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We’ve reviewed and ranked every Benefit mascara to finally reveal which is the best, from BADgal to Roller Lash and They’re Real!

19th February 2023 | Author: Laura Adderley

UPDATE: Before we dive into our best Benefit mascara group test, we wanted to flag up a new release. Benefit recently launched a waterproof version of its BADgal BANG mascara.

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During our month-long, Benefit mascara tests, there was a very clear winner and that was Roller Lash.

Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara is quite frankly our new, lifelong commitment. The curling effect combined with the volume and definition it gave just couldn’t be beaten. Not just by any of the other mascaras in this list, but by any mascaras we’ve ever used.

BADgal Bang was also a close contender, especially suited to those who like a full-on look with lots of volume or the braver among us who like the idea of the bright blue option.

They’re Real! is a great option for a more subtle daytime look, especially in the brown.

However, the original BADgal Lash left a little to be desired and sadly wasn’t for us. The chunky bristle wand was tricky to work with and perhaps we’ve been spoilt in recent years with plastic wands that offer greater control and fewer clumps. 

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Benefit sells a range of mascaras promising different things. To determine which is the best Benefit mascara, once and for all, we’ve reviewed and ranked each one

As self-proclaimed make-up addicts, Benefit is a brand we’ve held in high regard for many years and its range of Benefit mascara is often rated highly by experts and influencers alike.

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However, with several varieties on offer, all claiming to add more volume, length, definition and general flutter than the last, how is one supposed to narrow it down? That’s where we come in!

We’ve spent the past month putting Benefit mascaras to the test – in various colours – to bring you a definitive guide on how they perform and which is the best Benefit mascara around. The ranking is missing the Benefit They’re Real! Magnet mascara as there was a problem with our sample but we’ll be adding this to the mix ASAP.

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Every Benefit mascara ranked

Each one of these Benefit mascaras was bought using our own money – none were gifted and Benefit didn’t have any input in this list. These are real-world results, used on natural lashes.

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5th place: BADgal Lash Benefit mascara

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mamabella rating: 2/5

BADgal Lash is an OG when it comes to Benefit mascara. The packaging is probably the most simplistic of the bunch, but the bright pink and black branding is synonymous with the BADgal range and if it’s not broke don’t fix it, right?

Personally, we found this mascara the trickiest to apply out of all of the Benefit mascaras we tried. The brush is a traditional bristle mascara wand but it’s very much on the large side. It was tricky to use without getting unwanted smudges, and it was hard (and often messy) trying to get down to the root.

In our real-world tests, we found this Benefit mascara needed a few layers to really get the dramatic effect we like, although it does build and layer well. On the plus side, it was easy to remove, something that can be a deal-breaker when you just want to fall into bed at night, and reduce damage to your lashes and sensitive skin around your eyes.

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4th place: Benefit They’re Real! Primer Mascara

Price: £22 | Buy now

mamabella rating: 3/5

Theyre Real primer benefit mascara comparisonLaura Adderley

The premise of Benefit’s They’re Real! Primer mascara is that (as its name suggests) it can serve as either a primer underneath a regular mascara for added oomph, or it can be worn alone as a subtle mascara.

We weren’t expecting it to be enough by itself, especially given our penchant for high-impact dramatic lashes but we were surprisingly impressed with it for offering a natural daytime look.

It layers well with any of the other mascaras and the brown shade looked flattered our blue eyes. It washed off super easily and the plastic wand made it easy to work with little risk of clumping.

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3rd place: They’re Real! Benefit mascara

Price: £22.50 | Buy now

mamabella rating: 3/5

The standard They’re Real! Benefit mascara comes in both brown and black so gave us options for a more natural daytime look as well as a darker evening look.

The packaging is the most grown-up of the lot, with a metallic curvy appearance. The wand is plastic and achieves good length and separation.

This Benefit mascara was easy to layer but did lack some of the volume of Roller Lash and BADgal Bang. Possibly best suited to those who like a more subtle look whilst still having a good amount of length and definition, both colours of the They’re Real! mascara lasted all day and were easy to remove.

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2nd place: Benefit BADgal Bang!

Price: £22.50 | Buy now

mamabella rating: 4/5

BADgal Lash’s edgier, grungier younger sister, this Benefit mascara really packs a punch. We tried both the black and the blue (frankly a terrifying prospect if you’re old enough to remember the last time neon blue mascara was de rigueur!) and unlike its older sibling, this mascara has a plastic wand and is narrow enough to get all the way down to the roots.

It provided unrivalled volume whilst also adding length and we found one coat was enough, but it was still possible to add a second coat.

More than two coats went a little clumpy as the wand does deliver a lot of product, but no matter how many layers we applied, this mascara lasted until bedtime. The downside to this staying power is that it was trickier to remove than the others in our best Benefit mascara list, and it required a few rounds with eye makeup remover, making it more likely to be a mascara saved for nights out.

The funky packaging is more modern whilst still featuring the unmissable bright pink logo. The blue was good fun, but probably something we would leave for summer festivals.

More recently, Benefit launched a waterproof version of its BADgal Bang! mascara. It holds the curl better than the original, but because it dries faster it’s not as easy to add multiple coats. Certainly not without leaving clumps. You can buy the original via the button below, or buy the waterproof version here.

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Winner: Roller Lash Benefit mascara

Price: £22.50 | Buy now

mamabella rating: 5/5

Where do we even start? We LOVE Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara and it was a clear winner from the very first use. Perfect coverage, curls that out-delivered even our best eyelash curler efforts, length, definition, long-lasting colour…we could go on about this Benefit mascara for weeks.

Having tried everything from lash extensions to lash lifts, falsies and curlers, plus well over 100 mascaras in our time, this is hands-down the best mascara we’ve used. Not just the best Benefit mascara, but the best mascara. Period.

It features a plastic curved wand that was super easy to get right down to the roots. It really only needs one coat but it still layered well for high-drama, evening looks.

Our Lashes felt flexible and the mascara didn’t smudge, at all. The beautiful baby pink and black retro packaging made it look wonderful on our dressing table. Come bedtime it was super easy to wash off. Roller Lash where have you been all our life?

If you can’t stretch to £22.50, we have found a cheaper alternative to this fantastic Benefit mascara in the form of the L’Oreal Mega Volume Baby Roll mascara which features in our best drugstore mascara list. 

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