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Study finds a quarter of women hate the way they look – and almost a fifth feel worthless

2nd September 2020 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

A shocking – yet not entirely unsurprising – study has found just how much women are struggling with self-confidence in the era of social media.

Commissioned by hair straightener giant Cloud Nine, the survey found that almost a quarter (24%) of young women in the UK “hate” the way they look.

A little over a third (35%) have been reduced to tears when looking in the mirror and 29% have cancelled plans because they felt self-conscious about their appearance.

Almost half (46%) of the women polled say that they have had days completely ruined by seeing themselves in the mirror, while 57% simply do not believe it when their friends or partner tell them they look good.

In fact, only a fifth of the women surveyed said they are happy with how they look without makeup, with women generally spending an average of 5.3 hours every month scrolling through YouTube makeup tutorials.

Beyond facial appearance, 28% of women surveyed admitted to wearing baggy clothes to disguise their figures.

This is a large part of why we set up mamabella. We wanted to be a real site for real women (and men) who don’t feel like the beauty industry sees them.

Whether that’s because of their age, their race, their wobbly bits or because they can’t afford to spend hundreds each month on premium gear. And it’s studies like that this that inspired us.

It is easy to blame social media but according to the survey, 62% described the pressure to look good are being “unbearable” with almost half (48%) saying social media makes them feel unattractive, compared to others.

Shockingly, 23% said it was so bad, it made them feel “worthless.”

Martin Rae, CEO at Cloud Nine: “We were shocked to see just how many young British women are suffering from a crisis in confidence when it comes to their looks.

“We are concerned that the beauty industry is having a negative effect on women everywhere and that’s why we’re taking a stand. We want to encourage women of all ages to embrace their natural look and feel confident in themselves.”

Cloud Nine’s study has been commissioned to promote its Kind Collection. Sales from this collection raise funds for the mental health charity Mind, which helps people suffering from a range of mental health issues.

For every Kind Collection Original Iron sold, the company will donate £10 to Mind and an Original Iron in this range costs £149. While the Touch Iron is £129. Both come in a cute pastel blue colour.

If you are concerned about your appearance, especially to the point where you feel that it’s impacting your life and relationships, you can contact Mind using its online help tool. From this page, you’ll find a selection of ways to contact the charity and seek support.

You can also email us at any time of the day.

Our founder Victoria has had mental health issues in the past and some connected to her appearance so we’re here to support you as well. Even if it’s just a way to help you get the professional help you may need or want.

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