Issviva Cooling Bra Inserts for hot flushes in menopause

These cooling bra inserts can help deal with the hell of hot flushes during menopause

29th May 2024 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

Suffering from hot flushes? These cooling bra inserts promise to make the whole experience more comfortable as you navigate perimenopause and beyond

If you’re going through perimenopause, or even if you’ve read up on it ahead of the big event, you’ll know that one of the most common symptoms experienced by women everywhere are hot flushes.

According to a survey of 40,000 women across the UK, commissioned by Issviva, more than half (56.3%) have experienced, or are experiencing, hot flushes as they navigate perimenopause and menopause. Alongside tiredness, muscle aches, brain fog, trouble sleeping, mood swings and many more.

Carrying a fan, or cooling spray can help relieve the symptoms but they’re not always the easiest things to carry around with you which is why Issviva has released its cooling bra inserts.

Issviva Cooling Bra Inserts

Issviva Cooling Pads for perimenopause symptomsIssviva

The Issviva cooling bra inserts are made with the brand calls “Phase Change Material”. This gel-like material has been designed to pull heat away from the body on contact and provide and instant cooling effect.

Unlike other bra inserts that typically need to be put in the fridge, or prepared ahead of time, Issviva’s inserts work straight out of the box. After you’ve used them, you can remove them from the skin and they release the heat and the gel reverts to a solid at room temperature. You can also put them in the fridge if you need extra cooling, or as the weather gets hotter.

Although they’re bra inserts, meaning they’re curved and designed to fit around your boobs, you could in theory place them anywhere on your body wherever you’re feeling the flush the most.


Hot flushes are a sudden feeling of warmth that spreads over the body and face.

They’re typically caused by a drop in oestrogen levels that occur during perimenopause and menopause.

This drop in oestrogen disrupts how your body regulates your temperature and it messes with how your brain responds to heat changes.

They can also come in handy if your nipples are sore, from breastfeeding, during your menstrual cycle and beyond.

Hot flushes are a sudden feeling of warmth that spreads over the body, particularly the upper body and face.

They’re uncomfortable in their own right, but they can also cause redness and sweating.

The flushes can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes and are often followed by chills. The frequency and severity of hot flushes varies but if they come on while you’re trying to sleep, it can make menopause tiredness even worse. Not to mention it can exacerbate stress and anxiety.

The primary culprit is the change in hormone levels that occurs during perimenopause. Oestrogen levels drop significantly during this time, and this decline disrupts the body’s usual methods of regulating your temperature.

The brain’s hypothalamus, responsible for controlling body temperature, also becomes more sensitive to slight changes in body temperature. When it senses that the body is too warm, it triggers the skin blood vessels to dilate to release heat, which results in a hot flush.

The Issviva Cooling Bra inserts cost £19.99 for a pair of reusable pads. As long as you wipe the pads over and store them safely, they can be reused time and time again.

We explain more about what happens to your skin and hair during menopause, and have more recommendations for how to deal with menopause symptoms in our natural menopause treatments guide. We also have a hub dedicated to over 50s beauty to help you handle the transition at such a turbulent time of your life.

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