Beauty Pie UK How does Beauty Pie Work and is it worth it

Beauty Pie UK: What is Beauty Pie and how does it work?

21st May 2023 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

In our Beauty Pie UK spotlight, we explain everything you need to know about the beauty buyer’s club membership 


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Beauty Pie UK: A history

How does Beauty Pie work UK?

Beauty Pie membership cost UK

How to cancel Beauty Pie UK

Beauty Pie has taken the industry by storm in recent years.

Founded by Marcia Kilgore as a way of giving people access to premium makeup and skincare at a reduced price, the site is officially known as a “beauty buyer’s club” and it cuts out the middlemen to offer makeup, skincare, haircare, and candles at cost price.

It does this by ordering high-quality products in bulk, direct from the manufacturer. Yet instead of adding a significant markup, it ships them straight to its warehouse and sells them at cost price.

Beauty Pie members, who pay a monthly fee to join the “club” can then buy these products for a reduced fee, compared to what such products would sell for in-stores and via third-party retailers.

Below we explain how Beauty Pie UK works, how much it costs, how to cancel Beauty Pie UK memberships, and more. You can then see decided if Beauty Pie is worth it by reading our Beauty Pie reviews UK page.

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Beauty Pie UK: A Brief History

The idea for Beauty Pie UK came to Kilgore – who has more than 25 years of experience in the industry – one afternoon following a visit to a beauty manufacturing region in Italy, known as ‘Lipstick Valley’. She explains that she had “about $5,000 – ‘street value’- of cosmetic and skincare product samples from all the best labs and third-party manufacturers” in her shoulder bag and suitcase, and they had cost her nothing.

This made her think that there must be a way to get such products into the hands of everyday people. And the idea for Beauty Pie was born.

“I thought ‘I bet a lot of women would love to come on these trips with me and have this kind of access,’ even if it meant putting some noses in the industry out of joint. But then even better would be thousands of lab-direct items in a warehouse that women could shop online.”

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How does Beauty Pie work?

The brand’s sourcing teams work directly with suppliers in Japan, Italy, France, and beyond. This includes the manufacturers of high-performance haircare, luxurious body care, scented candles, deluxe fragrances, supplements, and much more.

Beauty Pie UK buys them in, and its members can shop “as if they’re sneaking in the warehouse of every one of those labs before the crazy industry markups are added to the products.” Put more simply, you get access to them before they have all the marketing, markups, and branding costs added on.

Beauty Pie claims that such additions can cause beauty products to cost TEN TIMES more than what they really cost to make and on the Beauty Pie site, you’ll see what the brand called Typical Prices. These give you an idea of how much the items would cost if you bought them outside of Beauty Pie, while also showcasing how much of a saving it offers.

Beauty Pie membership cost UK

How does Beauty Pie work UK?mamabella | mamabella

To become a Beauty Pie member, you need to pay a membership fee, and this membership structure was recently revamped.

Instead of offering multiple membership levels, you can now choose between:

  • Beauty Pie monthly membership: £10 a month/charged monthly
  • Beauty Pie Plus annual membership: £59 a year (the equivalent to £4.95 a month)

Both memberships come with a 14-day cooling-off period. This means that at any time in the first two weeks, you can cancel your membership free of charge (and get a refund for any membership you’ve paid). As long as you haven’t bought anything.

Beauty Pie monthly membership UK

For £10 a month, you get access to the full Beauty Pie collection at up to 70% off Typical Prices and your membership will automatically renew unless you cancel. This membership comes with free skincare consultations.

Beauty Pie Plus annual membership UK

Alternatively, for £59 you can get an annual Beauty Pie Plus membership, which works out less than £5 a month. This annual membership also comes with full access to the Beauty Pie collection at up to 70% off Typical Prices. You get free skincare consultations, as well as exclusive access to Beauty Pie Insider launches before anyone else.

Non-member prices

You can alternatively buy the products at full price without signing up for a membership. This is particularly good if you want to give Beauty Pie products a go before committing to a three-month subscription.

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How to cancel Beauty Pie UK

How to cancel Beauty Pie UKBeauty Pie

If you’re looking for how to cancel Beauty Pie UK memberships, you can either submit your cancellation here, or you can email customer services directly.

If you’re using the Beauty Pie Cancellation form, you need to allow at least 72 hours before your next renewal to make sure Beauty Pie has enough time to process your request, and to make sure you don’t get charged an extra month.

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The cancellation policy is then as follows:

How to cancel Beauty Pie UK Annual Memberships: If you’re on a yearly membership, and you’re outside of the 14-day cooling-off period, Beauty Pie will cancel your auto-renewal at any time, no further membership payments will be taken and your membership will expire at the end of its current term.

How to cancel Beauty Pie UK Monthly Memberships: If you’re outside of the 14-day cooling-off period, you can still cancel your monthly membership at any time  you will still be able to cancel your membership at any time, however, you will not be refunded your membership fee.

If you want to cancel Beauty Pie UK with the customer services team, you can email: Make sure you include your full name, the email address linked to your account, and your postcode.

You can also cancel your Beauty Pie membership over the phone by calling 0808 164 8264. Be aware that standard local call charges will apply if you ring this number, so email may be the cheaper route. In our experience, the team gets back to you pretty quickly.

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