Boots Glow Brightening Mist

Boots Glow is the latest super affordable skincare brand from the high-street giant

23rd September 2020 | Author: Jenny Tai

Boots has been slowly and steadily carving a reputation as being the UK’s leading beauty retailer.

Not only does it now sell some of the makeup and skincare industry’s greatest brands – from Huda Beauty to Fenty Beauty and Too Faced –  but it’s also got a great range of its own-brand products under both the Boots, and the No7 brands.

It wasn’t that long ago Boots launched Boots Ingredients – a skincare range inspired by the likes of The Ordinary and The Inkey List, designed to simplify skincare and make it affordable and accessible.

With Boots Ingredients we love the fact that all of its products are priced under £7, and now Boots has gone a step further with the launch of its Boots Glow range.

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Boots Glow

Boots Glow launched earlier this year with clean packaging, simple formulas, and a low price. All the items in the Boots Glow range are £5 or less and there are 11 products, with something to suit all skin types.

This includes oils, moisturisers, and serums. What’s more the three pineapple Boots Glow products are fantastic alternatives for Glow Recipe’s Pineapple-C Serum without the price tag to match.

Below we’ve listed the best-selling Boots Glow products in the fantastic range to get you started. And – for a limited time – it’s available in the latest Boots sale 3-for-2 skincare promotion.

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♥︎ Boots Glow Cleansing Oil

£4 | Buy now from Boots

We love that you you can get 100ml of this brilliant cleansing oil for just £4.

You can match this oil cleanser with the brand’s cleansing stick – if you’re double cleansing – and Boots Glow’s cleansing oil easily removes dirt and makeup from your pores while leaving your skin looking bright and more radiant.

Boots recommends using the cleansing oil with a cotton pad or a muslin cloth, sweep over the face and rinse thoroughly with water. Adding a little water will make this oil cleanser transform into a milky formula. We love that fact it doesn’t leave a greasy residue and how easy it takes makeup off.

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♥︎ Brightening Mist

£4 | Buy now from Boots

Another 100ml product for just £4, this is a microfine mist that refreshes and brightens your skin tone, all while leaving your skin feeling hydrated.

This is a great little product you can keep in your bag when you’re out and about. Use the mist in the morning after you’ve cleansed to wake up the skin or keep your skin hydrated during the evening.

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♥︎ Moisturising Cream

£4 | Buy now from Boots

Boots Glow Moisturising Cream is a lightweight cream that keeps the skin hydrated; brightening your complexion as well as smoothing.

This cream can be used morning and night. Boots recommends patting moisturising cream into the skin and, because it contains the wonder ingredient niacinamide, your skin will be soothed and improved.

It will also help build proteins in the skin to lock in moisture.

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♥︎ Boots Glow Pineapple Serum

£5 | Buy now from Boots

This serum is a worthy alternative for the Glow Recipe Pineapple-C Serum, yet while the Glow Recipe version is £46, this Boots version is just a fiver!

Boots Pineapple serum smooths and cares for skin and it can be used morning and night under moisturiser.

We love how the serum has a gel texture that leaves the skin refreshed and fresh, and the pineapple scent isn’t as strong as you may think. The serum is lightweight, non-sticky and leaves the skin nicely hydrated.

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♥︎ Boots Glow Pineapple Gel Moisturiser

£5 | Buy now from Boots

With pineapple extract inside the gel moisturiser, this product has been formulated to even out skin tone and texture.

Pineapple is a natural pure ascorbic acid which is a great Vitamin C serum – it’s also found in our favourite Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub – and the Boots Glow Pineapple Gel Moisture has uses it to help with hyper-pigmentation.

Boots recommends using this morning and night, patting gently into the skin.

Being a gel moisturiser, it leaves the skin feeling refreshed and awakened and makes this moisturiser more suitable for oily/combination skin types.

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