Best eyeshadow stick UK recommend tried and tested

Best eyeshadow stick UK: Our recommended sticks from Bobbi Brown to Laura Mercier

22nd December 2023 | Author: Katherine O'Shea

Here is our pick of the best eyeshadow stick for all eye colours and budgets from the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow stick to Laura Mercia and more

If you love adding a bit of colour to your eyes, you’ll know that powder can be messy, often comes in bulky palettes and you have to have an applicator to hand.

That’s why eyeshadow sticks are a great choice because they save you time and are much easier to apply.

An eyeshadow stick can give you an all-over colour, can be used to add a little sparkle, or you can use more than one shade to add more depth to your eyeshadow looks.

They’re designed with convenience in mind and are very versatile and the creamy consistency of an eyeshadow stick means you’ll have no powder left on your cheeks, which is an extra benefit, particularly if you’ve already applied your foundation.

If you need to do any blending, you only need your finger, so that’s also one less thing to think about packing, or having to find in your handbag.

Plus, they can double up as eyeliners and even lip liners (depending on the shades)

Here’s our pick of the best eyeshadow stick for all eye colours and budgets from the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow stick to Laura Mercia and more.

Best eyeshadow stick: Top recommended


  • Editor’s Pick: Illamasqua Eye Paint Longwear Liquid Eyeshadow
  • Budget Buy: Soap & Glory Lid Eyeshadow Stick Coco Crush & Golden Crush
  • Luxury Buy: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick
  • Julep Eyeshadow 101 Crème to Powder Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick
  • Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour
  • Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencil
  • Tarte Quick Stick Waterproof Shadow and Liner

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Best eyeshadow stick reviews

Below are our more detailed reviews of our favourite eyeshadow sticks. We’ll add to this list as the tests continue.

Editor’s Pick: Illamasqua Eye Paint Longwear Liquid Eyeshadow

£19 | BUY NOW

Illamasqua Eyeshadow Stick reviewIllamasqua

These eyeshadow sticks from Illamasqua are intensely pigmented, so you’ll likely only need one stroke to apply. The colour will last up to 12 hours and is waterproof and transferproof.

You can stick to the one shade on its own, or easily blend a second shade, to create a softer look.

There’s a range of colours including:

  • Chai Custard: Cool Vanilla Cream
  • Darjeeling Ink: Warm Nude Brown
  • Lapsang Fun: Cool Nude Brown
  • Caffeine Fix: Deep Chocolate Brown
  • Matcha Chic: Teal Green
  • Ginger Mocha: Warm Terracotta
  • Lavender Brew: Dusty Purple
  • Rose Latte: Mauve Pink

We think these are an excellent choice, particularly if you’re an eyeshadow stick beginner.

Since launching, Illamasqua has had rave reviews, mainly down to its innovative formulas and ensuring all of its products are cruelty-free. Celebrity fans include Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Rita Ora.


Budget Buy: Soap & Glory Lid Eyeshadow Stick Coco Crush & Golden Crush

£7.99 | BUY NOW

Soap and Glory eyeshadow stick reviewSoap and Glory

This is a dual-ended eyeshadow stick that features two colours that blend perfectly together or can be used individually.

Coco Crush is a dark brown shade, while Golden Crush is a caramel colour and this eyeshadow stick works great for sunkissed finishes, including the Latte Makeup look.

Both pencils have a velvety consistency that won’t smudge once they’ve set and the formula is vegan, and cruelty-free.

The pigment isn’t as strong as other eyeshadow sticks we’ve featured, but if you want a subtle look for work or daytime activities, or you want to give eyeshadow sticks a go without breaking the bank, then these will work well.


Luxury Buy: Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Stick

£27 | BUY NOW

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow SticksBobbi Brown

One of the original and most popular products in this category is the Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Stick, or to give it its full name, the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick.

As the name suggests, the sticks have a creamy consistency and the colour lasts for hours. We love the twist design, meaning you don’t have to sharpen the sticks, and we love how many shades there are.

Among the 26 colours are browns, mauves, pinks and greys meaning there should be something here for most skin tones, and whether you want a subtle, or more vibrant look. The full list of shades is below:

Bobbi Brown eyeshadow stick swatchesBobbi Brown eyeshadow stick swatches
  • Vanilla: Creamy White
  • Bark: Deep Brown
  • Golden Pink: Shimmery Pink
  • Golden Bronze: Warm Bronze
  • Taupe: Neutral Beige
  • Dusty Mauve: Soft Purple
  • Nude Beach: Light Beige
  • Truffle: Rich Brown
  • Stone: Grey Beige
  • Malted Pink: Soft Pink
  • Incandescent: Bright White
  • Moonstone: Pale Silver
  • Mica: Light Grey
  • Golden Amber: Warm Amber
  • Mulberry: Dark Berry
  • Forest: Deep Green
  • Espresso: Dark Coffee
  • Smokey Topaz: Dark Grey
  • Antique Rose: Vintage Pink
  • Toast: Warm Tan
  • Golden Light: Light Gold
  • Smokey Quartz: Dark Taupe
  • Ruby Shimmer: Glittery Red
  • Bellini: Peachy Pink
  • Pink: Classic Pink
  • Bronze: Metallic Brown

These sticks are expensive but because they’re so pigmented, you only need to use a small amount. Plus, you’re paying for the long-wear formula and how easy they are to apply.


Julep Eyeshadow 101 Crème to Powder Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick

£13 each or £22 for two | BUY NOW

Julep Eyeshadow Stick reviewJulep

We love this eyeshadow stick because it has the colour on one end, and a blending sponge/smudger attached to the other end. This means you have a choice of blending options when applying, making it a particularly great on-the-go stick.

There are an incredible 36 shades to choose from ranging from matte to shimmer and metallic finishes and there’s also the option to buy a pair of these eyeshadow sticks in complementary colours. By buying a duo – of which there are six shade options to choose from – you also save £4 than buying them separately.

All the different shades contain Vitamin C and Vitamin E helping to nourish your eyelids and they’re made using candelilla wax, which helps to make this eyeshadow easy to glide on.

The full list of shades and duos is as follows:

  • Champagne Shimmer: Sparkling Beige
  • Snowfall Matte: Pure White
  • Taupe Shimmer: Subtle Grey-Brown
  • Smoky Amethyst Shimmer: Deep Purple
  • Mink Mauve Metallic: Soft Purple Metallic
  • Stone Matte: Neutral Grey
  • Golden Rose Shimmer: Soft Rose Gold
  • Putty Matte: Light Beige
  • Bronze Shimmer: Rich Bronze
  • Sand Shimmer: Light Sandy Beige
  • Desert Matte: Warm Earthy Brown
  • Ginger Matte: Spicy Brown
  • Rose Shimmer: Delicate Pink
  • Russet Shimmer: Deep Rust
  • Orchid Shimmer: Vibrant Purple
  • Blush Pink Metallic: Soft Pink Metallic
  • Charcoal Matte: Dark Grey
  • Rainstorm Shimmer: Moody Blue
  • Mint Matte: Fresh Green
  • Meadow Shimmer: Soft Green
  • Khaki Green Shimmer: Deep Olive
  • Vanilla Matte: Creamy Off-White
  • Silver Moonlight Metallic: Bright Silver
  • Clay Matte: Warm Earth
  • Tigers Eye Shimmer: Golden Brown
  • Copper Shimmer: Metallic Copper
  • Caramel Matte: Warm Brown
  • Clove Shimmer: Spicy Brown
  • Papaya Matte: Bright Orange
  • Galaxy Grey Metallic: Dark Grey
  • Onyx Black Matte: Deep Black
  • Lavender Matte: Soft Purple
  • Lilac Matte: Light Purple
  • Periwinkle Matte: Soft Blue
  • Sapphire Shimmer: Deep Blue
  • Midnight Blue Shimmer: Dark Navy
  • Ochre Matte: Mustard Yellow
  • Honey Gold Metallic: Rich Gold
  • Warm Gold Shimmer: Soft Gold
  • Marigold Matte: Bright Yellow
  • Mahogany Matte: Dark Brown
  • Bronze Shimmer & Warm Gold Shimmer Duo: Bronze and Gold Combo
  • Champagne Shimmer & Desert Matte Duo: Beige and Brown Combo
  • Champagne Shimmer & Pearl Shimmer: Beige and White Combo
  • Pearl Shimmer & Rose Shimmer Duo: White and Pink Combo
  • Sand Shimmer & Ginger Matte Duo: Beige and Brown Combo
  • Taupe Shimmer and Stone Matte Duo: Grey and Grey Combo

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour

£26 | BUY NOW

Laura Mercier Eyeshadow StickLaura Mercier

The Laura Mercier Eyeshadow Stick is an icon because it glides on easily, thanks to its creamy consistency, yet will last for up to 12 hours. This is one of the best eyeshadow sticks for mature eyes, like ours, because once it’s set you don’t have to worry about it accentuating your lines or creases.

Its famous creamy consistency also means that you can smudge, blend or define the pigment without having to rush before it dries.

There are only 11 colours to choose from, ranging from magenta hues to subtle pearls and depending on the colour you choose you may need to bolden up the colour with more than one swipe, but that also means you can choose the depth of colour you want.

Laura Mercier Eyeshadow Stick swatchesLaura Mercier

The shades include:

  • Au Natural: Natural Beige
  • Brick: Deep Red
  • Café Noir: Dark Brown
  • Caramel: Warm Brown
  • Cobblestone: Grey Brown
  • Dune: Sandy Beige
  • Dusk: Soft Grey
  • Midnight Blue: Dark Blue
  • Peach: Soft Peach
  • Sepia: Warm Taupe
  • Vanilla Kiss: Light Cream

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencil

£22 | BUY NOW

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon eyeshadow stickCharlotte Tilbury

Unlike the majority of the eyeshadow sticks we’ve featured this is a pencil, rather than a twist-up stick which makes it a little harder to manage over time. We’ve scratched our eyelids a couple of times on the sharp edges!However, we couldn’t not include it in our best eyeshadow stick list because of just how effective each one is. Each shade that we’ve tried, which includes Pillow Talk, Champagne Diamonds and Amber Haze, is highly pigmented and lasts for hours.

Plus, because you can sharpen this stick it’s also more precise than others we’ve listed, and it means it can double up as an eyeliner.

What’s helpful is there’s a list of the colour options from Charlotte Tilbury describing which colour eyeshadow pencil suits each eye colour, too, making it easier to choose!

Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow stick swatchesCharlotte Tilbury
  • Amber Haze: Antiqued Amber, for Brown Eyes
  • Pillow Talk: Shimmering Nude-Pink
  • Black Diamonds: Sparkling Black, for Blue Eyes
  • Bronzed Garnet: Metallic Red-Toned Bronze, for Green Eyes
  • Champagne Diamonds: Light Shimmer Champagne, for Blue Eyes
  • Smokey Emerald: Sparkling Green, for Hazel Eyes
  • Dark Pearl: Sparkling Grey, for Brown Eyes
  • Amethyst Aphrodisiac: Sparkling Purple, for Green Eyes
  • Golden Quartz: Sparkling Gold, for Hazel Eyes

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Tarte Quick Stick Waterproof Shadow and Liner

£23 | BUY NOW

Tarte Eyeshadow Stick reviewTarte Eyeshadow Stick review

It can sometimes be hard to match your eyeliner to your eyeshadow shade, but the hard work is done for you with this eyeshadow stick from Tarte.

This is a double-sided pencil that has a waterproof eyeliner at one end and an eyeshadow stick on the other. The colour from the eyeshadow stick won’t crease and smudge after application and the eyeliner pairs with it perfectly.

Other benefits of this one are the good-for-skin ingredients including Vitamin E (which has antioxidant properties) and mineral pigments for a smooth finish.


Best eyeshadow stick UK: What to look out for

When starting with eyeshadow sticks you don’t want one that drags across your eyelid. Instead, you’re looking for an eyeshadow stick that is smooth and blendable. A creamy eyeshadow stick is therefore the easiest to use.

A good eyeshadow stick will also have a nice pointy tip that makes application that much easier.

Once you get a bit more confident you can be more detailed with your colour application, and add it to the corners of your eyes with a second colour and so on. Having a more defined tip will make this a lot easier to get the eyeshadow where you want.

It’s really easy to use your finger to blend your eyeshadow stick colour, but you may prefer to use a brush or sponge. If this is you then you’ll like the double-ended eyeshadow sticks that have a blending brush attached, so you don’t need to have an extra tool with you.

You can also get dual-ended eyeshadow sticks that have two different colours that work perfectly together to give you a two-tone lid colour.



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