Easy makeup looks and ideas for beginners

Easy makeup looks: Make a statement with these quick and easy makeup ideas

5th October 2020 | Author: Jenny Tai

There’s a reason why professionals are called makeup artists – there is a skill and art to the process that doesn’t come naturally to everyone, us included. If this sounds like you, but you still want to make a statement for a special occasions (or even a Zoom call, who are we to judge?) then we’ve scoured YouTube for the best easy makeup looks.

We’ve given easy makeup tips, as well as handpicked which products we recommend when attempting these simple makeup looks below and once you feel more confident in your abilities, or just want to experiment, check out our favourite eyeshadow looks guide.

This includes advice on colour theory and makeup as well how to know which eye shape you have.

Easy makeup looks for beginners

You can also explore all our expert advice from our resident makeup artist, Victoria Howe, on our How To page. This includes how to get a flawless base, how to apply eyeshadow, where to put concealer, and how to make your lips look bigger.

♥︎ Easy Makeup Looks: Cream Eyeshadow Stick

If you’re a beginner, we highly recommend opting for eyeshadow sticks when first experimenting with makeup.

They’re our go-to because you can blend with your fingers instead of makeup brushes if you’re not confident in using them just yet, and they give a soft finish.

Cream eyeshadow sticks are also super quick to apply. This means we can create fast, easy makeup looks with little room for error because there is more control of placement. Plus, being a cream eyeshadow means they don’t crack as much as powdered shades, which is great for mature skin and dry skin types.

Mamabella tip: Use the cream eyeshadow all over the lid and then go in with your index finger and blend it out, using a natural colour is great for an everyday look and we love the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Taupe. Just pop a dark shade on the outer corner of the eyes and blend with your finger for a more smokey evening look.

♥︎ Two-toned eyeshadow

Two-toned eyeshadow is one of the best easy makeup looks because it takes very little effort but gives you maximum impact and results. The video above uses bright colours but you can get a similar effect by simply choosing two complementary colours from the colour wheel. You can read more about colour theory here.

If you then opt for shades that suit your eye colour, it will make your eyes really pop. You also don’t need to go in as hard as the colours in this video.

Just a hint of two different colours along both lash lines can be enough to make a statement. Especially if use a lighter eyeshadow colour underneath to brighten the eye. This look is gorgeous with nude lips as the eyes are already making a statement for you.

mamabella tip: Use high-pigmented eyeshadows – we recommend Urban Decay Wired Palette and lots of jet black mascara like Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk Push Up mascara. If you have cheaper, or paler eyeshadows you can darken the colour by dipping your brush in water, or spraying it with setting spray, before application.

♥︎ Easy Makeup Looks: Winged Colour Liner

When we think of winged liner, we’re instantly drawn to the Feline Flick. This look is clean and impactful but is notoriously tricky – check out our guide to the best cheat products including The Quick Flick if you’re struggling with this.

However, a simpler route to take – and one of our go-to easy makeup looks – is to use colour liner and eyeshadow to create a similar effect.

There are a few of ways to master this look:

  1. Use a black liquid eyeliner to draw your desired wing and then draw a line directly above it using a coloured eyeliner of your choice
  2. Use a coloured eye pencil and draw on your wing liner, we love Charlotte Tilbury’s Eye Colour Magic Liner Duo
  3. Using a flat-tip brush, dip it into a bright coloured eyeshadow and “stamp” the colour onto the edges of your eye, following and extending the curve of your lower lash line. Wet the brush first to get a more intense colour.

mamabella tip: When using a coloured eye pencil, go over the winged liner with a eyeshadow that is the same colour as your eye pencil. This will prevent the colour from the pencil smudging and it will keep the line super sharp. Eye pencils tend to be oily so applying eyeshadow, or any powder, will seal the look. Take your time with this look and use small strokes to get your achieved winged look.

♥︎ Easy Makeup Looks: Bright Eyes

Let’s face it, there are times when we don’t get enough sleep and we need makeup to help disguise this. Or we want a fresh, natural easy makeup look that brightens our eyes and lifts our how complexion.

It’s not difficult, but you will need roughly four eye shadows that blend well together for this easy makeup look. Ensure one of them has a light shimmer.

The beauty of this look is that it’s very forgiving; applying the basic principles – even if your technique isn’t quite right – will still result in the overall effect.

mamabella tip: Use soft blending brushes, don’t be too heavy handed when applying the eyeshadow and this will look fresh and natural. We recommend Morphe 9T Neutral Territory Palette also keep a highlighter pencil close by to use under your eyebrows to give a lifted more awakened look.

♥︎ Soft Smokey Eye

A smokey eye can look intense and for beginners this can be slightly daunting.

This alternative, easy makeup look provides all the drama without the effort, plus you know need one dark and one light shade.

The great thing about a soft smokey eye is that you can actually build on this if you fancy that intense smokey look, or as you build in confidence. Soft-focused smokey eye looks can be great for an evening, too – just glam it up with a little shimmer on the eye line.

To nail this easy makeup look, use a soft blending brush dipped into the lighter shade and apply along the crease of your eye and blend out.

Then, with a fluffy packing brush, apply the darker shade all over the eyelids.

Go back in with your blending brush to softly blend between the crease of your eye. The look should be seamless with no harsh lines; it should be more of a blended ombre of colour and it doesn’t matter if the blending takes it beyond the edges of your eyes, that’s the beauty of this being a soft smokey eye look!

mamabella tip: Blending is key here, use a really fluffy soft blending brush to combine the two colours together. Again, take your time also remember it may look a little odd when you don’t have mascara on but when you do it brings the look all together. You can read more about choosing brushes in our Makeup brushes 101: How to use different types of makeup brushes guide.

♥︎ Easy Makeup Looks: Halo Eyeshadow

Halo eyeshadow, also referred to as Spotlight Eyes, is a makeup technique that gives the impression of larger rounder eyes.

To achieve this easy makeup look, use a lighter colour in the centre of your eyelids surrounded by a darker shade on either side. You can also use this method on the lower lash line to make your eyes look extra big.

This might look difficult to create – and granted it is slightly more tricky than some of the others in this easy makeup looks list – but it’s not as difficult as it first appears.

It’s similar to the smokey eye look but you add lighter shade to the middle of your lids and pack the colour in at the corners.

We recommend creating a smokey eye look, or even the two-toned eyeshadow look before applying concealer in the middle of your lid.

Using a small flat dense brush works really well for this and it creates a blank canvas for the lighter shimmer ‘halo’ shade to be added, and to stand out. This concealer trick is similar to that used for a cut crease, which you can read about in our best eyeshadow looks guide.

mamabella tip: Use vibrant tones, or bright colours to draw attention to the centre of your lids. If you don’t have anything like this, use a wet makeup brush and dip into a powder highlighter. A shimmer shade, or glitter also works well.

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