Best eyelash growth serum for lashes and brows

Best eyelash growth serums: Strengthen and lengthen your lashes and brows with these serums

23rd July 2020 | Author: Amira Arasteh

If you constantly bemoan your short, straight lashes, or your eyebrows took a hit in the 1990s when it was en vogue to have them pencil thin, buying the best eyelash serum could be your saviour.

The best eyebrow growth serums contain peptides, vitamins and amino acids that claim to stimulate hair growth, as well as nutrients for thicker, longer hair. Brushing your eyelashes – and your eyebrows – once or twice a day is said to give you longer lashes and brows if used for a number of months. 

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Do they actually work though? The science in the bottle says there’s no reason why they shouldn’t; if you were using hair products with these ingredients on the hair on your head, there’d be little dispute. The success, however, depends on how often you use them and how much of a difference you’re after.

They’re not a miracle solution and if your lashes are particularly short, growth serums aren’t going to give you the length and curl you get from falsies, but they may make them thicker and more visible. They’re also great for stemming hair loss as we get older, which can cause our eyelashes and brows to become thinner. 

There’s a variety of eyelash serums to choose from, from expensive, specialist products by brands such as RapidLash and RapidBrow, to serums from makeup and skincare brands so we’ve put the best ones to the test to discover which are worth your time, and which are a waste. 

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Best eyelash growth serums

  1. Editor’s Pick: Shiseido Full Lash Serum£42
  2. Best Bargain Buy: No7 Lash Impact Lash Serum£16
  3. Best Luxury Buy: Revitalash AdvancedFrom £89
  4. Best growth serum for short lashes: Rapid Brow & Rapid Lash Serum Duo£65.44
  5. Best serum for both lashes and brows: Rodial Lash & Brow Booster £40

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1. Editor’s Pick: Shiseido Full Lash Serum

£37 | Buy now from Lookfantastic

Why we love it: This lightweight serum from Shiseido coats your individual lashes and brow hairs with a swipe of keratin, while also being enriched with the amino acid arginine to promote growth in the hair follicles.

This serum hydrates and moisturises the lashes and brows and not only does this create more voluminous and denser lashes and brows, but it also means you don’t have to worry about them thinning out.

Fast-absorbing, this serum additionally repairs damage caused by heavy mascara usage, extensions and false lashes.

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Buy now from Lookfantastic

2. Best Bargain Buy: No7 Lash Impact Lash Serum

£16 | Buy now from Boots

No7 Lash Impact SerumNo7

Why we love it: Give yourself visibly thicker and darker lashes and eyebrows over the course of eight weeks with this serum from No7.

Its blend of ingredients stimulates the hair follicles for a fuller look and can be used on both eyelashes and eyebrows.

At £16 it’s the cheapest in our list of best eyelash growth serums – by quite some margin –but contains similar ingredients such as arginine, glycerin and proline. At the time of writing, this eyelash serum is included in the current Boots sale. All No7 makeup and skincare is 3-for-2, plus they come with a free gift. 

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Buy now from Lookfantastic

3. Best Luxury Buy: Revitalash Advanced

From £89 | Buy now from Cult Beauty

Why we love it: Founded by Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff as a way to help his wife as she was recovering from her cancer treatments, this lash and brow serum worked so well that the full product range was launched shortly after its debut use and success.

The serums contain a mixture of peptides and botanical extracts that work together to strengthen each hair follicle, promoting speedy growth of your lashes and brow hairs. The blend also works to prevent hairs becoming sparse and falling out in these areas, too.

None of the advanced products in the Revitalash range are cheap but they are the most effective we’ve used, and you’ll see results quicker than eight weeks in most cases. They also last as long time so are good value. 

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Buy now from Lookfantastic

4. Rodial Lash & Brow Booster

From £40 | Buy now from SpaceNK

Why we love it: Rodial’s entire product range is one of our favourite, go-to to brands and its lash and brow booster doesn’t disappoint. 

It has a lightweight formula with glycerin, for locking in moisture and hydration, as well as castor oil to encourage hair follicles to grow.

This  cult lash and brow booster also includes proteins from wheat. With an ultra-fine brush applicator, you’re sure to apply the serum precisely and are able to target any area on your lash line or brows.

Buy now from SpaceNK

5. Rapid Brow & Rapid Lash Serum Duo

From £69.30 | Buy now from Lookfantastic

Why we love it: This dynamic duo work together to create thicker lashes and fuller-looking eyebrows, while ensuring they’re both left feeling nourished and hydrated.

They contain a potent blend of ingredients including the company’s trademarked Hexatein 2 Complex. This complex contains keratin, sweet almond extract and polypeptides to prevent hair follicle breakage in the brows.

The lash serum contains Hexatein 1, which contains peptides, biotin, amino acids and panthenol to gradually add length and volume.

This brand’s products are more ideal for lighter and thinner eyebrows and shorter lashes but are perfect for anyone trying these out for the first time. 

Buy now from Lookfantastic

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