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CHI Haircare comes to Amazon UK: Farouk Shami’s cheap range uses NASA research to improve your locks

25th May 2021 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

When it comes to developing haircare products that actually work as promised, who better to trust than the researchers at NASA. That was the thinking behind the CHI Haircare brand when it was set up by Farouk Shami, the stylist who runs the Farouk laboratory in Texas.

CHI stands for Cationic Hydration Interlink and the CHI44 formula was developed with the help of NASA to strengthen, hydrate, and penetrate the inner structure of the hair for deep, effective treatments.

It’s one of the most popular hair care brands in the US and has long sponsored Miss Universe and Miss USA events, and now it’s finally coming to the UK via Amazon. The range is only currently available to pre-order, and prices start at just £3 but seeing as it occupies 13 of the Top 20 Hottest products on Amazon (at the time of writing) we imagine they will sell out quickly.

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Buy CHI haircare on Amazon

CHI haircare UK

In the CHI Haircare range are shampoos, conditioners, treatments, heat defence sprays, and styling products designed for all hair types from dry to flat, curly, coloured, or damaged. Its Keratin range, in particular, is perfect for hair that’s not looking its best.

There’s even a range for dogs…we’re not joking!

Below we’ve picked our top CHI Haircare products and you can explore the full range on Amazon here.

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♥︎ CHI Plus Moringa Argan Oil

£14.50 | Buy now from Amazon

Where to buy CHI haircare in UK Argan oilCHI

Argan oil is a popular moisturiser for skin and hair because it is full of fatty acids, including oleic acid and linoleic acid which restore moisture to the hair and leave it looking fuller.

Meanwhile, Moringa contains both Vitamins A and B which both nourish the hair and help it to grow faster and thicker.

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Buy now from Amazon

♥︎ CHI Keratin Leave-in Conditioner

£11.99 | Buy now from Amazon

CHI keratin leave in conditioner UKCHI

This leave-in conditioner forms part of the wider CHI Haircare Keratin collection and is described as “reconstructing treatment”.

It comes in a spray and is designed to infuse damaged hair with natural keratin. Keratin is a protein found naturally in hair and this spray conditioner helps rebuild the cuticle which, in turn, helps the hair to grow stronger and faster.

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♥︎ CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil Gentle Cleansing Shampoo

£38.25 | Buy now from Amazon

CHI Luxury shampoo UKCHI

CHI Luxury is the name for the premium range of haircare products from the Farouk Lab and this is one of the more pricey items in the collection. In our view, though, we believe it’s worth the investment.

As its name suggests, this shampoo gently cleanses hair and gets rid of dirt, sweat build-up and dead skin cells without being too harsh on your delicate scalp. It helps to revitalise the hair for fuller, thicker hair strands and this helps boost volume and body.

You can get a dry oil and a conditioner in this range and, while they’re more pricey compared to standard CHI Haircare products, a little goes a long way and the bottles are huge. This might mean it makes more economical sense to fork out for the Luxury range instead of buying standard bottles twice.

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♥︎ CHI Haircare Keratin K-Trix 5 Smoothing Treatment

£12.30 | Buy now from Amazon

CHI keratin smoothing treatment UKCHI

This thermal-activated smoothing treatment is not too dissimilar to an at-home Brazilian blow-dry treatment. It uses natural keratin to help straighten and smooth the hair and the results last up to five washes.

The CHI Haircare K-Trix 5 treatment comes in the form of hairspray and is infused with Argan and Monoi oils to leave hair feeling silky. It also protects from heat styling.

Buy now from Amazon

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