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Save money on skincare, makeup and beauty with our exclusive mamabella discount codes

31st October 2023 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

We’ve got a growing list of exclusive discount codes available to mamabella readers. Read on to save money on beauty faves

We launched mamabella to make it easier and cheaper for people to enjoy makeup and skincare. Something that is difficult at the best of times, let alone during a cost of living crisis.

We’ve previously listed our pick of the best cheap makeup brands, collated the best multipurpose makeup, skincare, and haircare products that save you money, space, and time, and now we’ve started a growing list of exclusive discount codes.

Some of these are long-term discount codes. Others are only available for a limited time to coincide with particular shopping events, such as Black Friday. If we know the end date, we’ll list it alongside the codes but it might always be worth trying them after the fact, just in case!

Exclusive discount codes at a glance

Stay tuned for even more codes coming soon. All of these codes are correct and working at the time of writing. The brands have the right to remove the codes at their discretion (unfortunately!) 

25% off

  • Save 25% on Eyeko: Code EYEKOM25 –   Shop here
  • Save 25% on Grow Gorgeous: Code GORGEOUSYOU – Shop here
  • Save 25% on Illamasqua: Code ILLAM25 – Shop here

20% off

  • Save 20% on The Body Shop: Code AFFMB Shop here
  • Save 20% on Ameliorate: Code AMELM20 – Shop here
  • Save 20% on Mama Mio: Code MAMAM20 – Shop here
  • Save 20% on Mio Skincare: Code MIOMI20 –Shop here
  • Save 20% on PerriconeMD: Code PMDM20 – Shop here

15% off

  • Save 15% on ESPA: Code ESPAM15 Shop here
  • Save 15% on Christophe Robin: Code 15OFFXCR – Shop here

10% off

  • Save 10% on Stylevana: Code INF10MAMBELShop here
  • Save 10% on YesStyle: Code MAMABELLAShop here
  • Save 10% on Current Body: Code VICTORIACB Shop here
  • Save 10% on Depology: Code ITSMAMABELLA –  Shop here
  • Save 10% on Oia Skin: Code MAMABELLAShop here

Free shipping

♥︎ SAVE 10% on Stylevana

Code: INF10MAMABEL | Shop here

Stylevana Discount CodeStylevana

How to claim: Enter the code INF10MAMABEL at the checkout. Discount applied only when code is entered

As part of our ongoing TikTok series in which we’re testing skincare to find the best moisturisers and best serums, a number of our followers have requested Korean and Japanese beauty favourites. However, getting hold of them in the UK isn’t always that easy, or you end up paying vast sums to get them shipped internationally.

We recently discovered an alternative method to not only get hold of swathes of international products but in a way that doesn’t cost a fortune in shipping or customs charges. The website is called Stylevana and we’ve now made a number of orders through the retailer.

You do have to wait a tad longer than you would when buying from the UK but if you’re keen to try some of these game-changing K-Beauty products, it’s much faster and cheaper than other methods we’ve used!

What’s more, with our unique discount code you can get 10% off the entire site, from beauty products but also clothes and more.

Save 10% on Stylevana

♥︎ SAVE 10% on Current Body

Code: VICTORIACB | Shop here

CurrentBody Discount Codes 2022Current Body


How to claim: Enter the code at the checkout. Discount applied only when code is entered

In the run-up to Black Friday, you can get 10% off all Current Body LED masks, skincare, and tools. Its flexible LED therapy mask recently made our best LED mask round-up and it scored highly because it’s the most comfortable of the silicone models that we’ve tried.

We’ve also recently started testing the Current Body Eye Perfector which is designed to help reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines around your eyes. It’s a super comfortable mask and works quickly. We’ll be writing up a full review as soon as we’ve spent decent time with it.

While 10% may not seem like a huge discount, the Current Body gadgets (in particular) don’t come cheap which means that 10% of a lot of money is a lot of discount! For example, the LED mask costs £279 meaning you’ll save £27.90! Not too shabby.

Save 10% on Current Body

♥︎ SAVE 10% on Depology

Code: ITSMAMABELLA | Shop here

Depology Anti Ageing Retinol Night CreamDepology

 This code should work on top of any other savings on the site

Code end date: Ongoing

How to claim: Enter the code at the checkout

Since trying the Depology MicroDart Serum patches we’ve become a little hooked on the Korean skincare brand and recently put a host of the brand’s bestselling products to the test to see if they live up to the claims (and hype). Without giving away too many spoilers, they really do, and you can read more in our Depology reviews. What’s more, the serums are firm TikTok favourites among skincare experts and influencers alike.

With the code ITSMAMABELLA you can save 10% on everything on the Depology site, including sale items! We’re waiting to hear if this code will work on top of the planned Black Friday deals and we’ll update this page once we know more.

Save 10% on Depology

♥︎ SAVE 10% on Oia Skin

Code: MAMABELLA | Shop here

Silicone patchesOia Skin

The image above shows an Oia Skin user’s skin before (left) and after (right)

 This code should work on top of any other savings on the site

Code end date: Ongoing

How to claim: Enter the code at the checkout

Oia Skin specialises in Anti-Wrinkle silicone patches that can be applied to areas such as your neck, forehead, under your eyes and around your mouth and work to reduce fine lines and signs of ageing. You can buy an All-in-One pack for £64, which includes patches for your forehead, eyes, smile, neck, and chest.

Alternatively, you can buy the Eyes and Smile (£37) or Neck and Chest (£46) separately, while the Facelift patches (£55) offer everything the All-in-One bundle does except for the chest patch. You can also get 10% off these prices with the code MAMABELLA.

We explain more about the science of these patches here, or you can read our full Oia Skin review.

Save 10% on Oia Skin

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