Diptyque Advent Calendar price and release date

Everything you need to know about the 2023 Diptyque advent calendar

22nd November 2023 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

The Diptyque calendar is one of the most anticipated, albeit expensive advent calendars of the season. Here’s everything you need to know  

The Diptyque Advent Calendar is consistently one of the most expensive luxury advent calendars in the UK.

This is because it’s full of Diptyque beauty essentials, including bestselling makeup and skincare, as well as a range of Diptyque fragrances and home accessories, including candles.

The Diptyque Advent Calendar 2023 has now been officially unveiled. Here’s everything you need to know about the calendar including its price, contents, and release date.


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Diptyque Advent Calendar 2023

What is the 2023 Diptyque Advent Calendar?: The Diptyque Advent Calendar contains 25 of the premium fragrance brand’s bestselling candles, perfumes, and more at a highly discounted price, compared to what you’d pay separately for the products.

  • Diptyque Advent Calendar 2023 price: £390
  • Diptyque Advent Calendar 2023 release date: Available to pre-order now with calendars being delivered from 10 November.
  • Where to buy the 2023 Diptyque Advent Calendar: Diptyque

What’s inside the 2023 Diptyque Advent Calendar contents?

Diptyque Advent Calendar 2023Diptyque

The Diptyque Advent Calendar 2023 contains 21 products alongside four holiday decorations. We’ve listed what these products smell like or are designed to do in our Diptyque Advent Calendar Deep Dive section below. Click HERE to jump straight to that section.

The list of products include:

  • Do Son Eau de Toilette (10ml)
  • Do Son scented shower oil (10ml)
  • Eau Capitale Eau de Parfum (10ml)
  • Eau de Minthé Eau de Parfum (10ml)
  • Eau des Sens Eau de Toilette (10ml)
  • Eau Rose Eau de Parfum (10ml)
  • Fleur de Peau Eau de Parfum (10ml)
  • L’Ombre dans l’Eau Eau de Parfum (10ml)
  • Mini Baies (Berries) candle (35g)
  • Mini Coton (Cotton) candle (35g) (NEW)
  • Mini Coing (Quince) candle (35g)
  • Mini Délice (Delight) candle (35g) (NEW)
  • Mini Feu de Bois (Wood Fire) candle (35g)
  • Mini Figuier (Fig Tree) candle (35g)
  • Mini La Droguerie Odour Removing candle with Basil (35g)
  • Mini Pomander candle (35g)
  • Mini Roses candle (35g)
  • Mini Santal (Sandalwood) candle (35g)
  • Orphéon Refillable Solid Perfume (full size)
  • Philosykos scented soap (25g)
  • Small Sapin (Pine Tree) Candle (70g) (NEW)
  • Softening and Comforting Hand Wash (10ml)

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@victoria_woolly_web Day 8 of beauty advent calendar unboxing 🎁 A full-size @augustinusbader cream from @cultbeauty and the @hourglasscosmetics Setting Powder from @spacenk are highlights for me 🥰 I’ll be donating anything I don’t use to beauty banks and via the mamabella Reader Review panel #mamabella #advent #beautyadventcalendar #beautyadventcalendar2022 #beautyunboxingvideo #adventcalendarunboxing #glossyboxadventcalendar #spacenkadventcalendar2022 #macadventcalendar2022 #thewhitecompanyadventcalendar ♬ original sound – Victoria Woollaston-

What’s inside the 2023 Diptyque Advent Calendar contents?

Below we explain what each of the products in the 2023 Diptyque Advent Calendar smell like.

  • Do Son Eau de Toilette (10ml): This fragrance is said to be a floral tribute to the childhood memories of Yves Coueslant, one of Diptyque’s founders. It’s apparently inspired by the seaside along the pagoda where his mother used to stay in Halong Bay, Vietnam. It contains tuberose, sea salt, and berries.
  • Do Son Scented Shower Oil (10ml): This shower oil pairs with the Do Son fragrance and carries the same blend of tuberose, marine notes, and berries.
  • Eau Capitale Eau de Parfum (10ml): A “tribute to Paris, the city of a thousand faces”, this fragrance contains bergamot, rose, and patchouli.
  • Eau de Minthé Eau de Parfum (10ml): This features mint, nutmeg and patchouli.
  • Eau des Sens Eau de Toilette (10ml): This fragrance contains zest of bitter orange, juniper berry, and woody patchouli.
  • Eau Rose Eau de Parfum (10ml): Celebrating the rose flower, this fragrance includes notes of the Damascena rose and Centifolia rose.
  • Fleur de Peau Eau de Parfum (10ml): This is a fragrance with a musky, floral scent of iri and ambrettolide.
  • L’Ombre dans l’Eau Eau de Parfum (10ml): This scent is “reminiscent of a stroll in an English garden” and smells like Bulgarian rose petals and leaves of the blackcurrant bush.
Diptyque Advent Calendar 2023mamabella | mamabella
  • Mini Baies (Berries) Candle (35g): This candle combines the smell of roses with the sweet, slightly acidic notes of blackcurrant leaves.
  • Mini Coton (Cotton) Candle (35g): This is a new candle from Diptyque and smells of laundry or a cotton shirt.
  • Mini Coing (Quince) Candle (35g): The quince candle has a pear-like fragrance, which is both sweet and sour.
  • Mini Délice (Delight) Candle (35g): Another new addition, this candle smells like vanilla and caramel.
  • Mini Feu de Bois (Wood Fire) Candle (35g): This candle “captures the essence of a crackling fire”. It has woody, smoky scent.
  • Mini Figuier (Fig Tree) Candle (35g): This candle smells like a fig tree. It’s a balance of sweet, green, and woody notes.
  • Mini La Droguerie Odour Removing Candle with Basil (35g): This candle is designed to neutralise odors in the kitchen with the scent of basil.
  • Mini Pomander Candle (35g): This candle has a spicy, warm fragrance with notes of cinnamon, orange, and cloves.
  • Mini Roses Candle (35g): This candle has a pure rose fragrance with fruity undertones.
  • Mini Santal (Sandalwood) Candle (35g): Sandalwood is known for its smooth, creamy, and rich aroma.
  • Orphéon Refillable Solid Perfume (full size): Named after a bar near Diptyque’s first boutique, this perfume is a mix of woody, floral, and tobacco or leather notes.
  • Philosykos Scented Soap (25g): This soap carries the scent of Philosykos, which is all about the fig tree, which has green, woody, and milky notes of fig leaves and fruit.
  • Small Sapin (Pine Tree) Candle (70g): This candle smells like pine trees, from a forest or a freshly cut Christmas tree.

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