Dyson Supersonic review

Dyson Supersonic review: Is the Dyson hair dryer worth £300 or are cheaper rivals better?

1st May 2020 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

Without a doubt, the Dyson Supersonic is the best hair dryer we’ve ever used thanks to its power, design and how little damage it did to our hair. It may be expensive but it’s more than worth the investment

  • Powerful
  • Quiet
  • Well-balanced and compact
  • Expensive
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Since its launch in 2016, the Dyson Supersonic has consistently topped best hair dryer lists while making very few changes to its design. It’s an outstanding appliance providing incredible power combined with a sleek, well-balanced finish.

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However, as with most Dyson products, the £300 price of the Supersonic has similarly remained constant and while few other dryers come close to its performance, there are cheaper rivals knocking on the door. So, is the Dyson Supersonic still worth buying in 2020?

Dyson Supersonic review

Dyson Supersonic review: Design

With its long handle and short barrel, the Dyson hair dryer doesn’t look like any other dryer on the market, nor does it work the same.

Instead of having the filter at the rear of the barrel, it is located at the bottom of the handle. The relatively large motor found on rival dryers has been re-engineered and shrunk to sit alongside the filter, and on the rear of the now-iconic circular barrel are two buttons – one controls the three power speeds, the other controls the heat settings. The power button is on the underside of the handle and the Supersonic comes with a more than adequate 2.7-metre cable.

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The shifting of components within the dryer aren’t just for effect – they fundamentally change the shape of the Supersonic, making it compact and ideal for travelling. They also result in the Dyson Supersonic being well-balanced and less awkward to use than larger, longer rivals. Switching between speeds and temperatures mid-dry is a little tricky but not terribly so and the Supersonic remembers your last-used settings each time you turn it on meaning that unless you’re mixing things up, you won’t even need to touch them.

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Dyson Supersonic review: Performance

The groundbreaking engineering of the Dyson hair dryer has also been designed to allow the hair dryer to take advantage of the company’s Air Multiplier technology which means it is able to increase its overall power without upping the watts in its motor. Its 13 internal blades whip up to 41 litres of air per second. You can learn more about how this technology works via the video below.

On paper, judging purely by the numbers, the Dyson Supersonic appears to fall short in terms of power but don’t be fooled into thinking a higher wattage equals better performance. The Supersonic surpasses every other hair dryer we’ve ever used despite offering a significantly lower wattage.

It cut our hair drying time in half, dropping it down to just two minutes and 30 seconds for our shoulder-length thin hair. People with thicker hair have reported that they’ve seen ever bigger time savings, dropping drying time from 15 minutes to a mere five. If you’ve got thick, unruly hair we highly recommend the Dyson hair dryer.

And it does all this while being surprisingly quiet, too.

What’s more, the Dyson Supersonic uses what the company calls “intelligent heat controls” capable of measuring air temperature 20 times a second to avoid damaging your hair. The result? Increased shine and less breakage. As much as it’s hard to quantify just how well the Supersonic treated our hair, we’ve had compliments about its shine since using it exclusively for weeks – even from our hairdresser.

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Dyson Supersonic review: Attachments

Despite its high price, you do get a number of accessories bundled in with the Dyson hair dryer to go towards justifying the price. These include two nozzles and a diffuser as well as a heat mat.

Rival dryers may be cheaper but some charge separately for more than a single accessory. Not that these will bring their prices close to the price of the Dyson Supersonic, but it’s worth considering. You can, optionally, buy two extra attachments for the Dyson Supersonic but they’re not vital and most hair types and styles will suit the range of three attachments provided.

Dyson Supersonic review: Verdict

Until we recently, the Dyson Supersonic was the best hair dryer money could buy but it’s been usurped. The GHD Helios performs as admirably, and in some cases better, than the Dyson Supersonic at more than half the price. The Dyson hair dryer is a fantastic addition to your grooming regime and offers a huge amount of technology. If you can stretch to buying it, or you think you could ask for it as a present from family members, we highly recommend doing so as you won’t be disappointed. If you can’t, the GHD Helios – while still expensive – gives you much more bang for your buck. 

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