Lady Garden Foundation gynaecological cancer awareness month

#Vulvalution: Cult Beauty teams up with Lady Garden to get more people talking about gynaecological cancers

1st December 2020 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

Cult Beauty has teamed up with The Lady Garden Foundation to raise money for cancer charities through the sale of sex toys and tech as part of its #VULVALUTION.

The partnership began in September to mark Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month and it’s a campaign that is close to our hearts at mamabella having previously lost loved ones to both cervical and ovarian cancer.

The Lady Garden Foundation is a global charity funding essential research into cancers that affect women – namely ovarian, vulval, vaginal, cervical and womb cancers.

It was founded in 2014 to help fund advances in the treatment of these cancers at The Royal Marsden NHS Trust, and each of The Lady Garden’s eight founders have been touched by these cancers in some way.

Cult Beauty recently launched its Sexual Pleasure and Wellness category – where you can buy vibrators and other sex tech, supplements, feminine hygiene products, lube and more – and as part of its first official charity partnership, it is donating 10% from the sales of products on these pages to The Lady Garden charity.

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In particular, it will donate 10% of the profits from sales of its edit of supplements, cleansers and tech to The Lady Garden Foundation.

“The five gynaecological cancers (ovarian, vulval, vaginal, cervical and womb) are sometimes referred to as the ‘Silent Killers’ because there is relatively low awareness of early symptom signs,” said Jenny Halpern Prince, chairperson of The Lady Garden Foundation.

“Often by the time a diagnosis is made, the cancer can be advanced and therefore, the chances of survival are far lower. With an average mortality rate of 44%, understanding the symptoms of will save so many women’s lives.”

Ovarian cancer, as an example, is the sixth most common women’s cancer and the UK has one of the highest incidences of ovarian cancer in Europe.

Below we’ve listed a number of products from Cult Beauty’s Sexual Pleasure and Wellness edit if you’re keen on supporting the charity. Or you can support it directly via The Lady Garden website.

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♥︎ Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer

£169 | Buy now from Cult Beauty

As women get older, have children and go through the menopause, their pelvic floor muscles becomes weak which can impact their sexual wellbeing as well as disrupt bladder control. Anyone over a certain age or who has had children will know exactly what we mean by this if they’ve recently attempted to jump on a trampoline…!

This so-called Kegel trainer is recommended by experts as a way of  caring for and strengthening these muscles. You place it inside the vagina and, via a connected smartphone app, it will take you through a series of five-minute workouts.

With regular use, it can improve a whole host of issues including bladder control and lead to better or more regular orgasms, in addition to speeding up post-baby recovery and strengthening your pelvic muscles during pregnancy in preparation for childbirth.

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♥︎ Smile Makers The Fireman

£39.95 | Buy now from Cult Beauty

Speaking of orgasms, Cult Beauty sells a range of vibrators and sex tech for women and they come in all shapes and sizes. This one is called The Fireman and is part of the Smile Makers range.

It’s an external vibrator designed to stimulate the clitoris and the labia with its flame-shaped helmet. You can either place the ‘nose’ against your clitoris with the flame tip pointing down towards the vagina and covering the vulva, before applying pressure.

Or you can place the flame tip against the clitoris for a more-targeted touch. This can be used for solo sessions or with your partner during foreplay, while receiving oral or penetrative sex for added enjoyment.

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♥︎ Unbound Jelly lubricant

£15 | Buy now from Cult Beauty

Forget the days of using Vaseline (although it still does the job, of course), there is now a wide selection of lubricants you can use during sex. And they come in various formulations.

This Jelly lube is water-based and has a slight hint of vanilla and lemon, designed to make oral even more enjoyable.

It’s safe to use with condoms and toys and doesn’t have that sticky, gloopy consistency while being made from 95% organic ingredients. It’s additionally free from glycerine, parabens and petrochemicals, is 100% vegan and safe to use during pregnancy.

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♥︎ LELO Cleaning Spray

£8.90 | Buy now from Cult Beauty

And once you’ve finished using your toys and lube, you can use the LELO Cleaning Spray to remove all traces from your toys.

Its safe to use on all toys and is alcohol- and paraben-free. Spray it over your sex tech, wait five seconds and rinse.

This spray cleans and sterilises for your next use.

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