Dyson Supersonic Nural UK release date

Dyson Supersonic Nural UK: Everything you need to know about the new Dyson hair dryer

24th March 2024 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

The new Dyson Supersonic Nural hair dryer has a new Scalp Protect Mode, plus Attachment Learning and Pause Detect features

Dyson continues to push the boundaries of haircare tech with the launch of its Dyson Supersonic Nural.

Following the recent releases of the Dyson Airstrait, as well as the the professional-grade Supersonic r, Dyson’s latest dryer promises to bring all the performance and features of the original Supersonic, but with added sensors for protecting your scalp.

There’s been a rise in recent months of scalp care being taken more seriously in the realms of hair care products and tools. Study after study has stressed the importance of looking after your scalp in the same way you’d look after the skin on your face. Especially if you’re suffering from hair thinning or are looking for ways to get thicker, longer hair.

So it’s no surprise that Dyson has launched a hair tool dedicated to this trend. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Supersonic Nural and when it’s coming to the UK.

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Dyson Supersonic Nural UK

Dyson Supersonic Nural Is it Worth it?Dyson

In line with this trend, the new Dyson Supersonic Nural gets its name from the fact it features so-called Nural sensors. This is a proprietary technology, engineered by Dyson, that monitors temperature levels to protect the scalp and hair from damage.

By intelligently monitoring levels and adjusting airflow, the sensors make sure the Nural operates at what Dyson calls “a safe 55ºC (131ºF)” when in Scalp Protect Mode.

Dyson claims that this is best temperature for effective and comfortable hair drying, with minimal risk, based on tests in its lab.

“From our research into the science of hair, we know that there is a connection between the quality of hair and a healthy scalp,” said Shawn Lim, Head of Research, Dyson. “The scalp tissue comprises different layers, with the outermost layer serving as a barrier against external stressors. But when your scalp is damaged, moisture loss can occur, a key factor in our development of the Scalp protect mode feature. This helps to maintain scalp moisture levels, and allows for gentle drying.”

This new Scalp Protect Mode joins the standard heat and speed settings seen on the other Supersonics in the range. These include:

  • Speed: High, Medium and Low
  • Temperatures: 100°C/212°F in High, fast drying mode; 80°C/176°F on Medium; 60°C/176°F on Low; 55ºC (131ºF) on Scalp Protect Mode. Plus 28°C/82°F when using the Cool Shot button.

When you select each of these settings, there are now new lights in the body (or capsule) of the dryer that change colour to let you see, at a glance, which setting you’ve chosen.

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Attachment Learning and Pause Detect

Dyson Supersonic Nural Attachment LearningDyson

Elsewhere, the Supersonic Nural also features two new modes – Attachment Learning and Pause Detect.

With Attachment Learning, the new Supersonic automatically recognises and remembers your preferred settings for each attachment. For example, if you only ever use the Low setting when the diffuser is attached, the Supersonic Nural will automatically switch to this setting when the diffuser is attached.

While the inclusion of a motion-sensing accelerometer allows the dryer to pause automatically when set down, and start again when it’s picked up. This reduces airflow and noise and will be great for salons or similar.

In addition to its tech advancements, the Supersonic Nural has launched the new Wave+Curl diffuser. This diffuser joins:

  • Gentle air attachment: Evenly disperses airflow for fast yet gentle styling.
  • Styling concentrator: For precision styling.
  • Wide tooth comb: To stretch and lengthen hair, especially coily hair.
  • Flyaway attachment: Flattens frizz and shorter hairs for a smooth, shiny finish.

The new Dyson Supersonic Nural is available in new colours – Ceramic Patina and Topaz, or Vinca Blue and Topaz and is currently on sale in South Korea. It’s due to come to the UK in May, priced at £399.99.

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