Stress Faace

£34 | BUY NOW

Stress FaaceFaace

The Stress Faace mask has been designed to calm stressed, tired, and unbalanced skin, making it appear smoother and brighter within just two hours.

It’s aimed at people with skin that is overtired, overwhelmed, oily, dry, dull, or sensitised due to stress and contains niacinamide, Japanese rice bran oil, allantoin, and neurophroline which works to brighten, improve skin tone and texture and repair your skin barrier.

Elsewhere, the fragrance of jasmine, ylang ylang, geranium and patchouli help to calm the senses.

Key ingredients

  • Neurophroline: An anti-stress ingredient derived from Wild Tansy Extract, it’s known for improving skin tone and texture.
  • Marula Oil: Known for its hydrating properties, it adds suppleness to all skin types.
  • Niacinamide: Helps promote an even skin tone and strengthens the skin barrier.
  • Allantoin: Offers soothing properties to calm stressed skin.
  • Japanese Rice Bran Oil: Aids in tackling uneven skin tone and hydrating the skin.

How to use: Massage into the skin AM and PM after cleansing. It can be used on its own or with serums and toners.

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♥︎ Menopause Faace

£24 | BUY NOW

Menopause Faace Mask Faace

The Menopause Faace mask has been formulated for people going through perimenopause and menopause and are seeing changes in their skin.

When you go through perimenopause your skin can become drier, you lose elasticity and it makes your complexion look dull. You can read more in our What happens to skin and hair during menopause? guide.

To counteract these changes, Faace’s Menopause Faace Daily Face Cream contains rose water to soothe and refresh the skin, while carrot seed and pomegranate oil provide antioxidant properties to keep things plump and healthy.

Then there’s rosehip oil with its skin-loving fatty acids, and rose flower oil to create a youthful glow.

What’s more, with each purchase of the Menopause Faace Daily Face Cream, a donation is made to The Menopause Charity, supporting those navigating menopause.

Key ingredients: 

  • Rosewater: Provides soothing and refreshing hydration.
  • Carrot Seed and Pomegranate Oil: Rich in antioxidants, these ingredients help to plump the skin and improve its overall health.
  • Rosehip Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Rose and Immortelle Flower Oil: Known for their skin-loving fatty acids, these oils contribute to creating a youthful glow.
  • Sea Buckthorn: Packed with vitamins C, E, and various B vitamins, it acts as an antioxidant powerhouse.
  • Safflower Seed Oil and Hyaluronic Acid: These moisturizing agents address dryness and dehydration.
  • Zinc and Geranium: Help to manage breakouts.

How to use: Massage into the skin on your face and neck morning and night. Follow with SPF in the morning.

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♥︎ Tired Faace

£27 | BUY NOW

Tired Faace maskFaace

The Tired Faace mask is designed for people with skin that appears tired, dull, and in need of a boost due to “parenting, hangovers, post-shave irritation, overwork, jet lag, emotional stress, and sleep disturbances.”

It’s a gel mask that contains caffeine “to perk you up and soothe any inflammation”, aloe vera to speed up healing, vegetable glycerin that retains moisture, and pomegranate and rosehip that combine to give a boost of natural vitamin A (retinol), plus others.

Key ingredients:

  • Caffeine: Known for its stimulating properties, caffeine perks up the skin, improving its overall appearance.
  • Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera: Both known for their hydrating properties, these ingredients help the skin retain moisture, keeping it hydrated and
  • plump.
  • Glycerin: Acts as a humectant, drawing moisture into the skin’s outer layer to maintain hydration.
  • Vitamin C: Adds radiance and fights off free radicals, acting like a brightening agent beneath the skin.
  • Lactic Acid: Provides gentle exfoliation, removing dead skin cells to reveal brighter, more even-toned skin.
  • Frankincense: Known for its skin-strengthening properties, helping to maintain elasticity and resilience against tiredness.
  • Pomegranate and Rosehip: A form of natural vitamin A (a retinol alternative) that keeps the skin firm and springy.

How to use: The mask can be used daily or as a weekly treatment. Apply it in a thick layer over the face and neck and let it soak in. It can also be used as a quick 20-minute treatment before being rinsed off.

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♥︎ Sweaty Faace

£27 | BUY NOW

Sweaty Faace mask reviewFaace

The Sweaty Faace mask is for people whose skin has been impacted by exercise, work stress, or environmental factors, or anyone with hot and bothered skin.

It’s designed to detoxify and calm the skin and contains Argan oil, Vitamin E compounds, and grapefruit to revitalise and load the skin with vitamin C and antioxidants to null inflammation.

Bergamot then helps with spots while galbanum helps tone and rejuvenate skin.

Key ingredients: 

  • Argan Oil: Argan oil moisturises, soothes the skin, and helps keep pores clear with its omega fatty acids and vitamin E content.
  • Vitamin C and Grapefruit: These ingredients brighten the skin and provide a load of antioxidants.
  • Bergamot: Acts as a gentle blemish fighter for sensitive skin. This is great if your skin doesn’t like harsher astringent substances.
  • Lavender: An antioxidant-rich ingredient that protects against external environmental aggressors.
  • Galbanum: Offers toning benefits and gives the skin a deep clean, especially beneficial for overworked skin.
  • Patchouli: Adds to the skin’s buoyancy and overall health.

How to use: This mask can be used daily. Apply it to your face and neck without rinsing off for best results. It can also be used as a 20-minute mask for immediate treatment, then rinsed off.

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♥︎ Period Faace

£24 | BUY NOW

Period Faace skincare maskFaace

The Period Faace mask is one of the first face masks created with the specific aim of helping the skin-related effects of hormonal fluctuations around your period.

It’s designed to rebalance and stabilise your skin and contains hyaluronic acid to moisturise; green tea to soothe inflammation and improve the appearance of sun damage and age spots.

Elsewhere, lavender and clary sage are great for their antiseptic properties and because they help balance hormones, with zinc to balance sebum production and prevent spots from popping up.

Key ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid: This powerful humectant helps to lock in moisture, ensuring the skin remains hydrated and plump.
Green tea: Known for its antioxidant properties, green tea aids in improving the appearance of sun-damaged skin and offers a soothing effect.
Zinc and clary Sage: These ingredients work together to combat breakouts. Zinc is known for its antimicrobial properties and clary sage for its ability to balance hormonal skin.
Lavender: Provides a calming scent and contributes to the balancing of hormonal skin changes.
White willow: Contains salicin, which is converted to salicylic acid, known for its ability to minimize pores and refine skin tone and texture.

We explain more about what happens to your skin and face during your period in our guide to How your skin and hair changes at every stage of your menstrual cycle – and what to do about it.

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Faace Cleansers

Dull Faace CleanserFaace

The brand also sells a growing collection of cleansers. In addition to its new Filthy Faace soap, you can buy cleansers for dull skin, or congested skin.

  • Dull Faace cleanser is for clogged pores, rough skin, and if your skin is lacking in glow.
  • Dirty Faace cleansing wash gets rid of makeup, dirt, SPF, pollution, and more.

♥︎ Dull Faace

£24 | Buy now from Faace

Designed to restore your skin’s natural glow, the Dull Faace mask contains kaolin clay, green tea, turmeric, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E to fight free radicals and restore balance to the skin. Meanwhile, hyaluronic acid and vegetable glycerin keep skin moisturised, with avocado and safflower seed oils to soften and nourish.

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♥︎ Dirty Faace

£24 | Buy now from Faace

This Dirty Faace cleansing wash uses rose water, aloe extract, and glycerin to maintain moisture in your skin. It also contains benzoic acid to rebalance your skin’s pH levels; and grapefruit seed oil – full of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and lycopene treats your skin while loosening and removing dirt. Faace calls it a daily reset button.

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