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Here are our favourite eyeshadow looks for different eye shapes

12th June 2020 | Author: Nina Nagel

There are literally millions of eyeshadows looks being shown off on a daily basis by beauty influencers across YouTube, Insta and Facebook yet many of them fall into one of six main techniques.  

From sharp cut creases to soft smokey looks, once you’ve nailed these basic eye makeup looks, the only limit is your imagination. We do, of course, use the word “basic” loosely because these techniques are from easy. If they were, there wouldn’t be as many tutorials as there are teaching people how to master them. Remember, there’s a reason why people are called makeup artists. 

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There is obviously nothing wrong with sticking to what you know, but mixing up your eyeshadow looks can enhance your eye colour, make your eyes look bigger, and even help you look younger – or more awake! 

Below we’ve outlined some of the main eyeshadow techniques from some of our favourite influencers and brands to help give you some eyeshadow ideas and to help you nail the techniques, we recently spoke to leading makeup artist Victoria Howe to learn how to apply eyeshadow for different eye shapes.

Plus, check out our best eyeshadow palettes list, and our What eyeshadow goes with your eye colour? guide. 

Eyeshadow Looks: Cut Crease 

No matter if you’re going for the soft cut crease look or the full shebang, this technique will always make your eyes stand out.

It is especially great for people with hooded eyes or monolids as it creates the illusion of a deeper eye socket by drawing on a fake – and if you really want it to pop, then exaggerated – crease.

Nikkitutorials is the queen of this technique and uses it in a lot of her videos, so we thought you should learn from the best. In this video she also only uses affordable products which is a bonus. 

Her looks are pretty full on and if that isn’t up your street, you can just tone down the colours by using nudes and browns instead. 

One of our favourite cheat products is The Crease Piece, which makes it easy to get started with this technique.

Eyeshadow Looks: Deep Smokey Eye

Let’s face it, there are so many variations of the smokey eye, and even a sexy bronze smoky eye can be either edgy and glam or more of a blended golden look. 

Regardless of which style you prefer, a sexy bronze smoky eye complements almost all eye shapes. It is an especially great technique for hooded eyes as it doesn’t have to be super precise and can be smudged as much as you prefer.

Use matte shadows and a good primer to make sure the look stays in place. This style also does wonders for monolids, to give you more definition across your eyelid.

The eyeshadow tutorial below will give an idea, but don’t be afraid to use it just as a starting point and make the eyeshadow look your own.

Classic Nude Smokey Eye

Everyone loves a classic nude smoky eye.

It’s probably the first makeup many of us first started to experiment with.

The classic eyeshadow look is achieved by adding a medium brown shade – or any dark shadow – in either a matte or shimmery finish (depending on your personal preference) to the entire eye-lid plus a slightly darker shadow in the outer corner of the eye.

Now blend, blend, blend with a blending brush to open up the eyes and accentuate your beautiful shape. Almond-shaped eyes best complement this look, but really anyone can rock the classic nude smoky eye. If you’re unsure which blending brush to buy, check out our guide to the best makeup brushes

You can accentuate the effect by putting a white eyeshadow or highlighter along the brow bone. 

Eyeshadow looks: Cat Eye

Sometimes a simple clean-cut perfect cat eye is all you need to make your make-up stand out.

Although finding the right winged liner shape for your eye takes practice as it really depends on every single detail of how your lids are formed, it is a staple technique it is useful to master.

A cat eye with a darker colour in the corner of the eye definitely benefits close-set eyes the most as it balances out the eye shape.

For downturned eyes (that is when the outer corner droops slightly), it is best to go for a pearly shadow paired with a matte medium tone to blend and to top it all off the liner.

The cat-eye really complements downturned eyes as the eyeliner flick lifts the outer corners if angled well.

The video below might help, and one of our favourite cheat products, called The Quick Flick, takes the hassle out of the whole thing.


Focus on bottom lash line

Let’s get real: do you sometimes forget about your bottom lashes when it comes to an eyeshadow look? Or do you even choose to neglect them on purpose?

Well, for this eyeshadow idea you definitely won’t forget about them as it’s all about making the bottom half of your eyes pop with colour.

Making your lower lash line stand out with, for example, a tropical teal liner or a neon tone is especially great for people with deep-set eyes. If you don’t have much experience with experimenting with colour, we recommend watching this eyeshadow tutorial:

Simple liner and white on waterline

Round eyes can wear any eye make-up, but what looks especially good is some simple liner and white kajal on the waterline. 

This is where a white pencil is used on the inside of your lower lashline. Prime your eyelid with a nice nude tone shadow beforehand and you’re good to go. 

This doesn’t just work on large, round eyes. This is a look that suits any eye shape, especially if you’re feeling a little extra tired because that white waterline really will make you look fresh and awake instantly

This tutorial is useful to help nail this look:

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