Spa treatments for cancer patients UK

Hotel group launches spa treatments for people living with cancer

21st July 2023 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

The Beauty Reloaded Programme was created by Italian skincare brand, Comfort Zone with cancer charity, Wellness for Cancer

A hotel group in the UK has launched a range of treatments designed to help people who are going through cancer treatments, in remission, or nearing end of life.

The group, called Exclusive Collection, has partnered with Italian skincare brand, Comfort Zone as well as the Wellness for Cancer charity to bring the Beauty Reloaded programme to its sites at South Lodge in Sussex, and Pennyhill Park in Surrey.

Comfort Zone and Wellness for Cancer first announced its Beauty Reloaded programme in 2019. Its education and R&D teams created the treatments alongside Wellness for Cancer, and dermatologist Dr. Maria Bucci and all of them focus on skin renewal, as well as addressing the physical and mental side effects of living with cancer.

For example, the Beauty Reloaded Pro Sleep Massage combines gentle touch and soft brushes to help you relax, and encourage a better nights’ sleep. While the Beauty Reloaded Beauty Touch Facial soothes the skin and restores the epidermal barrier, as well as calms the mind during periods of physical and emotional stress.

Wellness for Cancer has additionally given training to the hotels’ spa therapists and staff to help identify specific wellness needs.

Exclusive collection hotels launch spa treatments for people living with cancerAngela Ward Brown

“We are incredibly proud of the Exclusive Collection’s new Cancer Care programme at both South Lodge and Pennyhill Park,” said Danny Pecorelli, Managing Director at Exclusive Collection.

“We look forward to providing dedicated spa treatments to those that have experienced or are currently experiencing cancer, to allow them to relax, feel replenished, and truly looked after by certified beauty therapists trained by Wellness for Cancer.”

Cancer treatment, as well as the stress that comes with a diagnosis, has been linked to extreme skin dryness, blemishes, itching, redness or sensitivity, not to mention the mental effects.

A recent study from Macmillan found a fifth of UK women affected by cancer feel less feminine, with many experiencing sore or itchy skin while going through their treatments.

Some chemotherapy drugs, for instance, make your skin dry and more sensitive to sunlight, which makes using SPF even more important than normal. Meanwhile, radiotherapy can affect skin colour, causing veins to appear or look more prominent, red patches to appear or dark skin to become darker.

No7 virtual Beauty Consultation advisorNo7

All of the products used in the Beauty Reloaded programme are fragrance-free, and vegan and contain prebiotics as well as natural-origin ingredients to restore and calm skin that’s experiencing irritation.

The treatments are already available in a number of sites across the UK, including Rockliffe Hall and Handpicked Hotels.

They follow a partnership announced during lockdown between Boots and cancer charity, Macmillan.

Boots offers a range of support to people with cancer and their families, including one-to-one advice from Boots Macmillan Information Pharmacists. You can now also speak to beauty consultants about your changing hair, skin and other concerns.

This can include makeup tips and tutorials, what ingredients to look for when shopping for moisturisers for dry or oily skin, the best products for thinning hair and more.

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