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Eye Colour Magic: Meet the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palettes designed to match your eye colour

7th May 2020 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

Rather than creating looks and products based around themes or fashion, Charlotte Tilbury has announced a range of new timeless eyeshadow palettes designed to suit every eye colour.

The range, called Eye Colour Magic, features four new palettes in Charlotte’s Luxury range designed to make your eyes sparkle using colour theory. As we explain in our colour theory guide, it’s a theory used by artists – both traditional and makeup – to enhance features through the use of complementary colours. It’s also crucial in hair colour theory as well, which you can read more in our What hair colour suits me? guide. 

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A colour’s complementary colour is found directly opposite it on the colour wheel and when these two colours are placed side-by-side, they create contrast which acts to accentuate certain features. Alternatively, when they’re mixed, they help to cancel each other out or at least they help to neutralise the strength of one of the colours.

With this in mind, the four new Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palettes are aimed at enhancing the four main eye colours – blue, brown, green and hazel. 

Of course, only because these palettes have been developed with these eye colours in mind, it doesn’t mean you’re only allowed to use the one for your particular colour. 

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How to use a Luxury Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette

As with all of the Luxury Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette range, there is a colour for each stage of building your eyeshadow looks.

Top left is your Prime shade – as the name suggests, this is used to prime your eyelid with a light base colour.

The top right shade is the Enhance shade. This shade is applied to the crease and along your eye socket to create lift definition. You can also apply some of the Enhance shade along your bottom lash line. 

The bottom right colour is the Smoke colour, and is the darkest of the four. This is put in the outer corner of your eye, up to your crease to create a shadow. This makes your eyes look larger and draws people’s vision across the lid. This can also go along the lower lash line. 

The final colour is known as the Pop colour and this is applied to the centre of your eyelid and towards the inner corner. 

You can read more about How to apply eyeshadow in our expert tutorial. 

Mesmerising Maroon Charlotte Tilbury palette for green eyes

£40 | Buy now from Charlotte Tilbury

Finally, the Luxury palette designed with green eyes in mind is called Mesmerising Maroon and shades of maroon, purple, violet and champagne pink. These complementary opposites make olive tones in green eyes look emerald and are matched by the Eye Colour Magic Liner Duo in Mesmerising Maroon.

For more options, including cheaper eyeshadow palettes for green eyes, check out our What eyeshadow goes with green eyes? guide.

Buy Mesmerising Maroon now

The Rebel Luxury Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette for hazel eyes

£40 | Buy now from Charlotte Tilbury

The Rebel isn’t a brand new palette, it’s been on sale for some time but it’s being almost rebranded as part of the new range. It features khaki, olive and cool gold tones targeted at hazel eyes but because green is in the centre of the colour wheel, it’s universally flattering, making it the perfect shade for all eye colours. 

You can additionally buy a duo eyeliner, called Eye Colour Magic Green Lights, which has a matte and metallic khaki-green combination. At the time of writing, the eyeliner itself has sold out but you can sign up to be notified when it’s back in stock. 

For more options, including cheaper eyeshadow palettes for hazel eyes, check out our What eyeshadow goes with hazel eyes? guide.

Buy The Rebel palette now

Copper Charge Luxury palette for blue eyes

£40 | Buy now from Charlotte Tilbury

This new palette consists of four bronze-copper tones including a champagne gold, rose-copper, russet brown and gold shimmer pan designed to make blue eyes sparkle. These colours also suit brown eyes. 

This palette can be paired with the new Eye Colour Magic Liner Duo in Copper Charge eyeliner. This is our favourite palette of the four and particularly suits our greeny/blue eyes. Below is a shot from our founder Victoria’s Instagram page showing what the colours look like in real-life. 

For more options, including cheaper eyeshadow palettes for blue eyes, check out our What eyeshadow goes with blue eyes? guide.

Buy Copper Charge palette now


Super Blue Luxury Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette for brown eyes

£40 | Buy now from Charlotte Tilbury

This blue eyeshadow palette features hues of gold, navy and shimmering blues to make brown eyes pop. It can also brighten blue eyes.  

Like the Copper Charge palette, the Super Blue palette has a matching Eye Colour Magic Liner Duo in Super Blue eyeliner. 

For more options, including cheaper eyeshadow palettes for brown eyes, check out our What eyeshadow goes with brown eyes? guide.

Buy the Super Blue palette now

Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette review: Is it worth the money?

Before we detail the new Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palettes for green, blue, hazel and brown eyes, we thought we’d give a quick review to let you know if these palettes are worth your money. 

Is a Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette worth it?Mamabella

Our founder Victoria wearing the Mesmerising Maroon palette

The beauty of having all four colours in one palette means you’ve effectively got everything you need to create a stunning eyeshadow look without the risk of clashing tones or colours. This is especially the case with the Eye Colour Magic palettes. Each colour has been designed specifically to complement one another and individual eye colour tones. 

The downside to having only four colours is that it does limit the palettes’ versatility somewhat, which at £40 means you’re paying a lot for a single look. Of course, you can mix things up, but there’s not a huge range of options. When you compare this to Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palettes, for example, you get 14 shades and a brush for £46. 

The pigment on the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette range is good, but you really have to build the colours to the levels you’ll see in the marketing shots below. We’ve included a shot of what our founder’s eyes look like with the Copper Charge palette in the embedded Instagram profile below and, as you can see, the colours are more muted than we expected. 

The positive to this, though, is that these palettes are perfect for both day and night and you can be heavy handed without going too far by accident. 

The formulation of the shimmery shades is a little powdery, which creates a small amount of fall – when eyeshadow lands on your cheek as you apply it – but the matte formulations don’t have the same problem. 

In summary, we think the Charlotte Tilbury palette range is worth the money and we’re big fans, but they’re not the kind of palettes that you can collect in the way you can with others so you’re best choosing one or two that suit you best, and cover a range of events. 

In the wake of the ongoing coronavirus lockdown, Charlotte Tilbury has also launched a Virtual Try On tool that lets you – you guessed it – virtually try on all of the Luxury eyeshadow palettes in his Eye Colour Magic range, as well as a host of other products via your phone. These include all of the Luxury palette colours, the entire Pillow Talk range, bronzers, eyeliners and more. 

Try Charlotte's Virtual Try on

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