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Customised beauty: How to get personalised skincare, makeup and hair products tailored to YOU

9th June 2023 | Author: Lara Webster

In today’s market, the beauty industry is saturated with brands and products. There is an almost overwhelming variety of choices and brands have to seek innovative means of setting themselves apart to stand out from their competitors. This is where customised beauty comes in.

Consumers no longer want to settle for a “one-size-fits-all approach” and most of us want personalised skincare, makeup, and haircare that meets our individual needs.

Plus, with the science behind tailored formulations and their developments becoming more accessible, the beauty industry has seen a rise in the number of brands offering personalised services.

Below we take a look at the best ways to get hold of customised beauty products. We also list the best skincare builders – these are sites that don’t offer individually personalised products, but help you create personalised routines.

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Customised Beauty

From online skincare consultations to hair quizzes promising to determine your ultimate routine, there are now readily available options for customising your beauty products and finding treatments, products, and services tailored to your own unique needs.

♥︎ Skincare

Get customised skincare products sent through the post.

Skin + Me

Take the Skin+Me skincare test

Customised-beauty-skincare-from-skin-and-meJOANA GAUER/Skin+Me

What is it?: Skin + Me enables you to skip the dermatologist appointment whilst still benefiting from scientifically proven, prescription-strength ingredients

Price: From £19.99 a month.

What customised beauty services does it offer?: Skin +Me‘s subscriptions are shipped monthly to your door and all products come in packaging made from infinitely recyclable aluminum and card from FSC-registered forests. You can read more about this in our recycle logo quiz.

As these shipments are made-to-order, it means your Skin + Me prescriptions allow you to avoid retail markups as well as wasted products and packaging. With tailored ingredients suited to your skin type and its ever-changing needs, Skin + Me’s treatment plan also adapts and evolves in line with your skin’s requirements, with a promise to reformulate your cream for free if anything changes with your skin.

What quizzes or consultations do you need to do?: To receive your informed, tailored skincare treatment, you must complete Skin + Me’s online consultation.

This comes in the form of a multiple choice quiz, where you advise of your skin goals (to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve brightness and elasticity, combat rosacea, etc.), your age and gender, skin sensitivity, skin type (oily, dry combination, etc.) and, based on the Fitzpatrick scale, your skin colouring too!

In addition to this, the consultation asks you to submit responses relating to your lifestyle, skin confidence, and any other prescription treatments or medication you might be taking. Following this, you’re asked to create an account and away you go.

What you get sent and how often: If you prove to be eligible for a prescription, Skin + Me will send you a monthly ‘Daily Doser’ containing your personalised cream solution, that can be cancelled, paused, or restarted at any time.

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Take the Dermatica skincare test

Dermatica reviews customised skincareDermatica

What is it?: Similarly to Skin + Me, Dermatica offers tailored skincare prescriptions suited to your individual skin goals and requirements.

Price: £19.99 per 28 days

What customised beauty services does it offer?: With a mission to make expert dermatology both accessible and affordable, Dermatica pairs its monthly prescription treatments with a support platform where customers are able to build relationships with Dermatica’s medical professionals, manage their treatments, and receive informed advice and guidance.

Its skincare subscription package promises personalised skincare solutions, evidence-based prescription medicines and ongoing expert support. In addition to its personalised subscription packages, Dermatica also offers a selection of ready-made products, including a Purifying Cleansing Gel, Ultralight Recovery Moisturiser, and Azelaic Acid 20%.

What quizzes or consultations do you need to do?: To get up and running with Dermatica, you must complete a five-step online consultation that includes providing information on your skin concerns, your health and medical background, activating an account, uploading photos of your skin concerns for progress tracking, and an analysis from the dermatology team to create the optimal formula suited to your needs.

What you get and how often: Dermatica sends you a custom formula consisting of proven prescription ingredients. This customised treatment plan is carefully moderated and adjusted over time in line with your skin’s changing needs. In addition to this, the subscription package includes easy delivery and ongoing, free dermatology consultations.

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Function of Beauty skincare

Take the Function of Beauty skincare quiz

Function of Beauty skincareFunction of Beauty

What is it?: Function of Beauty started out as a customisable haircare brand – you can read more about their haircare quiz and range below – but it recently entered the world of skincare.  Similarly to Skin + Me and Dermatica, it offers tailored skincare suited to your goals and needs.

Price: £19 (cleanser); £44 (serum); £29 (moisturiser)

What customised beauty services does it offer?: At the time of writing, Function of Beauty offers a personalised cleanser, serum and moisturiser service.

What quizzes or consultations do you need to do?: To get your personalised Function of Beauty skincare, you need to take its Skin Serum Quiz. Questions range from asking what your skin type is, how often you wear makeup, and if your skin is sensitive. You’re then asked to pick your skin goals, and as you select them you’re shown the ingredients in the Function of Beauty serum that are designed to help with those concerns.

What you get and how often: If you sign up for a subscription, you’ll be charged £44 and sent a new bottle of serum every three months. If you subscribe, you’ll get free shipping. However, if you don’t want to subscribe, you can buy a one-off bottle. You’ll just need to pay £5 for shipping.

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♥︎ Haircare 

Get customised haircare products sent through the post.

Function of Beauty

function of beauty reviews customised shampoo and conditionerFunction of Beauty

What is it?: Function of Beauty provides customised shampoo and conditioner, promising to help you reach your hair goals.

What customised beauty services does it offer?: It formulates haircare products using ingredients that are selected to suit your hair structure, type, and moisture level, whilst also being suitable for your unique hair needs (fragrance-free, dye-free etc.). Function of Beauty also offers customised skincare and body products.

Price: £39 for a membership, with the order being resent every six months. As a new subscriber, receive a 20% discount and make your first purchase for £31.20.

What quizzes or consultations do you need to do?: Take a short online hair quiz to clarify what type of hair you have (curly, short, etc.), what your hair goals are (to volumize, straighten, brighten, strengthen, etc.)

Select a fragrance (or opt for fragrance-free), customise your products with a name and colour, and finally choose the size of your set, whether you want both shampoo and conditioner (or just one of either). You can also select whether you’d like to subscribe or purchase as a one-off.

What you get and how often: When you sign up to Function of Beauty with a Benefits’ membership, you receive 20% off your first 160oz hair set, early access to products, free shipping, and exclusive colours and fragrances.

Your order will automatically be replenished every six months and you are able to delay, pause or cancel the subscription at any time. Alternatively, you can purchase as a one-off and pay an additional £5 for the delivery costs.

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Take the Prose quiz (US only)

Prose US customised haircare reviewsProse

What is it?: This US-only brand combines natural ingredients with lab innovation and a track record for creating personalised hair products that work, offering you the chance to customise every product in your hair routine, from shampoos and conditioners right through to hair supplements and dry shampoos.

Price: The price varies depending on the product, but you will receive a 15% discount on each product when you subscribe as opposed to purchasing one-off items.

What customised beauty services does it offer?: Prose does this by factoring in everything from your hair type and goals, to your lifestyle, exercise routine, and even the weather in your hometown, continually combining your feedback with their R&D lab’s ingredients and formulation developments.

In addition to this, Prose is a certified B corporation, meaning that every time you shop with them, you’ll be buying from the first and only carbon-neutral custom beauty brand – exciting stuff!

What quizzes and consultations do you need to do: Complete an online hair consultation to submit your hair type, lifestyle, and hair goals. This includes everything from your age and hair concerns, hair washing, hair styling and exercise routine, to your diet, preference for vegan or silicone-free ingredients and favourite fragrances.

From this information, Prose creates a list of ingredients best suited to your tailored needs, and in turn, recommends a range of suitable products.

Depending on your results and answers, these products range from shampoo and scalp masks to leave-in conditioners, hair supplements, dry shampoos, and more.

What you get and how often: You can opt to buy any individual product as a one-off, or subscribe to receive this product more frequently. The subscription options include ordering 1, 2, or 3 of the products, once a month, once every two months, or once every three months.

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♥︎ Customised beauty: Makeup

Get customised makeup sent through the post.


customised foundation dcypher reviewsDcypher

What is it?: Dcypher creates foundation products that make battling to find the perfect foundation match a thing of the past.

What customised beauty services does it offer?: Paraben, sulphate, and cruelty-free, not to mention vegan, Dcypher’s foundation shades have been designed to match your unique skin shade.

In addition to finding a shade that actually matches your skin, Dcypher’s foundations can be customised to match your required moisture level, texture, and finish too.

As every one of their formulations is made within their lab, there are no set templates or uniform ingredients, meaning each foundation is entirely unique and personal to the customer. On top of this, Dcypher’s so confident you’ll love your match, they’ll give you your money back if you’re not totally satisfied.

What quizzes and consultations do you need to do: Dcypher’s one-minute online consultation entails a skin tone analysis before it customises your formula and shares your results. You are then able to select your products.

To analyse your skin tone, Dcypher requires that you submit make-up-free pictures of yourself taken in natural light, with no face shadows or glasses on. Three photos are taken to optimise your results, before you’re asked to enter your skin type (oily, balanced, or dry etc.), coverage preference (ultra sheer, sheer, medium, or full), and what finish you’re looking for (matte, natural, or radiant).

Finally, input your preferred undertone (warm to neutral, cool etc.), and you’re all set to review your formula.

What you get and how often: Upon completion of your online skin consultation, you’ll receive a custom foundation with a free trial foundation sample included. At checkout, you’ll have the option to add custom high drops and a professional complexion brush set to your order.

Price: A customised foundation costs £28, while a customised bottle of high-coverage drops cost £25. You can purchase a professional complexion brush set for £25 too. When you purchase a combination of items, you’ll receive a discount.

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